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Wednesday Word—Mature

TW thinks I'm looking like a senior cat these days. She says I don't play as much and it made her sad to see the fotos on my blog earlier this week. She's even excusing me of having grey fur mixed in with my, er, grey fur. I say WTF??? What is she implying about the World's Most Stunning Cat? Just cos she's older than dirt, she shouldn't pass mustard about this cat. I'm shocked that she hasn't ordered me a walker or signed me up for Social Security yet.

Since I'm a rescue from two different institutions, we don't know exactly how old I am. My Gotcha Day is 1/29/06. At the beginning, the peeps took me to the vet where I was brought for my Ladygardenectemy. They gave my peeps two different dates for my "birthday." The first one they gave was May 1, 2003. I'm here to tell you, I was NOT born in 2003. When the peeps took me home, I was the size of a cat no older than 6 months. The last time I was taken there, they put wrote September 8, 2005, which would have made me 4 months old at the time of adoption, which again didn't really make sense because my Petfinder bio said I was about a year old. I don't think I'm a senior cat. I'm gonna let YOU decide how old you think I am. I don't want TW overreacting once again. You already know how hysterical and shrill she can get.

My mug shot.

My first foto shoot at home which was a year after my adoption.

Early 2011 pic of yours truly.

One of my most recent fotos. I think I'm looking better than ever.

I've presented the stunning evidence and now I ax you, ladycats and gentlecats of the jury, am I becoming as old and washed up as TW? Whadda you mean, Woman, that it would be easier to tell with closeups?? Objection overruled!! I ax that TW's comment be stricken from the record books and she banished from the courtroom. The jury will now adjourn to the jury room to decide with their comments.

I'm not vain or nothing; but, be honest, do you think this little ghetto kitteh is ready for a nip and tuck?

Sweet August

Whoa! Is it almost August already? August has bittersweet memories in the condo. Gramma's birthday was August 20th (She would have been 99 this year!) and both Autumn and Nicky went OTRB within 10 days of each other in August 2005. The memory makes the peeps sad but it makes me happy cos it enabled me to have a furever home even if they waited like six months before they finally got me. Do you have any plans this August? Are you planning any beach days?

A little about this foto. Friskies used to have a great feature on its Friskies Explorer's site where you could dress up your fotos with some of their noms. We recently went looking for this feature and found they did away with it. How pathetic is that? If anyone knows where they moved the feature, please let me know. This is one we did years ago. If fact, we did it so long ago that the quality is fading. OK, TW used a blurry foto but it's still fun. Hope you enjoy it anyway. Click on the beach ball to biggify the calendar so you can print it out.

Guess what? We made a couple of alternative calendar pages for August and I'm going to have an entirely different one for fans of my Facebook page so you can choose which one you like best.

CK in da House

Hi there, it's me, CK. TW hasn't included any fotos of me in the past two posts so I wanted to make sure you remember how stunning I am, even with airplane ears. In this top foto, I had just bitten TW while she tried to change the batteries in the flashy box.  I was doing EZ on my Colorado Catnip blanket and she interrupted me, a felony punishable by a bite.

Enjoying my EZ with a few furrends.

Do any of you guys keep stats on your blogs? I don't. I mean, I look at how many hits I have and where they're from but nothing really analytical. I want to apologize to any of my furrends who keep more involved stats like view time, etc. TW is skewing your stats by calling up blogs and then going to lunch or to take the laundry out of the machine and sorting it, making it seem like she's spending hours on your blog page. She's a slow reader but not that slow.

WTF? How dare TW publish a foto of me with food on my nose! Abort!!!

Garden Tour on Senile Saturday

TW has been buoyed by what she perceives as an innerest in poetry by my cat furrends. It all started when The Cat on My Head changed the poem on their sidebar. All One of the comments mentioned their human's poetry. TW interpreted (wrongly) that they liked poetry and so she decided to bore you with some of her drivel. I couldn't explain to her that it was CAT poetry that they wanted to read so I'm afraid she's gonna subject you to more of her non-CAT crap. Yawn. Wake me when it's over.


