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Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I have a furever home, good food, a pillowtop mattress to sleep on; but the thing I'm most thankful for is having peeps that give me a plethora of subjects to blog about. With the crazy stuff that goes on here, I never have to worry about where my next blog is coming from. I'm gonna go back in time to talk  about a Thanksgiving mishap from before my blogging days.

You've all heard of Mrs. Smith's pies?

Every year TW makes a couple of pumpkin pies, usually before I wake up and without incidence. Of course, there was that year when she spilled half of the pie on the over door but that's for another Thanksgiving blog. For some reason—maybe there was a good enough sale, coupled with a coupon—but Pop decided to try a Mrs. Smith pumpkin pie. They threw it in the freezer until they felt like having some.

Let's not tell the peeps that they have to BAKE this pie. Let's see if they read the instructions. Shhhh! I'll watch from far away.

Can't wait to get me some pumpkin pie!
Anyone who guessed they didn't even look at the instructions WINS! Pop brought the pie over to the table, opened it up and—TA DAAAA—there was liquid pumpkin all over the floor. Cue the clean-up committee.

Thank You, peeps for always making this blog a fun place for my furrends to come and visit. StunningKeisha has been visited over 1200 times this year and for this I'm also thankful. Make no mistake about it: I'm thankful for all the furrends I've made during my year and a half on Twitter. Without my furrends and followers, there would be no blog.  I love each and every one of you. OK, I love some more than others, but that's only cos they leave comments here all the time and stoke my large ego. xoxo

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey.

Love, Cathy Keisha


A lot of you guys have inquired about those big orange rocks that light up. You can buy them at the Himalayan Salt Shop. Right now they're running a sale and by using the code: freeship, you can get free retail ground shipping on any order over $200. You can also use the code holiday2010 to save 15% on any purchase, regardless of order total. Note: this is NOT a paid advertisement.

You also probably have noticed I've added pages for my co-stars and for some of my favorite shelters. And, if you would be so kind, click on a few of my ads, so TW doesn't have to go back to work and she can continue to be at my beck-and-call full-time. Check out the toys that keep me amused on the sidebar on the right. With the holidays coming up, you may find them interesting. But most of all, keep laughing, it's good for the soul.

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut ...

I always knew the peeps were nuttier than a fruitcake. When I bite into them—and you know I LOVE to bite into them—I can taste the peanutty goodness. It's almost like biting into a Snickers bar. I mean who else keeps Christmas lights up in the kitchen all year long—and lights them? I got my proof when I overheard a conversation they were having the other day. I added some translation and comments because this IS my blog after all.
What's this the peeps are talking about? Gotta hear this!
TW: I'm going to Whole Foods tomorrow. Do you need anything? (CK: So far, so good.)

Pop: Yeah. You're gonna find this a little strange but my doctor wants me to get this thing that's supposed to help my sinuses. (CK: Say what?)

TW: Oh, you must be talking about a Nutti (sic) Pot. I have one I could give you because I haven't used it in a while. (CK: Of course not, your nutty quotient is high enough without you using it.)

Pop: You heard of them? (CK: Poor Pop is always the last to know anything but it this case, it's a good thing.)

CK: Why wouldn't she? Has there EVER been anything strange that she HASN'T heard of? THAT would be news. Ask her if she's heard of dust rags or bathroom cleanser!

TW: Jessica told me about them last year. I bought it in [big chain drugstore]. (CK: Uh huh. She's trying to appear normal but Pop and I know better.)

Pop: I thought it was something that you had to buy in one of those natural places. (CK: You must mean those voodoo places she goes to.)

TW: Believe it or not, they're very mainstream now. You can buy them in any drugstore. (CK: Try to talk yourself into that, woman. You know what else is mainstream? CLEANING MY LITTER BOX!!!!)

You heard it here first. The peeps have a Nutti Pot. Next thing you know, they're going to have a big orange rock that lights up. Oh wait, they already have a big orange rock that lights up. Never mind.
Big orange rock that lights up and me.

Anipal Photo Hunt #13: From Where I Stand

I like this photo hunt a lot because it lets me share some of the pictures we've taken out our window. When I look out the window, our view of NYC is a wonder to behold. I can actually see the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel! On New Year's Eve, I can see the fireworks in Times Square from my perch and sometimes they shoot fireworks in Central Park for my enjoyment. I may not go out, but I have the best view of the world. NYC is my litter box! At least, it seems that close sometimes. I'm just going to bore you with a couple of pics.

Midtown and upper Manhattan
This might look like the WTC but it's the new Time-Warner Center
A view taken last Autumn. 

Sometimes I look for my furrends OTRB
This is a blog hop. I hope I copied the coding right. I'm not too good at HTML. Please join the Hop and show me your view of the world.

Mutts celebrates Shelter Month

When people think about comic strips, they think about Dilbert, Peanuts, Over the Hedge, inane reading that makes you laugh. One comic does more. It makes you laugh; it makes you think; and, yes, it makes you cry sometimes.

Patrick McDonnell's strip Mutts runs in over 700 newspapers in 20 countries. The adventures of Earl, a non-descript little dog with a big heart and Mooch, a black and white tuxedo kitteh are funny; but they have a message. All this month, the comic features Shelter Stories. Little 3 panel vignettes featuring a dog or cat in a shelter much like the ones you and I came from. Some are shown going home with their furever families; some aren't so lucky. The strip touches on animal abuse and puppy mills. Their web site has an archive of past strips and also a listing of organizations that dedicate their work to animal and environmental causes.

