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Nip-A-Thon Auction for Baby Patches—Item 2

I'm going to be auctioning off some items over the next 2 weeks, approximately one every other day, to help Nip and Bones stay in business so we can continue to buy Silvervine and support small business. Lemme give you a list of what I have lined up: 2 copies of CK's Rockin' the #Nipclub CDs, a custom designed avatar from GLOGIRLY DESIGN, a package of 12 hand-painted Gratitude cat rocks and a pouch of nip from Tiny Pearl Cat, and a one of  kind handmade quilt from my homey, MaggieTKat of Kruse Kats. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the gorgeous quilts that Maggie, Parker and their peeps make for charity. Here's the quilt they made for Okey's Promise and here's the one they're making for Amy and SebassCat. Every item is lovingly handmade and unique. Here's the best part—all items are available for shipping worldwide, not just the U.S. Many thanks to the wonderful cats who are donating their time and talent to help keep Nip & Bones open. Support anipals by shopping anipal!

One of the items everyone has been jonesing foris the custom av from Glogirly! Here to describe it, is Katie from Glogirly: Tails of a cat and her girl.

A stylish custom avatar of your very own by GLOGIRLY DESIGN.
Sized for Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.
Just supply a photo of your cat or (dare I say) dog.
Cathy Keisha not included. 

How cool is this! Glogirly designed the Twitter background that won me the Blogpaws Nose to Nose award and she can do the same for you Our über talented friend is finally starting her own design business and will be making a lot of blogs and twitter/facebook pages into eye candy.

The starting bid for the custom avatar from Glogirly Designs will be $20, a real bargain for a professional-quality design. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until noon EDT on July 6th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

Some exciting news! I have some new items to add to the auction! These include more one-of-a-kind works of art such as a painting of your pet by Cheshire Cat's human, jewelry lovingly made by Whskr, a chunky lace shawlette from @Morriscat and—wait for it!—a painting by Mariodacat's Dad! I'm so excited to have such great and talented furrends helping out. Thanks to everyone who's bid and for the artists who have donated.

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED! The winner is CATachresis! Concats Austin!

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  1. OK I am seriously tempted by this....

    * sleepsing overnight on bid *

  2. OMC - how pawsome would it be to have a custom designed avi??? I bid $20.00! Thanks CK! ((HUGS))

  3. Cool idea and good luck. We have no way of giving you dollars so we will wish you great success.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We are so excited that this auction is such a success. That is just wonderful. And you sure have some great items. Love the idea of the Avatar. Wish we had the money. We are really happy about all of this. Take care.

  5. This is so cool, CK! Glogirly does such a good job! We wanna have a whole blog re-design!

    We're gonna wait and bid on the quilt or the portrait!

  6. Those are some pawsome artistic works for the upcoming auction and how everyone with these talents are helping. I have to ask Mom to start putting aside some moneys so we could bids on those paintings.

  7. Hmmmm, I was all set to bid on the quilt, but tonight we looked at the paintings by Mariodacat's Dad and now we is pondering.

    How are YOU, my sweet darling? Coming for a Royal Nap soon???

  8. I am seriously thinking of asking GG to redesign my blog, so for the avi I bid $30:)

    I love Mario's dad's paintings. What talent!!!!

  9. Mommy! Get out plastic thingy! We're bidding $35!


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