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Gut Rot

It may look like I'm eating this chicken soup stuff but looks can be deceiving.

Here I'm starving like Starvin' Marvin and you're offering me this Gut Rot? Then you expect me to eat while you point the Flashy Box at me. IT. AIN'T. HAPPENING.


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June is Busting Out

Had no idea that June was in the slammer but I'd be happy to help her bust out. Na mean? Right now, I'm happy to share my June calendar with you. With one click of your mouse, you can biggify it and print it out or use as a desktop. And, yes thank you, I do look extra stunning in this summery setting. Three cheers for TW for having June ready right on time.


Just4MyPets has a special offer for readers of Stunning Keisha. Use the special coupon code KEISHA20OFF and get 20% off your first order. This offer is valid through June 3nd.

A Special Offer Just For You!

Derek Jeter doesn't have anything on this little ghetto kitteh! I'm a pro now, with my own trading cards to prove it.

As if my ego isn't big enough—no smarty-pants remarks from the cheap seats—I just got my own trading cards thanks to! A superstar such as myself needs trading cards!

My mancat Parker's Mom offered to make a set for me and I jumped at the offer. Sincere thanks to Wanda. Her cards came out way better than TW's. OK–OK, TW designed them both.

Besides trading cards, has lot of cool swag that you can customize with your own photos. Items like calendars, shirts for you or your human, photo jewelry and more. Click on the link and head over there. You can browse their cat furniture and have your human spoil you with a cool Italian leather collar with Swarovski crystals. While you're there, don't forget to take advantage of their FREE Personalized Pet ID Tag offer. These tags are made of silver aluminum and you can choose one of the 3 shapes in the photo below. They comes in different sizes and include the split ring to attach to your collar. Shipping on orders over $49 is always free and $1 of every purchase goes to Pets in Need.

Just4MyPets has a special offer for readers of Stunning Keisha. Use the special coupon code KEISHA20OFF and get 20% off your first order. This offer is valid through June 3nd.

Disclaimer: I received these sets of 10 cards free but no legal tender exchanged hands and every word here is my own. No one tells this ghetto cat what to say.

Memorial Day

"Unofficially, it’s the start of summer – a chance for us to spend some time with family and friends, at barbecues or the beach, getting a little fun and relaxation in before heading back to work. 
It’s also a day on which we set aside some time, on our own or with our families, to honor and remember all the men and women who have given their lives in service to this country we love.
That is the purpose of Memorial Day.  To remember with gratitude the countless men and women who gave their lives so we could know peace and live in freedom. 
And we must do more than remember. 
We must care for the loved ones that our fallen service members have left behind.
We must make sure all our veterans have the care and benefits they’ve earned, and the jobs and opportunity they deserve. 
We must be there for the military families whose loved ones are in harm’s way – for they serve as well.
And above all, we must make sure that the men and women of our armed forces have the support they need to achieve their missions safely at home and abroad."
—President Barack Obama 

Read the entire speech at

Kinda Black & White Sunday

In the original of this photo, you could see out the window but I was in the dark. I played with the exposure and came up with this cool effect. I mean, which would you rather see, some dopey houses or The Cat? It's a no-brainer and it's an almost perfect entry for the Black & White Sunday Bloghop, which is hosted by My Life in Dog Years. I've been meaning to participate in this bloghop for eons. Nice that TW finally got her act together.

Lessons Learned

It's that time again—Senile Saturday and since TW just returned from Blogpaws, I figured I'd let her share some of the tips she learned at the conference.  I'm gonna get a little shuteye.

TW here. I had a fun time meeting all CK's bogging and Twitter friends last week. As an added bonus, I even learned stuff. At the Blogpaws 2011, I took mostly courses on eBooks because I've always wants to make CK's blog posts into a book. That, however, seemed too much like work; and, as CK would say, I'll break out in hives at that 4-letter word work. This year I chose many informative sessions about blogging. I did waste my time going to one or two although I had the sense to walk out on the Photography session when she said she'd be dealing with mid-price $400 cameras. Too rich for my blood. Unfortunately, I wound up at the Political Animals' session where we were stood up by Congressman Moran. No big surprise, I suppose.

