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Something Old, Something New

We have a winner! #5068

Whoa! Am I excited! It’s time for a new round of Foto Frenzy. We have some older fotos and one that’s recent. I think I’m gonna do them in the order they were received rather than trying to make sense of it. This could be dangerous but danger is this Kitteh’s middle name. For those new to the blog, we have a hopeless chronological foto filing system. We can never locate a specific foto when we need one but it’s neat that I can share unedited fotos that fell beneath the cracks once a week. You pick a number and I’ll post the corresponding foto.

Wednesday Word—Selfies

Truth be told, we don’t have an iPhone although every Sunday I manager to “acquire” one.

Selfies. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. I’m one who hates ‘em. Yet, they’re a part of our lives and I try to make mine fun. I kinda make light of the whole concept when I take part in the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the Kitties Blue. Sunday is an off-day for this Kitteh so I participate on my Facebook page. [Note: if you haven’t Liked my FB page, you’re missing a lot of fun.] For those who have missed them, I’m gonna share my selfies from July. If anyone knows how I can center them, please let me know.

Forbidden Fruit

Can’t you see I’m eating! Leave me be, Woman! 

You wouldn’t believe what I was given to eat! A real treat. Before I tell you, I’ll give you a little history of my eating patterns. I either binge or I fast and last week there were more fast days than binges.

TW has tried everything to get me to eat healthy, high-end food. All the canned food she brought home from Blogpaws? Fails, except the Tiki Cat which I ate two cans of before deciding I didn’t like it. TW spends tons of money on grain-free gut rot only to throw out most of it. She’s tried. She really has, bless her pointy little head.

Snuggly Wuggly Isn’t Me

No one on God’s green Earth has ever excused me of being cuddly or Snuggly. I don’t do cuddly or Snuggly so this week’s 52 Snapshots of Life challenge was indeed challenging. TW suggested I use a pic of one of the Cats Who Came Before Me. You know that ain't gonna happen. Every time I post about one of them losers, my blog numbers and comments are in the toilet. I will face this challenge head on!

Wait Till You See This Foto Frenzy!


I have Friday on my mind and you should too. I have a few more requests from the last Foto Frenzy round. If you’re new to this blog,  we do a Foto Frenzy every Friday and you—the readers—tell me what you want to see. You choose a number between 3 and 5069 and I publish the foto unedited with a blurb explaining a little about the foto. The catch—of course there’s always a catch—is that you don’t know exactly what your foto is gonna look like. Will it embarrass me, TW or neither of us? The only constant is the foto will be stunning.

Wednesday Word—Innocence

So here I was, having a nice, peaceful Easy Like Sunday with Pop when once again the flashy box happened. The Cat and her peaceful EZ feeling were rudely violated.

You’re Not Gonna Believe What I Just Saw!

Whoa! Did you see that? I did cos I’m the Cat on Patrol.

Water-T-Water Bird

Today is the Caturday Art Blog Hop. Stay tuned for some fine art from The Cat after #52Snapshots.

This week’s photo challenge theme is Water. This should be an easy theme but y’all know that CK and water mix like oil and water.  First the peeps broke my favorite hand-me-down water dish and then they decided it would be a good idea to add dental crap to my water. Two minus two equals zero and that’s how much water I drank for the next few years.

A Frenzy of Chillaxing


I’m gonna take it easy today and let you do the heavy lifting. On Foto Frenzy Friday you tell me what you want to see. The catch—of course there’s always a catch—is that you don’t know exactly what’s gonna show up after you make your pick. Will it embarrass me, TW or neither of us. The only constant is the foto will be stunning.

Wednesday Words—Be the Change #BtC4A

Can you believe It’s already time to Blog the Change again. Four times a year, bloggers write about our favorite animal-related causes. OK, I admit, I’ve about run out of topics which is why this may or may not go live before the end of today.

Birthday Balloons and Wishes

Today is TW’s hunnert and first birthday. She’s not celebrating and would rather forget it cos she says at her age, you don’t get gifts you just get older. She’s not down with getting older. Since money is tight, the peeps don’t exchange gifts anymore. Tomorrow she’ll have lunch with her BFF—my Aunt Pauline—and they’ll exchange gifts. Aunt Pauline’s birthday was last Sunday.

Summertime … and the Kitteh is EZ

Fish are jumping. TW is hi-i-i-igh. Wait, back up a second. Did you say fish are jumping? I hope some of them jump into my mouth. I’m getting hungry.

This week’s photo challenge theme is Summer. Just like last week’s theme, Summer means many things to many people. For me, it means playing with leaves from the ginkgo trees that line our street. I don’t go out so TW brings the outside to me! I get to chase falling leaves and experience the smells  of the outside world from the safety of my condo where I won’t get hit by a car, poisoned or chased up a tree by woofies.

Foto Frenzy Fiasco


That’s right! TW mucked up and that’s what we’re celebrating on this Foto Frenzy Friday. This is the popular game where YOU chose the foto you want to see. It’s strictly random, totally unedited and usually fun for all.

Wednesday Word—Pants

Who wears the pants in your family? I’ll tell you in our family, it isn’t me. I don’t wear them …

Red, White and Blue Outtakes

I’m glad so many of you liked the pic from Saturday’s post with the red, white and blue shmousies cos I’d like to share some other pics from those photo shoots that took place over a day’s time.

When TW decides she wants me to pose with something, she always takes a hunnert million pics cos she’s such a bad photographer. She kept innerupting my sleep last week to take pics with those patriotic shmousies.

Happy 4th of July

Everybuddy has a different definition of Patriotic, which is this week’s theme in the 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge. This is hosted by The Lazy Pit bull and can be entered by anyone with a social media account using the hashtags #52Snapshots or #TLPB, They don’t discriminate if you don’t have a blog.

For Gramps, Patriotic meant enlisting in the Army Air Force during WWII. For TW, it was protesting against the Vietnam war in the early 1970s. For me, it’s red, white and blue shmousy toys.

Factual Foto Frenzy

It’s the day before our country celebrates it’s independence. I’m celebrating another Friday Foto Frenzy so let’s get the pawty started. This blog isn’t about politics but I figured I’d mention a few of this countries' historic events coinciding with the fotos that were chosen.


1992 was a good year for most although TW lost her Dad that year. Bill Clinton Socks won the Presidency, the Nicotine patch was innerduced and the humans of 15 and Meowing got married. In honor of that momentous occasion, they chose foto #1992, which was a pawsome decision. This is a particular favorite of ours that we used on my 2011 Christmas card. If you look at my tailio, you’ll see it’s extra bushy. Sometimes when I play with TW and she chases me around the condo, I’ll suddenly get a bushy tail and then she has to remind me that we’re only playing. This is one of the few times, she’s actually gotten to photograph me with the “Spitty” tail as she calls it although it had gotten a lot less bushy by the time she took the foto.

Wednesday Word—Burds*

What the Hell-o Kitty you lookin’ at, Woman?

*with apologies to the Trout Towne Tabbies

The television around here has been incredible this year. I don’t mean the boring stuff Pop watches every night while TW is helping me visit your blogs. I’m talking about the new, improved Burd-tv stations I can tune into outside my window. While I don’t get the exotic stations some of you get in Florida, mine has gotten a hunnert times better. Lemme tell you why.