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♫ I'm in the Box ♪

CK sings to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight":

♫   She's in the box, she's in the box
She's in the box, she's in the box
In the litter, the clumping litter, the kitteh pees tonight.
In the litter, the clumping litter, the kitteh poos tonight.

You can never have enough cat litter or be too CAT.

As most of my readers know, I've never been a big fan of the World's Best Cat Litter but I'm always willing to give a product another try. When they contacted me and axed if I'd like to try their new litter, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I said, let's put it to the poo test.

♪   In the litter, the dustless litter
The kitteh pees tonight
In the litter, the Pine Blend litter
The kitteh poos tonight   ♫

You might remember my post entitled The Standoff is Over!, where I talked about how I went on strike against the litter box that housed the World's Best Cat Litter that came in the green bag. I'll sit tight until you finish reading it. It was not welcome in my condo.

♫   Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
In Pine Blend litter
Pee my kitteh and poo my kitteh
The litter is the best   ♪

When we received the Pine Blend litter formula, TW read the package. The Advanced Natural Series is said to feature more powerful odor control, produce smaller clumps and have no airborne silica dust. It says it's an entirely new litter that uses a blend of naturally absorbent plant fibers. Per usual, when trying a new litter, she only put some in one of my two boxes. After opening the package and scooping some into my box, she remarked "I hope the cat likes this litter as much as I like it already. There's no dust and no perfume smell." She said it smelled like freshly cut wood. Whoa, is this an endorsement?

♪   She's in the box she's in the box
She's in the box she's in the box   ♫


Steaming hot pees.
See how much smaller the new litter clumps?
This morning, TW scooped the boxes. SUCCESS! I used both boxes, including the one with The Advanced Natural Litter. True to it's word, the clumps were smaller but not so small that they'd fall through the holes in the scoop. Since Pop has been home, he's been taking turns scooping the litter and he even likes it! The real test was whether I'd poo in it and I did! The litter box is in his bathroom and he says my poos are now ODORLESS! (As if my poos ever smelled!)

New Advanced Natural Series of World's Best Cat Litter in Original and Pine Blend formulas should be in your stores next month. It's Cathy Keisha approved.

Review Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was given a free product to review. As always, the opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by any outsider . I receive no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

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  1. Well color me IMPRESSED!!!
    I wasn't a fan of the original World's Best either. Glogirly said it tracked all the way to Canada.

    But this sounds so great we just might have to give it a try. What with Waffles' poo smelling and all. Like you, mine smells like daisies.

    ; ) Katie

  2. Pee Ess - Have a great Thursday, CK! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. As we are country cats, we usually pee and poo outside, but when the weather is awful, we like to go in the litter box twice a year. These times, Mum dreams of odorless poos... We are sure she would be able to come from Switzerland by foot to get your magical litter ! Loupi and Zorro

  4. CK, Great Song ...MOL
    Thanks for pawsome review : )
    and You have a great day

  5. What a great review. They did ask us if we would review their product as well, but we had to decline because we poop outside the box.

    The Paw Relations

  6. We have used World's Best for years, and we all like it - in fact, my human has not found a non-clay litter that she likes cleaning better than World's Best (we are not picky, we go with everything). This sounds like a whole new development that I'd like to try!

  7. Mommy is afraid to try new litter because the last time she did, Ling decided she preferred Whisky's beds.

  8. Great review Keisha. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. We use World's Best, so this is interesting. We may have to get the head peep to let us try it in one of the litterboxes once it's available.

  10. I have found the horrible dust cloud that comes up with most cat litters never mind the horrible perfume smell has sent mom to Precious Cat litter. It doesn't stink, no dust so that shows it Can be done if the manufacturer wants to. I will ask mom to look for your endoresed kinf=d of litter next time. She likes Precious Cat but she's willing to look at others. Oh, how about tracking? Do you track it out of the box?

  11. Great review CK...thanks for the scoop!!!

  12. LOL the song is too funny!
    We love World's Best Cat Litter. The new one sounds wonderful! I should get it and see if my boys would like it!
    Oh, I know your poos are odorless anyway :-)

  13. Hmmm. Mommy? Can we try this???? If CK likes it maybe I would too.
    (First the Minion Banana Song and now this....I'm doomed for the rest of the day hearing these songs).
    FYI:The banana song is on Meezer Tails. Don't tell your mom!

  14. Their new litter sounds pretty great. Especially if it's worthy of your poo! ;)

  15. Great review and how funny are those song lyrics

  16. I didn't get that one for Mario, but now after reading a success story with the new blend, we might have to try it. Thanks for the honest review CK!

  17. We are going to have Mom start looking for this stuff next month. Hope it isn't too expensive 'cause you know there are eight of us. Mom is so discusted with litter. If it in fact controls the oder, there is so much dust we're all walking around in a cloud. And if there is no dust it seems as if the odor is obnoxious. So this new stuff sounds super catabulous. Thanks for the review. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  18. We didn't like the original WBCL, but we may give this new one a try! Great review, CK...and we liked the song. :)

  19. Not a product fur me CK, but you did a fab review and Momz is bopping around singing YOUR song now :)

  20. We mostly love WBC but it is a bit dusty... we'll give this new one a try! Thanks for da word CK

  21. My Human is singing about your pee and poop CK. I think you should get some kind of award for that, don't you?

    We LOVED this post! And the Human says she JUST (within the past couple of months) finally switched to clumping litter--so she hasn't tried that many kinds. She will look for this on her next pilgrimage to the Temple of PetSmart.

  22. Now we have that song stuck in our heads with lots of pee and poo lyrics! :)

    Nobody in our household is a big fan of litters. We tried that one (not this new version) and wouldn't even touch it! We prefer the good'o digging the ground outside!

  23. Hey, that's great! We've tried the other kinds of World's Best and um, okay, sort of, not really excited over it. The pine scented one peaked our interest but we've yet to give it a whirl. Now we will! Thanks! Purrs...

  24. That litter sounds pretty darned impressive/poo-worthy, CK! Thanks for the very helpful review!

  25. Fun review! We're here to wish you an early happy birthday.

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your version on Lions sleep tonight <3
    And of course I LOVE to hear that the litter was great to pee and poop in :)

  27. A couple of questions, CK. Between the two, which one do you and your peeps prefer? And second, are the clumps reasonably firm? My humans have tried Swheat Scoop in the last and the clumps were kind of soft and fell apart. They would like to be able to change to a non clay type of clumping litter again. There is just so much dust in the stuff we use now.

  28. I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be trying this litter cuz Mom is tired of the dust my wheat based litter has...this is a good recommendation from you CK...not mention...a brilliant bunch of lyrics!! MOL


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