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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut ...

I always knew the peeps were nuttier than a fruitcake. When I bite into them—and you know I LOVE to bite into them—I can taste the peanutty goodness. It's almost like biting into a Snickers bar. I mean who else keeps Christmas lights up in the kitchen all year long—and lights them? I got my proof when I overheard a conversation they were having the other day. I added some translation and comments because this IS my blog after all.
What's this the peeps are talking about? Gotta hear this!
TW: I'm going to Whole Foods tomorrow. Do you need anything? (CK: So far, so good.)

Pop: Yeah. You're gonna find this a little strange but my doctor wants me to get this thing that's supposed to help my sinuses. (CK: Say what?)

TW: Oh, you must be talking about a Nutti (sic) Pot. I have one I could give you because I haven't used it in a while. (CK: Of course not, your nutty quotient is high enough without you using it.)

Pop: You heard of them? (CK: Poor Pop is always the last to know anything but it this case, it's a good thing.)

CK: Why wouldn't she? Has there EVER been anything strange that she HASN'T heard of? THAT would be news. Ask her if she's heard of dust rags or bathroom cleanser!

TW: Jessica told me about them last year. I bought it in [big chain drugstore]. (CK: Uh huh. She's trying to appear normal but Pop and I know better.)

Pop: I thought it was something that you had to buy in one of those natural places. (CK: You must mean those voodoo places she goes to.)

TW: Believe it or not, they're very mainstream now. You can buy them in any drugstore. (CK: Try to talk yourself into that, woman. You know what else is mainstream? CLEANING MY LITTER BOX!!!!)

You heard it here first. The peeps have a Nutti Pot. Next thing you know, they're going to have a big orange rock that lights up. Oh wait, they already have a big orange rock that lights up. Never mind.
Big orange rock that lights up and me.

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  1. That big orange rock really make my whiskers grin up!!!

  2. You have a great sense of humor, always bring a smile to my face! Luv you!

  3. My human has a nutti pot, and I think that explains a lot! She also wants one of those lit up orange rocks. BTW, we live in California so all this is considered totally normal and not nutti at all.

  4. A big orange rock.....what's it for? Nutti pot? OMG they haven't reached the UK yet.

  5. Oh my stars! Mom says she loves the big orange rock that lights up! Of course, she has a lava lamp that belonged to her mom. Oh yeah, she has a Netti pot too. She hasn't used it though. She's afraid she'll drowned herself. MOL!!!!

  6. You did it again CK - made us laugh until our sides hurt. (Guess what, my peeps has those niti pot things too. They're all going crazy on us).

  7. I'll tell you, if I want to laugh until I cry, this is where I come. Your blogs are hilarious! Another great one. xoxo

  8. Ah, what would we do without our niti pots. But that orange rock is totally pawsome!

  9. CK, I love your comments! It's awful what we cats have to put up with--orange rocks aren't the half of it!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Hi CK!! I am Samantha from the Tuxedo Gang and Sanjee said you would like to be a Tuxedo Gang Member!! Can I use a picture from your Blog or do you want to send me one!! I will post your picture on the Tuxedo Gang Hideout with a link back to your post this Tuesday! Welcome!
    Samantha & The Tuxedo Gang

  11. Samantha, Hi! You can take a picture from my blog. I'm stunning in every picture so it doesn't matter. Thank you. A gang, huh! Do we beat up old ladies and stuff?

  12. Hello, beautiful! I saw the button you have with the memory of Iñigo and I copied it and paste it in my blog. I hope you don't mind.

  13. Pirulo, of course I don't mind. I got it from Brian's Place. There's a special place in my heart for Inigo.


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