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Thankful Thursday—False Alarm

An alarming thing happened this morning at the condo. My Facebook furrends might've read about it already. TW was sitting at the computer reading me some of your blogs when suddenly this Cod-awful sound came blasting into our apartment. I'd never heard anything so loud. It was louder than the vacuum. It was even louder that Pop's snoring! TW responded by uttering a word I won't repeat here.

I was laying on Pop's bed just like this when suddenly …
Then TW jumped into action. She ran to get dressed. She scurried around, muttering to herself. Meanwhile, the cat on the bed lifted her head out of a dreamy sleep. The cat wondered what was going on. TW doesn't jump like this unless … unless … some evil human is coming to invade our privacy. After being ignored for awhile, the cat decided to save herself.

THE CAT jumped and ran to her office UTB in TW's room. It was then TW finally remembered she had a cat. Ooopsy! She got on the floor and stuck her head UTB and told the cat it was OK to come out. The cat responded by going up further into the box spring.

Whoa! Flames! Get me outta here!
TW has assured me—yeah, right— that she felt the door and then looked out and there wasn't a trace of smoke, fire or even an odor of smoke. She claims she would've gotten me if she'd smelled something. The cat doubts this as history proves otherwise. When the alarm went off a second time, she called the desk downstairs. We thank the Condo Management and Association for warning us in advance that they were installing a new Fire Alarm System. NOT! They have a web site, forum AND e-mail alert system but did not prepare us for this. If this had been an actual emergency, no one would've been the wiser.

A few years ago, we DID have an actual fire down the hall. Guess what, the fire alarm never went off that time. TW awoke to the smell of smoke and looked out the door. She saw smoke coming from the apartment down the hall. She panicked that time and ran without the cat. She met the Super on her way downstairs and told him. Can you believe he had to investigate before calling the fire department. By the time, the FD arrived, it had already burned through the floor into the apartment downstairs. It started when a light from a turtle tank got knocked unto the floor.

Thankfully this DIDN'T happen!
As TW was standing in the courtyard, she suddenly remembered she had a cat and begged the firemen to get me. They had already let the dog walker go up and get all the dogs that lived on our floor. "Please save my cat", she cried then she called Pop. She cried! She fretted! When they distinguished [sic] the fire, everything smelled smokey and it was hard to breathe. Our apartment—with THE CAT still inside—reeked. No one knows what went through THE CAT'S mind as firemen stomped through the hall with their hoses. No one knows how scared THE CAT was, smelling that fire burning.

Pop would've made THE CAT his first priority. He wouldn't have left without HIS CAT! He would've saved THIS LITTLE GHETTO CAT!

The Super and all the neighbors called TW a hero that time for being so quick to alert the authorities and saving their apartments. To THE CAT, she was more like a ZERO.

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  1. Yikes, that is scary that you go forgotten twice. The Hoooman needs some instruction. When running from a fire, take the cat. You need to get her trained CK.
    Have a great evening.

  2. ::::shaking heads::::: That is SOOOOO wrong. She needs remedial emergency training NOW!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  3. Sheesh! I can't believe your human did all that running around and didn't think to get you! For all her lacks, I do have to say my human would have thought of us cats first and would have been stuffing us into carriers at the first sign of danger. Providing she could catch us. I'm glad it was just a false alarm over in your 'hood.

  4. She need to put up your beautiful picture on the door as a reminder she has a cat MOL!

  5. I think that this calls for some 3 a.m. horking on some expensive that can not be washed!

  6. YES! Both Brian's and Callie's comments need to be followed through with. xoxox

  7. What??? I bet if the Firemen knew it was YOU, they'd have gone back in!

  8. Holy Carp, CK! What was TW thinking?? Oh yeah...that's the problem...she's not!! ;)

    We're glad it was a false alarm...loud...but still false.

  9. ut-oh, we sense you might be trying to tell us something, CK. Like, uh, maybe TW is in the DOG HOUSE??

  10. Oh CK! That is horrible! Yous must chastise your Mommy thoroughly and makes her feel totally guilty. Then yous will gets extra good stuffs!

  11. Mom just took down the pic of me from our front door saying "Don't let him out, no matter what he tells you." She's going to change it to "Don't let him out unless the apartment's on fire!"

    Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! I'm glad it wasn't a real fire!


    CokietheCat: Hollywood Insider

  12. Om such a drama. Glad you are all OK Happy Friday to all.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Whoa--FAIL. ::shakes Kingly head::

    If anyfing like that happened here, the Human *might* think to find me and rescue me, but there would be NO CHANCE of that as I would be so deeply UTB that I would nefur emerge to be rescued.

    And CK? If you are honest? Would you really have let her rescue you??? I know, she should at least have TRIED. Poor sweetie XOXOXOXO

  14. PS: Tomorrow is our first Senile Saturday post and it's a DOOZY!

  15. Oh CK - what are we going to do with TW! Hmmm, maybe you need to put the bitey on her for that one. Nothing else seems to work, but she does notice when you put the bitey on her.

  16. HOLY CAT, CK!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a truly harrowing experience. ...not to mention a not-so shining example of TW's priorities. You've got some training to attend to CK.

    Well thank COD, today's was a false alarm. I have to admit though, I am MOST impressed by that way-cool explosion graphic! Whoa! ...very nice.

    ; ) Katie

  17. we're with Sparkle! The FIRST thing my Mom would do would be to scream, stuff me in a carrier and grab Dakota...the heck with Dad

    Love, Cody

    PS: glad everyone is safe!

  18. First Thank Cod it was only a false alarm and no smoke or fire in the hood. Second TK needs to be taught a lesson so that this does not happen to the Cat. I could teach some tricks we had smoke downstairs from us and I got stuffed into my carrier right quick she a little OCD about these things.

  19. ummmm..CK...ya might wanna trade TW in for another model...that one seems to be broken. No human leaves a cat or dog to a fire...would be a horrid death. Before me, Mom was home when fire came rushing across a canyon, headed for our home...Mom grabbed PTUs, crammed my before me brother and sister in them, stuffed us in the car, then went back as the fire fighters arrived and everyone was being evacuated, she went back for her hard drive (has her own consulting business) and then she got a few other things...send TW to my Mom will take care of her training

  20. We are just SO glad that EVERYONE is safe! Fire is a very frightening thing to consider .... :(

    Mom&DadKatt would be frantically stuffing us into carriers! They'd leave every material possession they had to make sure we were safe. They worry about tornadoes because they work about 30 miles from our house and they worry that one might come while they're at work and not here to help us ... :( That REALLY scares MomKatt

    We are GLAD you all are safe!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  21. Yep, that's a human for you. Flee first and then remember the cat. Good thing the cat survived. But we have to forgive them. They're only human.


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