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Olympic Diva

TAAAAAA DAAAAA! Cathy Keisha took home a Gold Medal at the 2012 Cat-O-Lympics for the Balance Beam competition, thanks to your help. I love you all!! Mwah!! Mwah!! I also took home a Bronze Medal on the Artistic High Jump, which I'm proud of too. Thanks to Cory and Nellie and Kozmo for hosting those events. I'm thrilled that in my first Olympics, I medalled in 2 of the 5 competitions I entered. Apparently, the other entries must have gotten lost in the mail. I'm just meowin'. An investigation is in order so get on it, Woman!

Nellie putting the Bronze Medal around my stunning neck.
As promised, one of you guys who voted for me will get the chance to win a package of foam rockets! All you have to do is think of a caption for the photo I entered.

??????? What could CK be thinking??
Thought you'd like to see an outtake from the same photo shoot taken from inside TW's room. Take notice of the caption for this one cos that's how I think.

Geez, what a mess this room is!

This is Cathy Keisha, signing off from London. Toodles!!

I just read this post from Ryker's Boys and Allie and it's a must-read for pet owners. A Tonk's Tail... err, Tale...: Are Fragrances Dangerous to your Pet? describes how fragrances used in cleaners and personal products affect your furry family members. You may be surprised.

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  1. Congratulations. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Ameowzingly stunning!

    Next time you better win platinum medal like we did! #mol

  3. ha ha you are so funny CK. Congratulations on your medal - I would be caught dead up on the top of that door. I'd like to know how you get up there! (Besides, I'm too fat to be up there my oomans says.)

  4. Concatulations CK my girl! Only one Kitty here...Robin... ever made it to a door edge up top. She was awesome back in her day. xoxox

  5. Congradulations on your AWARD!!! So proud and happy for you! :) Purrs xoxoxo
    Your pals, Sherlock, Ash and Traveler

  6. Congratulations! Of course, you should win gold for everything you enter! Luv you.

  7. ConCATulations to you CK! Being a double medal winner your first time around is an awesome achievement! I'm sure all the adFURtisers will be after you now.

  8. You are a solid gold dica CK and we all love you!

  9. CK, love the swim cap, dear :)

    As ever, you strutted your stuff and came up gold. Concatulations!!

    Tom xx

  10. CK, we bet your Woman merely FORGOT to send in your entries! Humans are devious.

    ConCATS on your medals!

  11. CK, you are quite the cathlete! Congrats on all those medals you won!

    Oh and another thing...thanks for mentioning the Soulistic food that you eat that has pumpkin in it. Our Zoey has ::whispering:: constipation issues, and the mom got some of this food for her. Zoey loves it and though there hasn't been a big change seen in the litterbox yet, the mom is hoping this new food will make a difference.

  12. Conga rats CK on your gold and other medals. We have to stick up for the person, it was hard to keep up what was entered and what wasn't entered and we entered two things and had to remind people. But we are not complaining, we think it was all run really well. Have a great evening.

  13. Hey, CK...we were here earlier today and left a comment, but for some reason we don't see it! We wonder what happened to it.

    Anyway...we wanted to say congratulations on your medals. And thanks for the information regarding Soulistic foods. The mom got some and started feeding to Zoey (she has ::whispering:: constipation), and she thinks it's really making a difference with Zoey. And Zoey loves it too!!

  14. CK! Yous a winner in my books for everything yous does! Yous is one rocking cat!
    And Mommy is alergic to lots of fragrances, so we don't has lits around our house.

  15. Concaatulations, my darling! You look soooo cute in your swimcap! I am still peeved at my Human for not helping me enter a single event! She kept saying, Later, Later, Spitty, and then she forgot and then there was no later. Well, she better do better in the 2014 Winter games or I'm running away.

  16. Concats on your medals. We had a blast hosting the Balance Beam competition. You deserved the win...would you believe that none of us has ever tried balancing on the doors?

  17. CK: YOu taked the words right outta my mowf in your comment on Katie's post about Wheel of Fortune!!! Ha ha ha--it's good to watch some OTHER kitty squirm a little--should I go back and give her a hard time??? Is the Pope Catholic???

  18. Well, always, well deserved! So sorry for not getting to visit you with comments regularly. I do read every post every day, but Mom is older than you can imagine, and she is still not able to keep know peeps..Paw pats, Savannah


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