Write me a poem about the sun
she said.
I did
And the bells rang out.
Can you hear them ringing
Go with them
thru fields and up mountains tall
Don't just hear them
Be them
see the glory of the notes
You are hearing
from a distance
or up close
Be one with the sound
Let your mind reel
Make your hands feel
beauty, glorious beauty
As the sun sets the tone for the bell
I have written this poem
about her.

Ok, Woman. That's it for today. Crawl back into your hole and write more drivel for next month. You can read more torturous poetry here and here if you're feeling masochistic.

We're gonna publish some scans from analog photos taken in the peeps' old garden. These are mostly the front yard, as opposed to the back yard. We don't have a yard now and TW really misses having one. I hope you can see the beauty in the photos even though they didn't scan all that great.

Hey, we just realized today's Photo Hunt is Planter and TW and B were the Planters of these flowers, including the ones in the Planter box on the porch. But, seriously, the entire yard was their giant Planter.

Sunflower, surrounded by marigolds

Marigolds surrounding pine tree

Pink cosmos and white shasta daisies

Bleeding hearts hanging from the front porch

Lots of impatients because they liked the shade

A mural my friend made in the front yard

Impatients. I believe that's ivy in the rear

Morning glories. Once you plant these, you can never get rid of them.

Mean Mama Gertrude snoopervising photo session.

Innerview with a Legendary Cat

When I first began blogging, I started a series about Legendary Cats from our hood. I wrote about the Legend that was Foofie but never took the series any further. I'll hum while you go back to refresh your memories.

Grandma Scruffy
Now four years later, here's part 2 of the series: Scruffy the Cat. I had a chance to innerview Scruffy from the Rainbow Bridge.

CK: Scruffy, how did you know to visit the peep's house?

Scruffy: All the strays knew there were a few soft touches that lived there. Lovey put the word out that the stinky goodness was worth hanging there for.

CK: Tell me how they came to call you Scruffy.

Scruffy: When I first showed up for dinner, a bean called me Fluffy. Then the younger beans renamed me after the band Scruffy the Cat.

CK: Your new name fit you cos you was scruffy around the edges or so the peeps say. They also said you were a real nervous Nellie. Would that be accurate?

Scruffy: Yeah. I guess. I was just looking for a meal for myself and my unborn kittens. After Wendell C and Sissyknife (named by the beans) came along in 1985, they seemed to like the beans and vice versa. My kittens never went hungry. Wendell was a bit of a fraidy cat too, but I heard he eventually moved in with one of the beans that lived in the house.

CK: What became of Sissyknife aka Whitey?

Scruffy: One of the beans, the one you call TW, tried to bring Sissy into the house to make her a house cat. It didn't work out. My girl was as independent as me and would stay an hour or so and then she'd want out. She wanted her freedom cos she was footloose and fancy free. Then she got knocked up. She was barely 5 months old. When she told me she threw up on her nip kicker, I knew I had to prepare her for the joys of motherhood.

Sissy told me a funny story. She said the TW bean tried to give her a bath in the kitchen sink. The water wasn't bad but as soon as the bean put the pink shampoo on her, she bolted. She was a pink cat for about a week. She looked so funny all the mencats teased her.

CK: Sissy bore 3 kittens in the outer hallway of TW's house. They lived in a sturdy box on the front porch. Were you still coming around for grub?

Scruffy: No. Another family moved in at about the same time. Gertrude Calico was about as mean a cat as there was. She didn't like the fact that Sissy and her kitties got preferential treatment over her family. She had 6 kittens a few days after Sissy did. I couldn't come into the front yard anymore so I hung around the back.

You can biggify the collage by clicking on it.

CK: What became of your Grandkittens?

Scruffy: The two white ones went to homes on the next block and the bean's Mom kept the gray tabby.

CK: Your Grandkittens were socialized from the minute they were born but somehow the gray one, Big Tym, wasn't too swift so he never figured out the socialized part and was a vicious biter much like myself. Hey Woman, you best not be implying that I'm not too swift! When they were teaching the kittens how to use a litter box, he'd dig in it and then look all around as if to say "now what do I do."

