Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby Patches Nip-A-Thon Item 4

Usually when you have an auction like this, you save the best, most sought-after, item for last. I'm in the unique position where ALL the donated items are the best. I'm auctioning them off in the order they were donated.

Parker and Maggie making sure Mom rests.
Item 4 was donated by the Kruse Kats, MaggieTKat and ParkerSKat, and was lovingly hand-made by their mom, Wanda, who is very involved with anipal charity work. Of course, Maggie and Parker supervised and helped when they could.

The name of the quilt is "Baby Patches and the Butterflies." This gorgeous quilt measures about 32" x 38". The binding is the darker pink (almost salmon)—Did someone say salmon??—and Wanda will probably add beads or other embellishments to the quilt. If pink isn't to the winner's liking, the binding can be changed.

All materials are 100% cotton—except for the beads—and since the quilt doesn't contain fire retardant batting, it's not suggested for children's rooms.

Wanda is about one-third finished with the quilt and promises that the winner will have the quilt in their paws within 4 weeks after the bid is finalized.

The starting bid for this gorgeous hand-made quilt will be $30. Leave your bid in a comment. Bidding will be open until 12:00 noon EDT on July 9th. I'm leaving it open an extra day to give everyone ample opportunity to get their bids in. Also TW is probably too lazy to blog on Sunday anyway. Please bid whole dollar amounts. The best part is that Maggie has agreed to ship anywhere. All money raised will go directly to Baby Patches. TW will not even let me sniff it!

We'll have a lot more items to auction next week so if you don't win the quilt, maybe you will win the painting of your pet by Cheshire Cat's human, jewelry lovingly made by Whskr, a chunky lace shawlette from @Morriscat, a pet necklace from @MissBassie and—wait for it!—a painting by Mariodacat's Dad! I'm so excited to have such great and talented furrends helping out. Thanks to everyone who's bid and for the artists who have donated. Also, my sincere thanks to everyone who's retweeted the link for, or blogged about this auction. Lastly, thanks to everyone who visits, even if they're not bidding. It's very much appreciated!

If you're on Twitter, join us tonight for the #KitPawty, where we will be fundraising for Chief Kit, Baby Patches. There'll be prizes to win and amazing anipals to meet. I'll be spinning tunes from 7:30-8:30. If you're not on Twitter, now may be the time to join and pawty with us. Check out these noms!  Anipals rock!

Due to all the work involved in coordinating this auction, and my furrends know how allergic TW is to work, I haven't been able to comment on everyone's blog. I've been reading as many as I can and will comment again soon. All this computer work is making TW's vertigo act up. Hope I don't have to start typing too! Worse still, I hope Pop doesn't have to do this.

THIS AUCTION IS NOW CLOSED. Concatulations to @Smokey8.


  1. Wanda's quilts are always so beautiful, but this one is exceptionally so. Maybe it's because I do like that color combination. I'll start the bid with $30.

  2. Nice quilt! Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That is one gorgeous quilt. This auction is doing so well. Good job TW. Take care.

  4. Beautiful quilt. We're sure this one will be successful.

  5. Me & Mama bid $50.00 @taliessa on da twitter

  6. I bid $55.00 @SeattleP

  7. How's about $77.00?
    DMM & Feline American Charmz

  8. My mom has been wanting a genuine quilt for long time. I see da last bid and raise to $100.

  9. This is AWESOME!!!
    YAY for all the generous bidders!
    I bet Baby Patches heart is melting.
    : )

  10. Looks like the lovely quilt is going to be a hit :))

  11. oh this is pawesome! And Mags' and Parker's mom makes the BESTEST quilts!!

    We sending you DM about the nip-a-thon, BTW...

  12. Nice quilt CK. Mom's hand still too sore for her to do much comments. I will be back regular in couple days

  13. Wow! I hope this one gets alot of donations!

  14. That is sooooooooo beautiful and I will be it is downright comfy too!

  15. CK - MomKatt wants to bid next week on the cat jewelry (necklace?) and she looked at the lady's page that makes them & wondered if the winner of that could choose a cat necklace or a hooman necklace? She'd like to get a hooman necklace if she won 'cause we're not really into adornment 'round here. (I figure the shine in my fur is dazzling enough! MOL)

    Thanks, furriend! This auction & you both ROCK!


  16. this is wonderful. We don't have any money to bid with but we're so glad to see the bidding going so well to help Baby Patches and her mom.

  17. This is beyond pawsome quilt with those buttery-flys and already in triple digits. Such good mews for Baby Patches Mom.

  18. Whoa--Smokey's mom just blew us outta the water on the quilt bidding!

    Hmmm, maybe we'll be luckier on an upcoming item!

    XOXOXO to your Mommy, CK.

  19. Mom is getting ready to quilt - actual 60% done! She has new table which should help, but Parker has to move! MOL!

  20. Hello my darling girl! If you need a nice rest and cuddle, you know there's always a CK-sized space in the Crown bed just waiting for you XOXOXO


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