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Feral Friday: They'll Never Find Me

Hola kitties! It's ME time again which just so happens to be my favorite time of the week. I'd ax how you are but this blog is all about Me. I have a flashback this week. Usually I try to find photos which haven't been published before but these ran back in 2014. I have a couple of new readers since then. It may appear in these shots that I'm hiding under Pop's bed. Pictures do lie. That couldn't be further from the truth. If I were hiding, would I look so defiant?

Feral Friday Flashback: They'll Never Find Me

Feral Friday: Shoebox Greetings

Hola kitties! Welcome to my page and my life. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Did I tell you about the time TW crashed the NYC St. Paddy's Day parade? No, some other time. Heh! Shoebox Greetings: wasn't that the name of a card company or something? Well, just don't tell them I borrowed it for my post title.

Feral Friday: Shoebox Greetings

No flashback this week. TW actually took some new fotos the other day! That's a big happening around these parts. For the past several years, I haven't really been down with boxes. Usually by the time I finish my all-day nap, the peeps have any boxes that came in the mail all cut up and put out into the refuse room. TW made an exception this time.

Flashback Feral Friday: Keeping Them Warm

Hola kitties! It's me, the Grand POO-bah, with some bad news. The streak ended Wednesday after 38 days. Imma try for another. Our flashback post is one all kitties can relate to. Speaking of which, TW was tossing around posting a flashback pic every week instead of a long story re: condo news and other stuff you may or may not care about. I don't pose too often if at all these days. Does that sound like a plan?

Feral Friday Flashback: Keeping Them Warm

Feral Friday: I Am the Grand POO-bah!

Hola kitties! How was your week? Did you celebrate yesterday's holidays—Dr. Seuss Day and National Rescue Cats Day? I shared some Seuss-related content on FB since I'm not allowed to post on Thursday. I guess the interwebs will explode or something. HAH! Oh, yeah, about the post title. I accomplished something I've never done before. Not even when I was younger.

Feral Friday: I Am the Grand POO-bah!