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Nip-A-Thon Auction Item 6

I feel so blessed to have so many furrends donate to my Nip-A-Thon. Bear with me cos we only have a few more items to go and you only have a few more hours to bid on the pet necklace from Mizz Bassie. Thanks to everyone who's offered a bid or comment

The next item was donated by @Morriscat, who just happens to be Tiny Pearl Cat's honey and one of my fellow DJs on Twitter, and his human NJ.

Morris modelling some of his human's knitwear.
This lovely shawlette you'll be bidding on is made from a wool/angora blend of yarn so it's really soft. I know I'd love to lay on it. What you saying, Woman? Oh, heh heh, it's for your human to wear but I'm sure she won't mind a little cat hair on it. You're bidding on the lovely red shawlette with the pretty hearts in the photo below. Depending on your preference, @Morris's human can add a toggle closure to the front.

The starting bid for the gorgeous hand-made shawlette will be $20. Leave your bid in a comment. Also mention if you'd like the toggle closure if you win cos I know we'll forget to ax you later. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 11th. Please bid whole dollar amounts. Morris will ship U.S. or overseas so this auction is open to everybody. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

My sincere thanks to Morris and his human and everyone who's donated an item or bid on one. Also, thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about, this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated! You guys ROCK!

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. Concats to our winner, P.M. Griffin. Thank you for the donation.

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  1. That is gorgeous. What a talented human @Morriscat has!

  2. Hope it is going well. Have a good Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That really is pretty. Hope it gets lots of bids.

  4. I'll start the bid at $20 :) @SeattleP

  5. Many nice things you have on the auction , Cathy Keisha !
    I shall see if I can make my mom do any bids , pretty sure I will ;-)

  6. You surely did get some wonderful stuff donated CK!

  7. Another beautiful item, CK!!! I've always wanted to take up knitting. Oh, let's be honest...I'm really just in it for the yarn. heh heh

    Good Luck and Cograts and Thanks to all the winners!

    xo, Katie

  8. Hey, CK--I've warmed up a special spot in the Royal Beddy just for you to come rest your weary bones later. I am sure it has been such a strain for you to be so GOOD for so long--not a single snarky comment in AGES. You must be 'bowt ready to 'SPLODE.

    Spitty's waiting XOXOX

  9. We see Spitty's at it again. *sigh* What a beautiful shawlette. We's won a book at the auction. So wonderful fur efurrybody to be helpin out furriends. Happy Wednesday, CK!

  10. MorrisCat and his Mum are just the best most awesome people!!! Thank you both * hugs *


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