EPILOG: After all the kittens were weaned, Scruffy went along with Sissy and Gertrude to the vet for their Ladygardenectemies. Sadly, Sissy's two white kitties were poisoned by a crazy Vietnam Vet who lived on their block because their new humans let them go outside. I can't stress enough that it's dangerous to let house cats roam the streets in the city. They could jump into some nut's yard who has poison-laced food waiting for them.

Coming soon: Gertrude's story. I promise you won't have to wait 4 years for it.

Wednesday Word: Exploitation

When our story ended, an ominous e-mail appeared in TW's inbox. Then the peeps had deserted me for 5 whole hours to have fun at a pawty under the guise they were promoting me. Let's see if you think it was exploitation or promotion.

I should've known the peeps weren't going to come right back. They both donned matching t shirts. If they were planning on only staying 5 minutes, they would've went down in their house clothes.

Of course, the shirts got lots of attention. Everyone had an animal story. I'd like to detail them but TW says that's a breach of privacy or something, as if I care

CK: Pawty animal
At one point they started to make their way upstairs but got sidetracked when they walked past the table where the "adult" beverages were being served. Everyone wanted to know about the shirts. Of course, in true TW style, she forgot to bring my business cards. All she had to do was run upstairs but she couldn't be bothered. Her frozen piña colada might thaw or I might make her feel too guilty to go back downstairs. All wanted me to come downstairs for a meet and greet; however, a star of my caliber doesn't work for free. Can you just see me dancing on the table? MOL! Hardly. They would have to settle for watching me on YouTube. One pawtier had a tablet computer so TW directed her to to my blog and then to Glogirly's YouTube Channel so they could see my award-winning acting skills.

I do want to mention a sick little boy that I'm concerned about. He's just 4 years old. His sisfur has cancer and is receiving chemo and this healthy little boy just stopped eating. After wearing a path to the emergency vet and dozens of tests, the vet still can't locate what's ailing him. They ruled out Hepatic Lipidosis, which is what our furrend Leo had. TW says the Oradell Animal Hospital is one of the best in this area but she thinks they were quick to rule fatty liver disease out. This dear boy was still in Oradell getting fed through a tube but they were planning on tube feeding him at home. TW hopes to hook up with this woman again to learn how the cat is doing and maybe offer some tips from what she's learned from Savannah's blog. Maybe a visit from a famous cat in his complex might cheer him up.

Yes, I'm angry!
Finally, they excused themselves and went upstairs to see how the aforementioned famous cat was doing. I was angry to say the least and made it known. TW felt guilty enough that she played with me for a while—a very short while I might add—before she stuck her nose into the computer. I demanded attention but got far too little. They could use me to make themselves fell like big shots but they couldn't pay attention to me once we were alone.

Special message to the peeps: don't let our neighbor bring her humongous killer turtle here to meet me. I assure you that's NOT gonna turn out well for the turtle.

Do you think I was exploited or promoted?

Block Pawty

Dateline: the condo July 20, 2013. We were having a nice, normal Caturday when suddenly this appeared in TWs email box. An invitation. Ominous.

GASP! Surely the peeps wouldn't leave me alone and go to this event. Or would they? After all, they told me it was too hot to buy my Fancy Feast but was it too hot to go outside and party?

Pop hates parties—he's definitely NOT a party animal—but TW somehow convinced him that they could eat dinner for free so he relented. The plan was that they'd show up about 5:30, look at the eats and decide if they should partake. I think the only words Pop heard was FREE FOOD and he was drooling. Apparently the heat wasn't bothering them now. They assured me they'd be back soon.

The Cat waited …

And waited …

And waited even longer …

By this time, The Cat was not pleased!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME THE PEEPS CAME IN??? DO YOU??? Ten minutes to ten!!! They were talking and laughing … and eating FREE FOOD … for almost 5 hours. It felt like DAYS to this little kitteh! To make it all the more galling, they told me I WAS THE HIT OF THE PAWTY! THEY were dropping MY name to impress people.

