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Mutts celebrates Shelter Month

When people think about comic strips, they think about Dilbert, Peanuts, Over the Hedge, inane reading that makes you laugh. One comic does more. It makes you laugh; it makes you think; and, yes, it makes you cry sometimes.

Patrick McDonnell's strip Mutts runs in over 700 newspapers in 20 countries. The adventures of Earl, a non-descript little dog with a big heart and Mooch, a black and white tuxedo kitteh are funny; but they have a message. All this month, the comic features Shelter Stories. Little 3 panel vignettes featuring a dog or cat in a shelter much like the ones you and I came from. Some are shown going home with their furever families; some aren't so lucky. The strip touches on animal abuse and puppy mills. Their web site has an archive of past strips and also a listing of organizations that dedicate their work to animal and environmental causes.

Mr McDonnell has joined with master animator Paul Fierlinger in creating public service announcements on behalf of the adoption of shelter pets. Here are some really cute ones.

Here are some more Mutts panels for your enjoyment. You can enlarge them by clicking on them.

If Mutts isn't in your local paper, I urge you to check them out online. You'll be happy you did. They are a comic strip with a conscience.

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  1. Awww. That second video is the cutest ever!


  2. We love Mutts in this household! Thanks for sharing

  3. Never heard of the cartoon, but the videos made me tear's just been one of those days. Love the message they are getting across. Thanks for pointing the cartoon out.

  4. Those were cute, I loved that last cartoon!

  5. Great cartoons. My mama already decided next cat she gets will be an older adult cat from Humane Society where she got me. The kittens always find homes so fast, but the adults can take forever. Even if she gives them a nice home for only a couple years it's worth it.

  6. M hasn't read the funnies in years. But, i've told her she MUST start reading Mutts. So, she promises she will. Didn't realize they did that.


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