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Foto Frenzy Fiasco


That’s right! TW mucked up and that’s what we’re celebrating on this Foto Frenzy Friday. This is the popular game where YOU chose the foto you want to see. It’s strictly random, totally unedited and usually fun for all.

How did TW muck up? We’re not sure if Colehaus Cats chose #907 or #909 cos TW couldn’t read her writing and is too lazy to go back and check. To solve the problem, we’re gonna show you both since they’re from different foto sessions. #907 (above) appears to be a random foto taken in the foyer. It was one of two fotos taken at that time. TW still hadn’t learned to get down on my level so the foto was taken looking down at me. Of course, TW should always look UP to me.

#909 was taken on The Tree of Pain before I inflicted pain on TW. She has an odd fascination for photographing my paws. I dunno why. The other day we ran another foto of my paws holding up the world. My claws are retracted; I come in peace. I have stunning paws but really, TW, you need help for that paw fetish of yours.


Heh heh, I put quite a dent in TW’s paw last week. I put my claw right through her finger and took off at least three layers of skin. You should have heard the HBO words. I can’t believe I let her kiss me with that mouth!


It’s Christmas in July and this isn’t the Hallmark Channel!! That One Spoiled Cat, Sammy, opted for #4711 where I’m opening up my 2014 Secret Paws’ package sent by Mom Cindy, William and Angel Rosie from A House With Two Cats blog. You can barely see me in this foto which is why it didn’t make the Secret Paws wrap-up. I’m trying to kill something under that tissue paper. They sent some pawsome stuff. Hmmm, I haven’t seen that kewl clown fish since she took the foto.

  Did you kill the toys in last year's Secret Paws package yet?

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  1. I thinks ya needs to find dat clownfish.

  2. Did TW hide that clownfish somewhere? 'Cause if you haven't seen it around, it has to be her fault!

  3. Oh that last pic is a good one!
    Way to go on opening up your Mom's hand, last week. Our Mommy is way over-due for a good scratch (or bitey). MOL!

  4. Hahaha, I don't think TW is the only paw fetish here :-) And even if she isn't, she can't pass your irresistible paws!
    I hope you get to find your clown fish :-) Happy Friday!

  5. CK you know what? Our Mom has a fascination with our paws too....and our eyes and ears and of course my NO tail. She's just odd sometimes!

  6. Paws! They are so functional yet awesome. Yours are stunning CK. No wonder TW has a fetish over your paws.


  7. OMG! We LOVE the photos you shared with us! Agreed, TW should always be on the lower plain (looking up? How gauche!) and paws! Gotta love paws! Wonder where that Clown Fish swam off to....

  8. ck......all yur fotoz in thiz frenzee iz awesum.....toez.. toyz.... & all !!!! sew we got betz heer that yur mom used de F werd....

    yea, like how manee timez DID her say...

    FLOUNDER ~~~~~~

    we're goin with 7

    heerz two a dusky grouper & dottyback kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  9. Aaaaaw those awe gweat fotos CK. And dat's pawsum Sammy chose a Christmas foto as hims luvs Christmas. Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. C.K., Our mom has the same paw fetish. We think it is universal among humans with cats. Wow, sounds as if you really beat up on TW. We know you have issues, but she loves you so much. Try to be a little nicer, okay! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. My mum has a thing about paws too. She even gave yours a little tickle through the monitor. Want me to give her a whap for you?

  12. It's weird CK, the hairier the paw, the more they like it!! Phoebe kitten has very furry paws being a long hair and oooooh boyyyyy mum is SOOO trying to take pics, but Phoebe never stands still ( I am TRYING to get her to write for the blog!!)


  13. Great photos. You do have very nice paws, I can see why TW is obsessed.

  14. Wonderful photos!
    Have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  15. CK, you're lucky. Just imagine if you had the big paws I've got. The mom is obsessed with them. Seriously. She's got to touch them every chance she gets. *shaking head* ~Ernie

  16. We think that paw fetish is actually pretty common with humans. We know ... weird, huh?!


    Moosey, Gracie and Zoe

  17. Humans are often fascinated by our paws, but find them less nice when our claws are out ! Purrs

  18. I miaow like Summer - Did TW hide that clownfish somewhere? 'Cause if you haven't seen it around, it has to be her fault!



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