They ate too much—they said the food was delish. Apparently 7 pulled pork sliders were consumed by my peeps plus chicken-ka-bobs, fruit, crackers and cupcakes! They drank too much—fruit punch and frozen piña coladas. TW says Pop turned into Mr. Personality right before her eyes.

They had some inneresting discussions about animals and rumour has it, they even showed Real Housecat videos.

To be continued.

Photo Hunt—Really

Did you REALLY expect me to scratch on cardboard??

I did NOT bite you just now and I don't know who did! REALLY!!

TW, I have nothing to play with! REALLY!!!

Did you REALLY clean my litter box? I don't believe you, Woman!

So you're saying it's REALLY hot so you won't walk 3 miles round trip to the supermarket 
to buy me some Fancy Feast. Oh REALLY?

Spitty Litter

We'll be changing the name of this kitty litter to "Spitty" litter since King Spitty the Kitty will be peeing and pooing in style. He's the winner of the Advanced Natural litter from World's Best Cat Litter. In his comment, he chose the original formula. When I go over to share his blue pillow, I'll give him the good news and see if that's the one he still wants. Maybe I'll play Postal Person Cat and deliver it myself. Actually, I've been having trouble with our Postal Person. He hasn't delivered anything for me in days and I know I have stuff due me. Do you think your Postal Person has been ignoring you?

CK Makes All Star Roster

I got my Yankee hat and my 'tude and I'm off to Citi Field to meet Abbi.

Who's on 1st. CK is.
OK, so the title is a bit of a stretch. Today is Major League Baseball's All-Star Game and this one is being held in Shitti Citi Field in Queens, where NY's minor league team, the Mutts Mets play. The most popular best players in baseball play this meaningless game that decides home field advantage in the World Series. This year two of our Yankees are on the team even though only 1 deserves to be on it. What can I say about the Yankees? Half their starting pitchers have lost it and one never had it. Fielding? Yeah, they can catch most of the time. Running? They're old and they go station to station. Hitting? HAH! You've got to be kidding. The Musings of a Crazy Cat Lady, whose Tigers are doing quite well, and I are posting about this game cos we're big baseball fans and we think it will be fun. I secretly think that she's just trying to rub it in to me that the Tigers are finally better than the Yankees. Let her have her fun now cos this kitty can talk serious trash. Either way, we're both on the same side tonight. GO AMERICAN LEAGUE!

 Last night was what appears to be the highlight of the event the Home Run Derby, which was won by Yoenis Céspedes of the Oakland A's. I know many of my furrends and readers aren't baseball fans but what's not to like about grown men chasing balls all over the nicely manicured lawn. We cats and woofies would love to be out there if we had a chance. This brings me to the story of one who did.

RIP Chase
The Yankees' minor league affiliate the Trenton Thunder's beloved bat dog, Chase That Golden Thunder, went OTRB on July 9th, just days after the team held a retirement party for him. Chase had been retrieving bats for the Thunder for a decade and was diagnosed with cancer in February. He's survived by two sons, Derby and Ollie, both of whom are bat dogs. Derby will take over in the role for the Trenton Thunder. The team axed fans wishing to honor Chase to donate to an animal shelter/pet rescue in their local communities.

Blog the Change—URI PALS

Today I'm writing about women. Abused women. Many women in domestic violence situations don't want to leave their homes cos it means leaving their beloved pets behind. They fear for themselves and they fear for their pets as well. Now there are shelters which allow victims to bring their pets with them. You can find a list of these shelters on the Sheltering Animals and Families Together' website. SAF-T lists 30 states which house such shelters. The site also contains a link for families who need financial assistance to enable women to leave an abusive home and they have a downloadable Pet Safety Planning Guide and Start-Up Guide.

While I don't think any of my friends are in a situation like this, you may know someone who needs help. For instance, about a year ago, we got a desperate e-mail from a Twitter friend. Someone he knew quite well was in a situation where she had to take her kids and get out of an abusive home. She needed to re-home her 2 dogs. This broke her heart and ours. After a frantic search, her dogs were transported to safety in California.

