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Bling It On PLUS Special Giveaway

I hate to admit it but TW and I have something in common. We both love bling. TW had expensive tastes when she worked and preferred gold: rings, necklaces and bracelets. She collected gold crosses. In the hood where I grew up, you stole got what you could. I love bling. The bigger and flashier, the better.
They're even talking about Robyn's jewelry in Canada.
CK models Ice Flicker.

Now it turns out that my Twitter furrend @GeorgetheDuck's Typist makes bling. It's bling that both TW and I can both appreciate. Robyn Harton's is not just bling; her pieces are art. Art with a purpose. They're made without solder or glue and each is made with crystal meanings in mind.

For instance, at Blogpaws Robyn gave TW a very beautiful bracelet, called Ice Flicker. Not only is it a mixture of rough chunky quartz to light lodolite to rainbow moonstone, the stones provide blessings of high power and energy. If there's two things TW needs, it's energy and power. It's both calming and energetic. In fact she says I need something calming so maybe Robyn should start making kitty bling also.

Robyn's creations are affordable for just about everyone with many beautiful items on clearance. Think you can't afford it. Think again. Robyn's huge summer break sale is going on now. Everything in stock is 25% off until July 15th PLUS she's offering readers of this blog a $5 off coupon with a minimum order of $9.95. Just use coupon code HRBBM4QWN.  First Class Shipping via USPS within the United State is free.

What's even more wonderful is that Robyn has agreed to give one of my readers a $15 gift card. Just leave a comment and tell me what your favorite stone or crystal is. This giveaway will end on July 13. 2013 at which time I'll pick a winner. Leave an e-mail address if you don't think I have it so I can contact you if you win.

CK and HHGutt both model TW's Crystals and Jewelry bracelet.
Disclaimer: The bracelets pictured in the blog were gifts. No money has exchanged paws nor was I given blog copy. All words are my own.

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  1. Our favorite stone is the amethyst. Our mom loves bling.

  2. Glogirly fave is smokey quartz. Robyn's shop is beautiful and her work is stunning!
    : ) Katie & Waff

  3. We were your SECOND like on your new FB page. ...right behind TW!

  4. We liked Robyn's FB page.
    We're following her on Twitter.
    We're even following her on Pinterest!

  5. OK, please come back and see. Please? Oh wait--never mind--you're already here!

  6. Wich cat or human don't LOVE bling ?!
    I shall go and look what the stones are called in english and then I come back and tell you wich my favourite is , OK ?!
    P.S I have liked your new FB-page :)

  7. Keisha you can never have too much bling. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Being a mancat of some refinement, I don't really do bling! But the old girl who's my Staff quite likes understated bling … is that possible? It's a contradiction in terms!!! I rushed over and like your new page :) I am lobbying to get "her" to do one for me, but she says she can't be bothered!!! *sighs*

  9. She sure makes pretty things and any thing with comfort beads always tickles my fancy! We did already like your FB pages.

  10. Bling!! Yes, bring it on!! We love it! What a talented artist and we love her jewelry. Our favorite crystal is any one that has a leopard tone to it! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang!

  11. What a great giveaway, CK. Yay for bling! We like garnets, and liked your new FB page. :)

  12. Mommy favorite would have to be the amber for what it represents. Whisky, Cosmo and Ling each wear a crystal that "protects" them.

  13. We love the moon stone - and we just bought the gypsy pendant at Ropbyn's store for our mommy cuz we like Robyn's stuff so much! We's gonna go LIKE your page now.... be right back!

  14. We just liked your FB page - and we like Robyn's too!!

    And we seriously think mommy needs some sort of protection so she stops getting put on the injured reserve list.

  15. I absolutely love your new design CK...Momz sez her favorite stone is amethyst and we had already liked and followed you and Robyn all the other places

  16. We follow HotMBC but knew knowing about the sale. And our mom LOVES bling! Please enter us in your giveaway. Mom's favorite stones/colors are aquamarine and amethyst. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. I don't wear jewelry myself so not entering in giveaway but this is very nice prize! I love the picture of you and HHGutt modeling with the jewelry :-)

  18. Oh CK and TW - nice job promoting Robyn's store. It's a great store and I have several pieces - all of which I love. She puts a lot of detail into each piece and each piece is QUALITY workmanship. Since I have several pieces, I won't enter this giveaway to give others the opportunity to try one of her pieces. They won't be sorry! Sorry we've been off the radar with blogs - I just can't keep up anymore and my brain says it's tired right now of trying. I'll get with the program again maybe this coming week.

  19. Well we has lots of favorite stones. Youngest Boy collect gemstones. But one of our favorites is Tiger's Eye. He has a nice egg shaped one that we loves.

  20. OK we did all the FB stuffs and Twitter and we thinks we did Pininterest, but frankly it confuses and confounds us.

  21. Our Mom is the Queen of Bling!! She loves Rose Quartz!

    The Florida Furkids

  22. i can't decide which i like more: the picasso marble or the moonstone.

    i "liked" your Stunning Keisha FB page and Robyn's Crystal and Jewelry FB page.

  23. Mom's love Ruby, she says it has something to do with the month she was born, or something like that... Go figure... Hoomans....
    Happy Cat Family

  24. Mum says 'Just One Stone' when Robyn has so much treasure CK you are a tough taskmaster!

    OK, OK Mum says the Dominican Amber. Amber is SO special.

    For sure we are following you on FB, Twitter, FB.

    * hugs * Dash

  25. Mommy gets the MOST lovely comments from her necklace that she bought from Robyn. She loves the

  26. ooops! we MEANT to say she loves the stuff Robyn makes!

  27. Great give-away!
    I love anything GREEN such as Metatorbernite which is featured on Robin's Pinterest page!
    I am following BOTH of you!
    I had already liked Robin's facebook page
    I was already following her on Twitter
    I liked your NEW page (and you better have liked mine MOL!)
    Please enter me and thanks!!

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  28. what a fun giveaway!

    I also follow you on facebook :)

  29. Well... Peepers likes pink sapphires the best. Something 'bout a September birthday combined with pink, I think.

    Personally, I like blue topaz 'cause it looks to good with my furs.


    PS. The peep and I both liked your FB page and we both liked Robin's FB page. I'm followin' Robin now on twitter, too.

  30. yup, I already liked our new page; liked Robyn on FB and follow her on Twitter. I personally like blue topaz on Mom...cuz she has pretty blue eyes. paw pats, Savannah

  31. I love sapphire which is my birthstone

  32. Liked the all new Stunning Keisha facebook page (Why doesn't Facebook have a "Love" button?)
    Already liked Robyn on Facebook
    Now following on Twitter
    And I don't know why I wasn't following her on Pinterest already, but I am now!

    My favorite crystal is Citrine!

  33. We just visited and liked your new Stunning Keisha FB page (why doesn't FB have a "Love" button?)
    Already following Robyn on FB
    Now following on Pinterest
    Don't know why I wasn't following on Pinterest, but I am now!

    My favorite crystal? Citrine!

  34. Catching up on my blog reading - guess I missed this one! The jewelry does look really pretty and also sounds like they have some pretty interesting stuff to go with them. I like saphires because that's my birthstone. I have no idea if those are crystals or stones though. I guess they are gems? I need to work on my rock terminology... We've liked/followed everything you listed here!


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