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Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 5

Concats to @Smokey8  for the winning bid on the quilt from our last auction. Thanks to all who been bid.

This auction is being held to benefit Baby Patches momma who has health issues and may have to close our favorite online store Nip and Bones, which just happens to be the only place in the US to buy Silvervine. If they closed, we'd all be going through withdrawal. Let's pledge to help BP get back on her own four paws.

Can you believe I'm being used as a display case??? Necklace shown is a sample.
The lovely Mizz Bassie.
The next item to bid on is a pet necklace from Mizz Bassie, a lovely Maine Coon cat who's always ready and willing to help anipals in need. Her necklaces are sought after at anipal pawties. I have two of them, one of which I donated to A Call 4 Paws so they can auction it during their Tricky Tray fundraiser. TW hopes that someday she can get me to wear the other one. I would, but I have to keep it real so good luck with that.

Yes, I do have gorgeous fur!
These pet necklaces are made with silver- or gold-plated metal, pewter or silver- or gold-colored glass beads and a variety of semi-precious stones to bring out the lovliness of your fur. The metals do not contain lead and are safe for anipals. Clasps are silver- or gold-plated and magnetic so they open if the necklace gets caught, preventing the necklace from breaking and you from choking.

Mizz Bassie will make a necklace or bracelet up to 24" for you or your human. The human necklace have a pewter toggle clasp, unless you prefer the magnetic clasp. You can choose one from the above link or she'll custom make one for you. In fact, she can even incorporate your name into many of the designs.

The starting bid for the gorgeous hand-made pet necklace will be $25. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 10th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. Mizz Bassie will ship U.S. or overseas so this auction is open to everybody. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We still have a plethora of cool items to bid on so keep coming back and trying. My sincere thanks to Mizz Bassie and everyone who's donated an item or bid on one. Also, thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about, this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated! You guys ROCK!

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. @Isagold has the winning bid. Concats, my furrend!

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  1. Oh Mizz Bassie's necklaces are to die for! I have one and just love it. Yes, it would make a beautiful human necklace or you could have a braclet made or one of each. I will start the bidding at $25.

  2. Such great items and a ton of great work CK!

  3. Well posed. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. You are so kind to help out with this auction, CK! That kitty necklace looks awfully enticing. My Domino is a cat model and she's been needing some bling to coordinate with her dresses. I think I'll go and take a look.


  5. Wow, this auction is going great. I will put it on my post tomorrow since the CB auction is over tomorrow. Great work TW, and CK. You are doing terrific. Take care.

  6. Keep on with the good work here. Can’t bid for the necklace, Austin won’t let me!!!!

  7. Congrats on all you have accomplished thus far, CK! Good job!!

  8. Darling, You must be exhausted from all this work! Why don't you come over later and I will groom your little head and sing you the songs of Cat Valhalla.

  9. OMC....Spitty!!! I don't know if CK is that kind of kitteh. ; )

    CK, you are doing an awesome job with the auction! The necklace is beautiful and we looked at their website and ALL of their pieces are gorgeous. xo

  10. The necklaces are lovely, but Mom says she has used up the spare money for now.


  11. Iz won a bootiful necklace from MizzBassie, but I hazn't been able to pick it yet cos I needs to get one fur #BettyBlue too...
    So, I big $35.
    When duz this okshun end CK?
    Isa xox

  12. oh gosh...the collar is so nice, but I don't think I would allow it on, instead we have already ordered a bunch of stuff from Nip and Bones,hope it helps

  13. CK! Are you seriously letting TW get away with making you into a display case? That's what WE wanna know! (Pee Ess - we think Miz Bassie's stuff is MEOWvelous - and Nip & Bones is SUCH a good cause!!)


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