Although most of the sessions dealt with WordPress and the moderator didn't seem to know Blogger or any other platform existed, some of the knowledge can be applied universally.

Here are some sites I learned about that you may be interested in:
Akismet, a WordPress plugin to protect you from web spam

Research sites:
The Cat Libraries
Habri Central
Journalist's Resource

Also to dispel rumors:

Wanted for copyright
Robin Bisha in her excellent presentation also gave advice on doing interviews and spoke about images. When I need an image for this blog,  I usually do a Google image search. Yes, I'll admit I'm guilty but usually just to steal a hat or prop for CK. Not only can we get into legal trouble for using copyrighted images but WordPress will even take down blogs guilty of using too many Google images. Whoops! I found out that I should be looking at Flickr Creative Commons and for images that are being made available to others,  but even these images should be credited.

CK tries to credit most everything on this blog that we don't write but some things slip through the cracks.

Do you want to see if other's are using YOUR photos without permission? Check out

I also learned about the best ways to boost traffic to your blog and to not be afraid to promote CK and her blog. We don't write for ourselves. It's all about the readers.

Nothing like clothes right out of the dryer. TW is home and she's still boring.

CK Comes to Life in Artist's Sketch

Some of you may have heard of the famous Sardi's Restaurant in NYC, where they have hundreds of caricatures of stars from stage and screen. I can now reveal a cariCATure that is more stunning than any on their walls.

I know I promised no more Blogpaws but I did want to share with y'all the ultra cool cariCATure that was drawn of me by talented Nutrish® artist, Walt Wayman. TW thinks he captured my fresh personality perfectly. What do you think?

BREAKING NEWS: If you haven't noticed, there's a widget on my sidebar on the top, where you can donate to World Vets who together with Be the Change 4 Pets are working in Oklahoma to rescue pets, provide medical attention and reunite pets with their owners.

The Anipals of Blogpaws

I know you're all tired of hearing about Blogpaws, especially if you couldn't attend. I promise this will be my last post about it. What I'd like to know is why TW's photos of myself are so shitty out of focus, how come she took such good pics at Blogpaws? The conditions were far from ideal. I take that as another sign that she really doesn't like me much. Make sure you read the captions cos this ghetto kitteh put a lot of work into them.

Odillia taking a dump. Only TW could take this photo.

Cat Stanley posing for the flashy box.

Ron Trotta and Schmitty the Weather Dog.

Bunny Jean Cook & Rex from Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue.

Hanging with my homeys Savannah and Nissy.

Can you believe I WON these Catty Stacks?

Pepper Pom was in da house in a tutu!

A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do!
Chillaxing at the bar with George

Chatting with Cokie the Cat.

Thank you for putting up with these photos. If you made it this far, here's a bonus shot of me wearing the tiara we were given by the staff of @Newtthecat. #TiaraTuesday and #HopePawty raises awareness of liver shunts in cats and kittens.

Let the Blogpaws Pawty Begin. Day 1

TW decided to leave me a day early this year. Her friend, Prudence Pup's Mom, was being sponsored by Rachel Ray's Nutrish and they were having a welcome dinner Wednesday night. Pru's Mom Theresa was driving TW down and had invited her to join them at dinner. Nutrish doesn't make cat food but they say it's something that they want to branch out into. Seeing how much Pru likes her food gets me to drooling thinking about how good Nutrish cat food will be. TW says the dinner was delish. We sat next to the famous Cat Chat Caren.

Their road trip in a few pics (you can click on any image to biggify it):

CK rocks the dashboard.

Checking the rearview mirror. All clear, BJC!

@Bunnyjeancook at the wheel and we're off!
Photo by Theresa O'Connell

Chillaxing safe and sound at the Sheraton.
Photo by Theresa O'Connell

Plush CK registered after breakfast with BJC and Georgetheduck at IHOP. The least TW could've done was get something with meat. Sigh. At registration, Plush CK ran into Amy, who escorted her to last year's Blogpaws, where they both walked the Red Carpet and then accepted my Nose to Nose Award. I was so happy to see her again.

Prudence, Seabass Cat, Amy & CK.

I wish I would've kept a note of all the friends I saw! My little kitty head was spinning. Everyone was at our first seminar about Sandy Hook and we had a real cool time seeing Ron Trotta and Schmitty the Weather Dog.