New York City's Urban Resource Institute (URI) has a pilot program called People and Animals Living Safely (PALS) that allows victims of domestic violence to bring their pets into the shelter. They're starting with cats and small animals and with the support of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, they hope to include dogs by the end of the year. They're trying to raise $250,000 to retrofit their facilities with dog runs and other changes needed to accommodate dogs, as well as to launch PALS in its three other domestic violence shelters in NYC.

Do you know that more than 40% of domestic violence victims stay in abusive situations out of fear for their pets? Plus, more than 70% of pet owners who enter shelters report that the abuser has threatened, injured or killed family pets. Until the PAWS project, none of NYC's more than 50 shelters allowed pets in residence.

Pets are family members and it's time shelters opened their doors to us. Don't you agree?

I want to keep my family together.

We've Got a Winner on EZ Sunday

Why did you wake me? Oh, I have to pick a winner!

I've taken time out of my EZ Sunday to pick the winner of the $15 gift card to The winner likes anything GREEN and her friends are going to be green with envy when they find out she won and see her new bling.

The winner is:
This will serve as my entry in the Black and White Blog Hop,
which is hosted by  which is hosted by My Life in Dog Years.


There's still time to enter to win a bag of the new Advanced Natural Series of litter from World's Best Cat Litter. Let me know in a comment if you want the Original or the Pine Blend and how I can get in touch with you if you win. The giveaway will be open until Monday. Sorry, this is for U.S. residents only.

A Happy Birthday Giveaway

Thanks to Glogirly for the graphic.

Today is TW's birthday and to celebrate, we're having a giveaway. The other day I reviewed the new litter from World's Best Cat Litter. What TW forgot to tell you is that they're offering one of my readers a free bag of the new Advanced Natural Series of litter. Let me know in a comment if you want the Original or the Pine Blend and how I can get in touch with you if you win. The giveaway will be open until Monday. Sorry, this is for U.S. residents only. Hmmm, should I sing Happy Birthday or I'm in the Box? First I'll get the fire distinguisher out cos that's an awful lot of candles or maybe I can smoother her them with cat litter.

♫ I'm in the Box ♪

CK sings to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight":

♫   She's in the box, she's in the box
She's in the box, she's in the box
In the litter, the clumping litter, the kitteh pees tonight.
In the litter, the clumping litter, the kitteh poos tonight.

You can never have enough cat litter or be too CAT.

As most of my readers know, I've never been a big fan of the World's Best Cat Litter but I'm always willing to give a product another try. When they contacted me and axed if I'd like to try their new litter, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I said, let's put it to the poo test.

♪   In the litter, the dustless litter
The kitteh pees tonight
In the litter, the Pine Blend litter
The kitteh poos tonight   ♫

You might remember my post entitled The Standoff is Over!, where I talked about how I went on strike against the litter box that housed the World's Best Cat Litter that came in the green bag. I'll sit tight until you finish reading it. It was not welcome in my condo.

♫   Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
In Pine Blend litter
Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
The litter is the best   ♪

When we received the Pine Blend litter formula, TW read the package. The Advanced Natural Series is said to feature more powerful odor control, produce smaller clumps and have no airborne silica dust. It says it's an entirely new litter that uses a blend of naturally absorbent plant fibers. Per usual, when trying a new litter, she only put some in one of my two boxes. After opening the package and scooping some into my box, she remarked "I hope the cat likes this litter as much as I like it already. There's no dust and no perfume smell." She said it smelled like freshly cut wood. Whoa, is this an endorsement?

♪   She's in the box she's in the box
She's in the box she's in the box   ♫


Steaming hot pees.
See how much smaller the new litter clumps?
This morning, TW scooped the boxes. SUCCESS! I used both boxes, including the one with The Advanced Natural Litter. True to it's word, the clumps were smaller but not so small that they'd fall through the holes in the scoop. Since Pop has been home, he's been taking turns scooping the litter and he even likes it! The real test was whether I'd poo in it and I did! The litter box is in his bathroom and he says my poos are now ODORLESS! (As if my poos ever smelled!)

