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Another Day, Another Package for CK

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

CK: Hear that? It's the telephone. Answer it, Woman!

TW: Hello? Hi Rick. There's a couple of envelopes at the front desk? I'll be down to pick them up! Thanks!

CK: Whoa! I wonder what loot I got today! You know they're not for you, Woman.

Four hours later after TW does some shopping …

TW: Hi Gustavo. Hi Rick. More packages for Cathy Keisha? She really cleans up.

Gus: I'll bet she gets more mail than anybody!

TW and Rick make me wait for my booty as they talk about how his cat won't eat the Soulistic food TW told him to buy for her. Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah … get on with it, woman! The cat can't wait all day!

Several minutes later …

TW: Your toys from Winnie's Wish came. I see you're more interested in getting fed. *puts bag of toys on the sofa* The other envelope is for your Pop.

CK: WTF???? Why is HE getting a package! It's supposed to be for me! Let me look at that envelope cos my name is probably on it!

TW: Chill, CK! Here's your Island Illusion.

CK: You expect me to eat that crap?? When do I get my Fancy Feast *nom nom nom nom* Hey, this stuff isn't bad today.

Still later … TW rips open my envelope as I keep a safe distance in case the flashy box is around.

And I was right. The flashy box was around.

She tried to entice me withe the kickaroo … FAIL.
The verdict: FAIL with the exception of the string, which I chased and jumped through the air for. We've seen so many of my blogging furrends going nuts for these toys and I didn't even look at them. I guess I'm still enjoying my Pearl Cat Field of Zooomies nip toys. Pop says I get so many presents during the year that I don't know when Christmas is. I'm afraid I don't agree with that statement. Christmas is when I get the big stuff like a new cat tree.

What am I supposed to do with this string? Hang myself? Get over here and play with me.

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  1. CK, you crack me UP.
    No one, and I mean NO ONE can tell it like it is like you.

    So will it be 2am or 3am that you go and rip into those new toys? ...never let them see you nip.

    ; )

  2. I agree with Katie, you're just waiting till nobody is watching till you play with the new loot!

  3. Truffle goes crazy for new toys but Brulee ignores them until Mom Paula isn't looking.

  4. Aw, I hope you start liking the other things in the package soon. Glad you like the stringy anyway.. We still appreciate the donation though.

  5. Wow, CK, you are the FIRST kitty who has been less than impressed with those toys! I wager you may change your mind, however...

  6. HaHaMeow! We hear that crap too, CK! Tell your Mom to marinade all those toys is sum primo nip. That outta get the pawty started.

  7. CK, first, we totally agree abotu the big stuff.
    We need to do like Jon Stewart, "when I'm done with you, you'll convert to Judaism" (quote from GMA yesterday, MOL!)

    EIGHT nights of Chanukah vs. ONE of Christmas. Need we say more?

  8. *MY* Human is so mean that the only thing I've even gotten to test out is my string (which is red too, like yours ♥)

    I have been playing a lot with my magic fishie (but tonight there was a cat-tastrophe which we might write about Monday--let's just say Mr. Fishie tried to get him some revenge.)

  9. BOL funny. Bet you play with them when no one is looking. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. You must not have a good sniffer CK. We went nuts over those toys. Two Two ripped the package open with her toofs. We bet you played with them eventually. Take care.

  11. Hi cousin, wow you get lots of stuff in the mail!

    XOXO, Fluffbomb

  12. Methinks the lady doth protest too much!!! It's been many a long day since the ghetto CK! ;)

  13. Mom has given up with the toys for us. she can only get boinks and springs and kragonfly from baby patches and yeow kickers from store in town. At least TW tried.

  14. Dang cats... do you know how many endorsement deals have fallen to the wayside as my cats blatantly refuse to act all cute and rambunctious with some of the toys that are send to us? They simply don’t understand the concept of “selling out” no matter how many times I tell them otherwise… sigh…

  15. At least you GET mail with toys and stuff....we hardly ever get mail.

    The Florida Furkids

  16. You should bite the heck out of them anyways. Ya never know, they might have flavor!

  17. Ok, so CK...I am relieved to learn someone elseis not always impressed with new toys. I am very selective about those I will play with. Impersonally have never touched one of those kickeroo thingies with that fake cat tail...ick! Just sayin'...

  18. I CK. You tell it like it is, friend. We hope you and your loved ones are all right after Sandy. We like your Obama! We're with him all the way. We send purrs from Michigan.


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