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Guest Blog: A Visit From Bones

Guest blogger Robert Tonchuk.
Guest blogging is kinda new to this ghetto kitteh but when I came across this story on Pop's Facebook timeline—Yeah, I DO monitor the peeps FB pages—I knew you'd find it as fascinating as I did. Robert is a transplanted New Yorker, who now lives in Kansas City, where famous Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy will be appearing this week. Real men do love cats!

Bones was a ghetto kitteh who had the first feline Facebook profile I ever saw. He was a legend and like most legends Bones passed before his time going OTRB in 2009. I never met Bones but I feel like I'm his homey. Robert kindly agreed to let me share this incredible but true tale with you. Without further doo-doo, let me turn the stage over to guest blogger Mr. Robert Tonchuk.


Bones Tomchuk (from his FB page)
So like, did Bones Visit Me in KC???

A few weeks ago I was cleaning the townhouse and I moved Bones' ashes from the corner of the fireplace mantle to the center. Touching it made me start thinking of my little buddy … my best little buddy that was with me for almost 13 years. He died about 4 years ago … still miss him madly. Pet's are special friends.

Anyway, I smiled, shed a few tears, and told him I still miss his ghetto fab attitude.

Later on in the day I went to feed BB. In the kitchen is a pic of Bones that I have on the window ledge. This pic used to be on the floor in NY near Bones' food dish. Yes, I would keep of pic of him near his food dish. After Bones passed, that pic remained there for when Bear (and for a short time Zeus) ate. They were walking the floors once walked on by the legend, so they NEEDED to know who he was.

But out here in KC, I never put that pic near BB's food. Well, on this day I did and when BB saw the pic, he got all freaked and wild on me. Very unlike himself. Hunched, fat tail, puffy hair, ears back … staring at the pic in confusion. I was like, dude, it's a freaking picture, why all the drama? He would NOT go near the food nor would he go anywhere near the pic. I was like, whatever, so I moved the pic back to the window ledge and then BB was fine and ate his dinner.

Bones was a computer genius.
Later on that night, it was time for bed. Every night it is the same thing—I call out that it's bedtime and little BB runs up the stairs with me and jumps on the bed while I get ready for bed. His behavior is almost dog-like. Well, on this night he runs up the stairs with me like normal but stops dead at the doorway. He will NOT come into the bedroom; he is all hunched again; his tail and hair puffy again, neck stretched like a giraffe. He was behaving EXACTLY the same way he had about 8 hours earlier when he looked at the pic of Bones near his food bowl.

I am now laying in bed and BB still refuses to come into the room. He is freaking outside in the hallway … moving slowly, obviously upset by something and poking his head in and out the room without coming in.

So I attempt to a take a few pics of his bobbing head for fun and low and behold, I look at the first pic and there is a orb in the doorway near the floor. I was like, WTF is that?? I had read and heard about what orbs are, what they could mean, but it is hard to really believe in spirits and things like that. So I take another pic within seconds of the first and the orb is there again, this time moving out of the room from where it was in the first pic.

I'm like, WTF again. I cannot see it with my eyes, only when the pic is taken is it visible. I take a third pic seconds after the second and the orb is gone. Then a fourth pic seconds after the third … gone. Immediately BB recomposes himself and comes into the room as if nothing is wrong now. He looks around … up, down, left, right, and then jumps on the bed as he usually does and falls into his usual curled up position and falls right to sleep.

Check out pics 1 and 2 … interesting.

First bedroom pic with the orb.

Second pic with orb taken seconds after first.

The third pic with orb gone taken seconds later.

My friends say my bestie Bones came to visit—to say hello to BB and let me know he is fine. I want to say no way, I'm an adult, I'm rational, this can't be. It can't. Truth is, I have never taken pics and had orbs appear before. I have not seen orbs since in any of my pics. Maybe there is no answer, maybe there is … but it is what it is. And whatever it is, it made me remember my best little buddy—my ghetto fab Brooklyn born legend named Bones—the most famous cat in financial publishing.

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  1. Cynda, Grover, and Buster have all come to see me after the fact. No orbs, but my live cats have picked up the OTRB animals' gaits. truly amazing site, and even the hubby remarked. Amelia and cynda have walked on the bed and nestled against my legs.

    Orbs don't surprise me at all. count yourself lucky

  2. That is an amazing story. Bones must have loved him very much.

  3. Wow we think Bones is where he was happiest. Great story. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Bones was just wanting to get a howdy in fur old time sake!