Then, OMC! My eyes glazed over. There he was in the plush fur … the love of my life; Parker Sax Kat. I swooned. His plush self was almost as gorgeous as his pictures. I hope plush me didn't disappoint him.

Parker and I sharing a kiss.

We met some celebrities, including Schmitty the Weather Dog, Teri and the cats from Curlz and Swirlz, and Flat Brian and his Dad, the wonderful artist BZTAT, my BFF Katie, Tiny Pearl Cat and Pepper Pom. Thanks to Teri for an ultra cool swag bag, Pepper for the Kitty Boink, and Prudence for the stunning pendant for TW. We got more gifts in the next few days to make up for the crappy Blogpaws swag bag.

Disco all duded up

OMC Coco has attacked BJC!

Katie, W2, Tiny Pearl Cat, Prudence, Parker, Panky join
me, George and BJC.

Thank you Lord for this meal I'm about to ingest.

Sitting on Brian's Dad's shoulder.

Schmitty the Weather Dog dressed to match Dad Ron Trotta

Please excuse us if we left anybody out. This was just the first day. We met many, many friends on Friday. Hopefully, we'll get that post up soon. TW is still kinda fried which makes her senility even worse. Then again, why should I be making excuses for TW?

Who's That Woman Breaking Into My Condo?

I was chilaxing with my Pop since The Woman decided to leave home a hunnert years ago and decided not come back. Heh heh. I have my Pop all to myself. Everything had been going great when suddenly there was a ruckus at my door. Someone was breaking in! OMC!

I immediately ran into my office UTB got into attack mode! Two woman and a ton of tote bags came walking in. I thought to myself the bruvs usually arrive with empty bags, fill them up and then run out. Are these rookies for real?

The one woman—the older, ugly one—bent down and axed if I remembered her. You? I sneered. Don't make me laugh. Fearing that she may stuff me into one of those bags to take me to the v-e-t or something, I retreated back into Pop's room fluffed out my fur and arched my back. Then they left, taking nothing. I figured my work was done. I had saved Pop and our belongings.

RING!!!!!! Our doorbell rung! Whoa! Sounds like the Chinese food is here! Doorbell = takeout = food for CK. Everycat knows that equation. ACK! One of the intruders has returned! I kept my distance. She bent over and tried to touch me. My teeth found her fat fingers causing her to pull them back and retreat.

Suddenly, bags and bags of Greenies' SmartBites and something called Natural Balance were removed from one of the bags. OK, Woman, you may have won me over this time … Rockets? You want to shoot my rockets to me? Wait a second … are you?? … no, you can't be. She left a hunnert years ago … Jeez, Louise! Pop, our vacation is over!! No more peace and quiet. I knew we should've changed the locks.

[ED NOTE: There will be a full Blogpaws review coming this week.]

Wednesday Word of the Day—Blogpaws

Today TW and Plush CK are off to Blogpaws in Tyson Corner, Virginia. This year we're being joined by some special guests, Plush @BunnyJeanCook and @GeorgetheDuck! Doesn't that sound pawsome? When we went 2 years ago, we looked forward to meeting all our Twitter furrends for the first time. Sure, TW had talked with some of the them on the phone and in email, but this would be up close, personal and fun. This year, in addition to seeing those friends once again, we look forward to meeting many of our friends on the CB, who we didn't know 2 years ago. We're excited to note that they'll be representatives of Brian's Home, the Island Cats, Glogirly, Savannah Paw Tracks and Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, just to name a few.

The gangs all here! Don't forget to look us up at Blogpaws!
There are so many exciting seminars, we're still not sure which ones I'll be sending TW to. I'm instructing TW to pick up lots of free swag for me and maybe some stuff we can donate to A Call 4 Paws.

Unfortunately for me, even though TW can schedule my blogs in advance (although this is the only one she scheduled), she can't comment from the conference unless she opts to stay up all night every night. As we always do, we'll be reading and saving our comments until TW is safely back home. She was supposed to teach Pop how to do updates but, of course, she didn't. I may try to get him to comment for me so if you see any comments from me that aren't in "my voice," that's why.

