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Cooking Cats Fun Recipe!

Recipe for A Mess

One bag kitty treats
One rug, preferably dark color
One inattentive human
  1. Human puts handful of treats on rug.
  2. Human walks away without seeing if you finished treats.
  3. Human steps on rug, thinking she's stepping on one of your small toys like a spring or furry smousy that are always on rug.
  4. Human smashes leftover treats, then gently grinds the little crumbs into the rug.
  5. Human finally notices she's stepped on leftover cat treats. Voila! Your mess is now completed!
  6. Let the fun begin as you watch said human on her hands and knees trying to pick up the crumbs cos Pop's gone to bed and she doesn't dare turn on the vacuum!
I guess you could substitute a light rug if your human is really distracted and doesn't look where she's stepping. This could even add more fun as you watch the rug turn colors like magic!

You can add icing to this mix by attacking the human's hands as she tries to sweep crumbs into a neat pile to pick up.

I know there's a million variations of this recipe in the Cat Blogosphere and I'd like to hear about them. You can blog your recipes or simply leave them in your comment. This is my current favorite but I'd like to try every one of them.

This is a perfect rug for my recipe!

Would you like to comment?

  1. haha - that a purrfect recipie CK. Just purrfect as is. Well, wait a minute, it might even taste better if you ice the treats with stickjy, gooey frosting in many colors! he he

  2. I knew you would cook up something special CK...bravo!

  3. Here you start with dry cat food. Scarf it down really fast, then barf it back up leaving clear puddles and puddles full of chunks on the kitchen floor. Watch Mom on hands and knees wiping it up, then Dad getting the disinfectant kitchen spray and going at it for a while.
    That is Audrey's favorite recipe. Simba's is to start with either wet or dry catfood, go onto the deck and add some tasty bits of spider plant. Return to the inside and barf it up on the light colored rug. Watch humans with portable carpet cleaner, Resolve spray, etc, working for long periods of time on the stain.

  4. BOL Keisha nice one. We do that with kibbles and we leave the raw hide chews everywhere including in the bed. Peeps is not amused. Have a super Saturday all.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. FaRADaY: *stares in awe* are a kitteh GODDESS, miz CK! That's possibly The Best Recipe EVER! *runs to go find treat bag*

  6. Yes, we think for extra fun, throwing up parts of the treat for your human to step on between her toes because she is not wearing shoes, and then have it smashed into the rug, staining it, is a wonderful bonus for those cooks that are at an advanced level of talent!!

  7. Hey CK, Jet here.

    Good one! We've used a version of this recipe a time or two at Casa Jet!

  8. 2a. eat and barf treats.

    Continue with the rest of recipe!

  9. Yup, we have one or two recipes like that. The best is watching the old lady trying to get it all up.Good exercise for them though. Have a terrific week end.

  10. Chief CK that is a pawsome recipe I have a similar one for only special occasions when I scarf down noms and run to produce some very interesting colored yakkiness on the carpet for Mom to get.

  11. We don't have the right ingredients for this one - there is always an added dog here that will hoover up the crumbs without making too much noise!

  12. That's a great recipe, Chef CK! We'll need to try that one soon! Sounds yummy :)
    have a pawsome CATurday! purrs xx

  13. Haha! CK, we've done this on the hardwood floors, but we think the carpet would be so much more fun!!

  14. MOL!!!!
    LOVE this...what a perfect recipe.
    Especially when there will be guests coming over!

    My current favorite is a little something I whip up for Glogirly on the nice rug whenever she tries to sneak a can of that Halo stuff with the peas in my dish.

    ; ) Katie

  15. hmmmm....well...I am not sure I am as accomplished a chef as you CK, but I do think some upchuck nicely placed where Mom walks may be something I can manage...lemme get to work on that...

  16. That recipe is always improved with a dash of catyak!!

  17. He,he,CK! I love to watch my mom pick up the catnip I've torn out of my mice! (course I have to roll and drool in it first)


    just noticing the comment from Catachresis..just reminded me that I'm a Roman catyak!

  18. MOL, great recipe! Here's Leo's

    Take one can chunky type cat food. Pull pieces out, bypass the plastic tray that keeps the food from getting on the floor, drop piece on mom's new carpet. Repeat at least three times. Then messily eat a few of the pieces, making sure they get squeezed when you pick them up so any juices make it to the previously mentioned new carpet. Repeat.

  19. I think this recipe is genius, requiring as it does the Human to actively participate in the creating the VERY MESS he or she will have to then clean up!! Four stars, my darling!

    And hey, the Giants are still breathing--barely. Can they win BOTH games at home? Sure! Will they win both games at home? Doubtful.

  20. What a time-tested recipe. We'll definitely keep this fur posterity!


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