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Garden Tour on Senile Saturday

TW has been buoyed by what she perceives as an innerest in poetry by my cat furrends. It all started when The Cat on My Head changed the poem on their sidebar. All One of the comments mentioned their human's poetry. TW interpreted (wrongly) that they liked poetry and so she decided to bore you with some of her drivel. I couldn't explain to her that it was CAT poetry that they wanted to read so I'm afraid she's gonna subject you to more of her non-CAT crap. Yawn. Wake me when it's over.


Write me a poem about the sun
she said.
I did
And the bells rang out.
Can you hear them ringing
Go with them
thru fields and up mountains tall
Don't just hear them
Be them
see the glory of the notes
You are hearing
from a distance
or up close
Be one with the sound
Let your mind reel
Make your hands feel
beauty, glorious beauty
As the sun sets the tone for the bell
I have written this poem
about her.

Ok, Woman. That's it for today. Crawl back into your hole and write more drivel for next month. You can read more torturous poetry here and here if you're feeling masochistic.

We're gonna publish some scans from analog photos taken in the peeps' old garden. These are mostly the front yard, as opposed to the back yard. We don't have a yard now and TW really misses having one. I hope you can see the beauty in the photos even though they didn't scan all that great.

Hey, we just realized today's Photo Hunt is Planter and TW and B were the Planters of these flowers, including the ones in the Planter box on the porch. But, seriously, the entire yard was their giant Planter.

Sunflower, surrounded by marigolds

Marigolds surrounding pine tree

Pink cosmos and white shasta daisies

Bleeding hearts hanging from the front porch

Lots of impatients because they liked the shade

A mural my friend made in the front yard

Impatients. I believe that's ivy in the rear

Morning glories. Once you plant these, you can never get rid of them.

Mean Mama Gertrude snoopervising photo session.

Would you like to comment?

  1. Very pretty flowers. I can't plant flowers because a certain herd will eat them

  2. Cool poem, but kitty poems are clearly the coming style.

  3. *snap* *snap* *snap* and whatnot... I don't think I could ever write poetry like that. Not too shabby of TW :) The flowers in the old garden look really nice. I had some impatiens in mine but they didn't like it there and died. I also have a morning glory problem... very annoying!

  4. Great poem and love the pix. Have a super Saturday Keisha and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. What pretty flowers! Mommy isn't very good when it comes to flowers so our yard is pretty green. Hah!

  6. Such beautiful flowers! Many of those won't grow this far south, but it doesn't matter because the head peep kills nearly everything in the garden that isn't extremely hardy. She admires photos like TW's and the others around the blogosphere.

  7. We like the poem and the garden!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  8. I love your former garden! Poem too! woo woo woo!

  9. Mom loved the poem CK, she's as silly as TW! Lovely pictures too, very nostalgic!

  10. I'm with you CK on the poem thing!! But the human likes it!!!! Go figure!

    The pics are lovely, even I appreciate them :)


  11. We think that poem is pretty darn good. And your flowers are really nice too. Lots of good stuff. Hope all of you have a great day.

  12. A beautiful poem and a gorgeous garden!
    We really love the mural too!
    ...not senile at all.

    Katie & Glogirly

  13. Beautiful flowers! And we like your summery page design CK! You are all lucky: MomKatt quit writing poetry some time ago ....


  14. Great poem TW - he he - what does a cat know anyway! Whoops - hope Mario doesn't try to bite me tonight. Love your garden pictures. Ours isn't so nice this year as we are getting too much shade now for most of the sun loving plants I planted a few years ago. Guess one can't have everything!

  15. This is very lovely poem - I enjoyed a lot! The garden is pretty with colorful flowers and I love the mural very much!

  16. I loved the poem. Moare!

    Why is Gertrude mean and where is her tailio?


  17. Flowers and poems seem to go together nicely!!!

  18. Wow! So much material for commenting here! The Human's favorite lines of the poems are: Let your mind reel/
    Make your hands feel/beauty, glorious beauty. She likes poems that play with mixing up the senses. She enjoyed the poem. I would rather have read one that YOU wrote, CK.

    We don;t have a yard either, so we hardly ever post garden pictures, and if we do it's the park or from school or something. The Human has the Black Thumbs anyway, so she doesn't mind not having a garden.

    Finally, "Mean Mama Gertrude"--ha ha ha, what a great name! Did your Mom ever have a soft sweet lovey cat???

    Love the mural!!!

  19. Hmm. Okay, we went back and read yesterday's post--the Human is being awfully unhelpful this week ::glares at Human:: -- so we will reserve judgment about Gertrude till we hear her whole story! We'll take TW's word that she *was* a sweet lovey girl after all.

  20. Thanks for the mention and link today. I laughed so hard at the first paragraph that snot almost came out of my nose. And that is saying a lot as we just got home from seeing Bill Cosby, who put on a 2 1/2 hour show and was so insanely funny we never stopped laughing.

    Your garden is exquisite. I can't believe you don't have it anymore. ,I would be so sad to have to give mine up. Thanks again for linking back. As you noticed our post is linked to you. Janet

  21. TW..your garden shows your loved it I know...and so does Mom Linda...and the mural...well, that is just pawsome indeed! And the poem, well, you are just an inspiration for us more than you may know...paw hugs, Savvy and Mom Linda


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