We thank Prudence aka @Tildatoo for allowing her Mom to drive TW down and share a hotel suite with all of us on Team CK.

Because today is Straw Hat day across the CB, I thought I'd pose for you.

Yeah, I gangsta.

Tuxie Tuesday

I'm so proud of my claws, which are nice and sharp cos not even the vet can cut them. TW found this old foto of me working my claws on my favorite scratcher.


Mail Call!

File footage box since TW forgot to take a picture of this box.

Last weekend I won some Greenies and a magnet from Mariodacat at the #Chilipawty. I haven't gotten the Greenies yet but received a package from Mario. You see I told him, half in jest, that I already had a Mario magnet but wouldn't mind another one unless he wanted it to go to someone who didn't have one yet. He decided to send me some toys instead. What a great package he sent!

There were crinkle balls, a windup smousy, which mesmerizes me, some Yeowww! catnip and venison and salmon crunchies. I've never had venison so I can't wait for Pop to open them for me. As you can see, there's also a Green Bay Packers kicker toy! Pop has been a Packers' fan since he was a kitten so he loves it as much as I do. I'm sure I'll bite that kicker when they lose next season.

UPDATE: Pop opened the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula kibble last night and I LOVED it. He even remarked that he never saw me eat so much kibble at once. My usual M.O. is to take 2 or 3 pieces at a sitting. Seriously, this stuff is nommy!

Thank you Mario! SMOOCH!

This venison is a new and wonderful taste in my mouth!

Finding My Comfort Zone

A year or so ago, I mentioned on Twitter that TW claimed that I was having aggression issues. At the time she said I was worse than usual, whatever that is supposed to mean. @BabyPatches, chief kit at Nip and Bones said I should try Comfort Zone Feliway. She sent me the spray to test since I was on her tester's team. TW read the instructions and her eyes glazed over at the words EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. She said "I'm not using that on my bed."

Fast forward to last month. I had to go to the evil v-e-t. TW wondered if she still had the Comfort Zone. After turning the house upside down checking a few places, she found it. She took it out into the hall and sprayed the towel that she puts in the bottom of the box a spritz and a half. She stuck her nose into the towel to see if it had a smell I would notice and then read on the label "WARNING: don't breathe in vapors." Oopsie.

My old v-e-t was in Hoboken, a mere 5 minutes away and I always sang all the way there. This new v-e-t was in Secaucus, which is a 15-20 minute ride, which is why TW decided to try the Comfort Zone. They shoved tricked me into the PTU and we were on our way.

She is proud to report I only meowed about 3 times during the entire trip. Once there, I was nervous though. Dr. Hatch decided to examine me in my PTU, which might be related to the fact that the peeps told him they put Comfort Zone in it. I wasn't a model patient cos I hissed both when I got my shots and when the thermometer went, well, where the thermometer actually goes. Then they decided to take me in the back room for x-rays and stuff to see if I really had asthma. Major fail for them. I fought like a wild cat got majorly stressed so they let me off the hook.

I was quiet all the way home, which could've been the Comfort Zone or it could've been the after effects of the shots since I was pretty lethargic for the next 2-3 days.

TW thought the CZ worked and would use it again if the need arises although Pop had a fit that she used it in the first place. Next time, he'd prefer using one of those Spirit Essences that Jackson Galaxy promotes or one of the natural calming products that Nip & Bones also sells.

Nip and Bones also sells Comfort Zone in diffuser form to reduce stress-related behaviors such as urine marking, scratching, new fursibs and other issues around the house.

Disclaimer: We received the Comfort Zone as a gift. No money exchanged paws and no one told this little ghetto cat what to say. Na mean?

Wednesday Word of the Day–Spoiled

Dunno why TW came up with that particular word. Yes, that's me on my ToP getting room service from my Pop. Yes, he's holding up my grain-free Autumn Bounty so I'll be more comfortable while I eat. I just don't get this whole spoiled concept. Me? Spoiled? I don't think so. What would make me really spoiled would be if those photos were the right exposure, Woman, so people could actually see me! MY Wednesday Word should've been SERVICE!

A little to the left, Pop. No, that's the right. Now closer to me …

Down just a bit. Yes, you got it.