  5. Wow. Oddly enough, my human does not want visits from any of the before cats! I don't think I do either.

  6. bones...dood...ewe look enuff like me ta bee ree lated... stop by cloud 777315 sum time N we can swap storeez bout how kelw R peepulz iz...glad ya wuz abe bull ta pay yur dad a visit...even if BB did freek a bit...we gotta let R peepulz noe we IZ doin ok, in any way we can...

    rock on bones =^..^=

    sauce of fishbone ~~

  7. My five cats who never knew Keli, who had lived to age 20, NEVER go up on her rocking chair. I swear she is lying on it still. I look at it this way, if it was me, wouldn't I want to come back and check on those I love? If they happen to be sensitive enough to pick up on my presence, I can only hope it gives them comfort and not fear.

  8. how scarey! and wonderful too! I think many anipal lovers will have similar stories. Thank you for sharing this Keisha and Robert! xxx's

  9. why all our cats have returned not long after they fly OTRB. We feel them get on our bed at night, walk across, lie down. And we have seen them out of the farthest corner of our vision...fleeting images. The same with our 3 beloved Siberian Huskies...they each returned to rub against our legs in the kitchen...the orb was real; just ask BB

  10. Wow, we think it's terrific that Bones made his presence known. Mom believes energy never ceases, even if our bodies do.

  11. WOW...that's fascinating!
    Glogirly's got a story about a kitty named Nicki she'll have to tell sometime.

    Thanks for sharing Bones' cool story.
    : )

    Pee S: Yes! The rumors are true...Glogirly is finally home from vacation. My *captivity by Cat Sitter* has officially come to an end. That is until BlogPaws. ; )

  12. All we can say is WOW. That is quite the story!!

  13. We still hear Scoop calling sometimes. It's nice!

  14. Well, we are skeptics in these parts....BUT the Human says that when one of her kitties crosses the Bridge, for weeks after she glimpses them just round the edge of the doorway or from the corner of her eye. She doesn't know what all she really believes, but she thinks it's nice if they are visiting to say they're okay ;-)

  15. Fisher definitely visited me after she left. I loved every siting! They stopped when she knew I was in a good place (it took quite awhile), but we still communicate and I hope we always will.

  16. PepiSmartDog
    As a Rainbow Bridge Ambassador I can assure you Bones was visiting you and BB.
    How else could BB get your attention so you could also see Bones,; he had to PRETEND to have a freak out to convince you to get your camera.
    Bones visits a lot, but now you'll KNOW it's him.
    Should have seen BB and Bones doing *high paws* afterward. Best thing is: you even got a piccie of him!
    ISo glad you got to experience Bones wonderful visit and thank you for sharing it with all of us! :=o)

  17. Me and mom think´s Bones is where he was happiest :)
    Nothing strange about that !

  18. Oh wow! This is a very interesting story, although mysterious!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. What a really cool story! Spooky too... Sheba the dog just posted a pic not too long ago of some weird stuff like that that her dad took. Creepy!

  20. So that gave us goosebumps. Whatever it was, it gave you the opportunity to remember Bones, and that's what counts. It's too bad it had to frighten BB. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  21. Wow what a story!! I am usually skeptical about this kind of things, but I do love to believe Bones came to visit.
    Bones was such a handsome kitty! I love his white socks :-)

  22. Bones was the COOLEST of all cats !

  23. I'm so spooked I forgot to comment last time I came!!!

  24. Thank you all for the nice posts. Bones was definitely a special cat. I had pets my entire life, but Bones was very different...I knew that and my friends knew that. He was like a little man in a cat suit. More than a pet, almost like a roommate that I had for 13 years. He would talk and talk with you endlessly, carry on conversations, respond back to anything you say. His meows had different sounds, sometimes like a question, sometimes like an order, he was so smart. He had attitude me on this. If you annoyed him, he would totally ignore you. If you pissed him off, be warned he would come after you. I always said if he ever got into a fight with a pit bull, the pit bull was going down. He was tough guy for sure. I miss him so much, more than any pet I have ever had, we had a bond. When he passed it was like having a sibling pass. I would like to believe that was him that day...hard to believe, but I want to believe. Again, thanks to all for all the great comments.

  25. I enjoyed reading that and I think all our pawrents have a story to tell. My mom does.

  26. Hi sweet CK, I was happy to see you on your Blue Pillow. Coming again tonight? I'm kind of lonely.

  27. CRAZY! Crazy cool story! It must be Bones! M has never had that experience, but maybe it's because she's always so skeptical of everything. But she sure found this interesting and is re-thinking things. Oh when I wrote "Crazy" at the opening, I didn't mean you are crazy, I mean it's just a crazy, awesome, weird, cool story.

  28. Thanks for visiting Bones! I never truly believed in spirits being around until after my mom in law passed and my two year old talking to her. It was very different from when she would talk to imaginary friends. If it happens again, just smile & say hello. ~Rascal and Rocco


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