Mr McDonnell has joined with master animator Paul Fierlinger in creating public service announcements on behalf of the adoption of shelter pets. Here are some really cute ones.

Here are some more Mutts panels for your enjoyment. You can enlarge them by clicking on them.

If Mutts isn't in your local paper, I urge you to check them out online. You'll be happy you did. They are a comic strip with a conscience.

Monday Meanderings

The past couple of days everywhere I go around here, anipals are asking me why I haven’t written a proper blog since my Gluttony Sermon on October 26th. Just yesterday, Chopper axed me in the courtyard and Tuna axed on the elevator. Yesterday turned out to be a very bad day for me. I spent all afternoon dictating a new blog to the woman and she lost it. More accurately Blogger lost it. When it was finally done, we pressed publish and all that appeared was the title. The rest of the post vanished. We tried to retrieve it through our computer’s history and through the cache but nothing worked. A pox on Blogger. My aim is to make this blog ever better and funnier. So take that, Blogger. Pfffft!

The evil ducks have invaded our house again. You might remember the air ducks that needed vacuuming in May, but this time they’ve lodged themselves in TW's eyes. You read that right. She has something called tear ducks in her eyes and they’re blocked and infected. Staring at the computer makes this condition worse, which is why I haven’t been online nearly as much as I’d like. Did you know the last time I dj’ed Nip Club, TW had her eyes diluted? Let me apologize for not commenting on my furrend’s blogs. We read as many as we can until TW’s eyes start bothering her. We haven’t spent the time commenting so we can visit more of your blogs. I know the drill, if I comment on your blog, you’ll comment on mine. I don’t work that way but if you do, I’m not going to fret about it. This little ghetto cat has more important things on her mind.

I won another prize at the Anipal Times office pawty this past weekend. I won a $20 gift certificate to Nip and Bones. Half that prize will be donated to kick off the Santa Paws Drive.This is my favorite holiday charity. Imagine the faces on all those jailed little shelter cats’ faces when they get new nip toys for Christmas! Pop perfers Toys For Tots and TW donates coats to NY Cares but they don’t have anything to do with anipals.

I didn't catch a mouse but I caught this neat shoelace. Only let your cat play with 
shoelaces if you're supervising them!

At the AT Pawty, I did a DJ shift. In case you missed it, through the magic of Blogger, I can recreate it. I was a bit hyper mostly because of those 12 cups of coffee I drank before my shift!


Let’s see u shake it @SidTheCathoula #ATPAWTY WORK IT! Dance This Mess Around by The B 52s

Spin Your Partner @CokieTheCAT by Love Tractor #atpawty *dance spin dance spin

WE ARE Wild Cat of Kilkenny by The Pogues AT THIS #ATPAWTY! GET WIIIIIIILLLLLDDDDDD! @katieboocat @chloe_t_cat


WHO’S GOT THE BEAT AT #ATPAWTY! We Got the Beat by Go Gos WHEEEE!!!! @BuzzLucas!





CAN U BE FUNKY @BUZZLUCAS? Can’t Be Funky by Bush Tetras #ATPAWTY @teaganTheDog can be funky.

#atpawty ANIPALS ARE Funky But Chic by David Johansen U CAN’T BE FUNKY IF U HAVEN’T GOT A SOUL!



Rock Bottom
by The Morells from Springfield, MO #ATPAWTY

THAT’S IS 4 ME! THANX 4 LISTENING & DANCING! Do Anything You Wanna Do by Eddie and the Hot Rod #ATPAWTY KEEP ROCKIN

Pop’s birthday was last week. It’s amazing to me that he’s made it this far. He seems to get a concussion a day. Yes, he’s that clumsy. If he’s giving me food in the kitchen, he hits his head on the bottom of the cabinets. Any time Pop bends down, his head finds a ledge to bang on. When TW had the broken ankle and Pop had to move the wash from the washer to the dryer, he hit his head on the dryer door which he left open.

Last weekend, he surprised us all. He cracked his noggin in the bathroom. The bathroom has nothing that juts out: no ledges, no cabinets, nothing. TW and I looked at each other when we heard the crash. It was loud and dramatic. We didn’t know what to do. Pop gets testy when we ask if everything is OK. Maybe he’s sensitive after all the concussions. Anyway, somehow Pop hit his skull on the bathroom door. You read that right. The. Door. [Dramatic pause for effect] He demonstrated to me how he did it, but I still don’t believe it.

I’ve saved the best for last. Wednesday night, I thought I heard some vermin behind our tv! Can you believe a mouse had the nerve to enter under MY watch?!? I was going to teach it a lesson it wouldn’t forget. Alas, I couldn’t get behind the tv, so I was forced to wait it out. There’s never been vermin of any kind in this apartment as long as we’ve been living here and I intend to keep it that way. Turns out, it was a false alarm. A kitteh can dream of fresh Mice Cream, can’t she?

Wednesday Works of Art

At the October Pawpawty, I won this incredible pawtrait of myself by @zaziart. The prize was donated by my wonderful furrend @Smokey8. I think she really captured my stunningness, don't you? Since Pop's birthday was on Halloween, I gave him the pawtrait as a gift. If you'd like your pawtrait done to give your peeps as a Christmas present, you can visit her web site. It's never too early to start buying for the holidays. I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to Joan and Smokey for their generosity.