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Foto Frenzy, #10 and #67

I was overwhelmed at the response from my Fall Foto Frenzy. I'm going to pick more than one but things have been busy in the condo. TW is working on a Top-Secret Project that I'm not allowed to mention. I should be taking up all her time, NOT this project unless it's something for me. Anyone who wants to borrow the Foto Frenzy idea is welcome. The Island Cats were right. I did steal it from a meme from a few years ago.

✭  ✭  ✭  ✭   ✭   ✭  ✭  ✭  ✭

Prancer Pie commented first on my Fall Foto Frenzy post and he wanted foto #10. Sorry to say it's another boring foto where I'm not biting TW. These early shots were taken on an analog camera—TW's beloved Olympus SLR. Woman, what do you mean, beloved? It's an inanimate object! I'm you beloved cat! That's just a piece of metal and plastic. Sheesh! Now that I've straightened her out, I can continue. At least she had the good sense to get them on a disk.

#10. All this is now mine!

If you look really closely, you'll see me chillaxing on the sofa in my new home. I'd like to know why there are 3 pictures of Autumn on display and none of myself. You wanna hear something sad? There's STILL more pictures of Autumn and Nicky than my stunning self. What's the dealio, Woman? Anyhoo, I first ran this foto when I was giving my furrends a tour of my crib in February 2010.

# 67. Come and get me, Woman!
The Island Cats picked #67. You've seen a lot of these early fotos but haven't heard their stories. This foto was just used In my Olympic Diva post so I feel rather cheap repeating it. By this time, I'd bought TW a digital camera so I didn't have to wait to get film(?) developed.

When I was younger, I used to like to hang out on the door to TW's room. I'd climb up that mesh shoe bag on the back of the door. This would make the peeps very nervous. The first time I did it, TW didn't think I could get down—can you believe that??—so she had Pop come in to try to take me off. This was right after his back surgery when he wasn't supposed to be lifting anything. I knew this so I quickly jumped down. This also panicked TW because I jumped straight down to the floor. She was afraid I'd break my leg or paw. By the hundredth time I made the jump, I think she relaxed. Now that I'm older and just a wee bit heavier, I don't climb up there.

Stay tuned for more Foto Frenzy!


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  1. We think this is so much fun! Thanks for posting our pick! You sure are waaaaay up there.

    And we think we're gonna have a *friendly* rivalry going now. We're rooting for our Tigers to eat up those Yankees!!!

  2. These are fun - I am looking forward to more!

  3. Yankees. Giants. It.Could.Happen!

    Like Sparkle, I love this too. I can't wait to see more from the Vast C.K. Archives!

  4. LOVING the Foto Frenzy!!!

    You're scaring me on that door though! It only took one (embarrassing) fall from the second floor railing down the steps to the first floor for me to realize that heights aren't necessarily my thing. ; )

    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna copy Foto Frenzy!
    ; )

  5. This is so much fun! We can't wait fur more. Happy Caturday, CK! xoxo

  6. Great pictures! Love this idea!
    PS, I would have freaked at the door thing too!

  7. Wow that is some show of agility. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  8. This is fun. I do remember this from before just a little bit. But you know that our Mom is older than dirt so it is hard for her to remember anything. Our photos aren't numbered so I don't know how we would do it. But it is a great idea. Take care.

  9. Wow, you go so high! We know you must have been careful, cause you're still with us.
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  10. Great post series!! We do love seeing you on the door, but are happy you jumped down so as not to aggravate Pop's back!

  11. WOW! Those were good CK and you sure were way up there in #67!!!

  12. #67 is giving me vertigo!! Arrgghh! >^oo^<

  13. 67 is my fave!!!

    Oh...I am pulling for the Tigers to kick the Yankees collective striped asses

  14. Photo frenzy is awesome. Staff gets into photo frenzy here, but it has a whole different meaning.
    I have to tell you (this is Jobi, lover of baseball), my first introduction to the game was the Yankees on TV and it was a World Series many many moons ago. I used to have a saying: 'I love America and America is baseball and baseball is the Yankees'! I was just a kid then. I am going to be in NYC and wearing my Yankees cap, you can believe it. I don't wear it around here because I am a Rays fan when in Tampa Bay where I live. You understand, right? Yes - go Yankees!!!

  15. I and I hope to see more. After all, I've only been here to know you and be your friend for 9 months. xox

  16. Cathy wow you were able to get on to the top of the door that was very athletic.

  17. I wanted to choose MOL, but I don't Meow. I love that pic of you on top of the door! Go cat go!

  18. Hi CK--Well, I guess YOUR Giants showed us what's what today, eh? Right now MY Giants are down 64--but there's time yet!

    Yeah, now that I have come to luff my fudz, it better now get taken away from me!!!

  19. We love your door topper adventure, CK! Careful!!



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