New Advanced Natural Series of World's Best Cat Litter in Original and Pine Blend formulas should be in your stores next month. It's Cathy Keisha approved.

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. As always, the opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Welcome to the CK Award Show!

I have a bunch of awards to claim since TW had forgotten all about them. I'll start with the most recent and work my way back. I hope this post isn't gonna be too long for my readers. I'll try to throw in some eye-opening facts that you won't want to miss.

Simba of Simba's Antics very kindly passed on to me the My Favourite Things Award that Nissy make to celebrate 50,000 page views on his blog. By this time, he must by up to 100,000 views. That's how far behind we are. Thank you Simba.

He wants me to list 6 of my favourite things and then pass the award on to some other bloggers. Because he was so kind to present me with this award, I'll honour his request.

  1. Biting my humans
  2. Napping
  3. Foam rubber missles/rockets
  4. My Skinneeez (the real one)
  5. Fancy Feast grilled tuna
  6. My furrends and readers of this blog

Back in April, I was the proud recipient of 3 awards. They were presented to me by those Purrime Ministerettes Shiva and Jaya. Their blog says they're award-winning movie stars and the coolest rescue kitties that ever lived nine lives. It actually sounds like they're describing me but I don't want to anger them.

The first award is a quite attractive award called the Inspiring Blog Award. It's nice to know that this little blog can inspire. Like all awards, this one has rules and regulations. I linked back, I posted the award, but I refuse to list 7 facts about myself or pass it on cos everybuddy knows every little thing about me and everybuddy already has the award.

Next is the newly designed Liebster Award. This has come back for the 3rd or 4th reincarnation, much like the noisy neighbor with the new haircut or the bell peppers TW ate for dinner. Liebster still means sweetheart. The PMs are forwarding 11 questions that they also answered and if I know what's good for me, I guess I should at least attempt to answer them.

  1. If you could become your favorite movie star, who would you want to be and why? Does Beyonce count as a movie star? Actually, I am a movie star in my own right, having starred in such flicks as Katie is … Accused and the Real Housecats of the Blogosphere.
  2. Have you ever bitten your hooman and, if so, why did you do it? Erm, biting my humans is my hobby. I do it early and often. Why bite if you don't want to draw blood? I do it cos it's a hobby, it's fun and humans taste like chick-hen. I like to grab Pop's foot and bite hard when he tries to get back into bed at night when he can't see me. MOL!
  3. Complete the sentence "if I ruled the world the first I would do is …" Spay/neuter any human who's ever been cruel to an animal. Actually, make that any human who tries to take away human and/or animal rights too.
  4. Which part of you do you most like your hooman(s) to scratch and tickle? I don't like my humans' hands on me except if they have a FURinator in them. [Ed. note: She likes when her Pop scritches the top of her head.]
  5. How did you come to live with your hoomans? They found me on The complete story is here and here.
  6. Have you ever seen the movie "Cat and Dogs" and, if so, who was your favorite character in it? No, I'm a busy cat. I don't have time for movies.
  7. What is your relationship with your vet *stabbyperson like? All stabbypersons are afraid of me. They won't cut my glorious claws or take my bloods.
  8. Which part of you do you least like your hooman(s) to scratch and tickle? Like I said before, I don't like my humans' hands on me. They're NEVER allowed to pet my tummy. Touching my tummy is actually on their Bucket Lists. Heh heh.
  9. What's your favorite colour? Blue cos my furs look so stunning next to a blue background.
  10. Have you ever seen your hooman(s) doing anything that he/she/they wouldn't want anyone else to know about? That's kind of personal. 
  11. What was it that you saw? You'll have to read my Senile Saturdays to find that out.

The last and very colorful award is the Purrime Ministerette of Planet Purrth Award. What can I say about this award? There are 7 rules but I'm not following any of them at the risk of being removed from my Cabinet position of Secretary of Toothies and Claws. You can see what they are here.

These awards are up for grabs to anybuddy who wants them.

✱ ✱ ✱ ✱ ✱ ✱ ✱ ✱ ✱

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