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6 Things Pop Says That Make Me Hiss

I gave Pop this Stunning Keisha bag!

Last week I told you some of the things TW says that hiss me off, Now I’m gonna give Pop equal time. It’s not really equal time since he says so much less to me so he doesn’t hiss me off as much. I love my Pop.

I’m protecting you from eating this crap.

1. There’s nothing here for the kitten.
There’s nothing here for you except ________.
These are two variations of the same thing. It's usually said when I jump on the table to see what the peeps are having for dinner. The blank is usually filled in with anything from pumpkin-squash raviolis to eggplant pizza. How in the hell they can eat such junk is beyond me.

2. Your concern means a lot to me.
Sarcasm will get you nowhere but it will get you bitten, Pop. Pop has a very sarcastic nature and it’s not becoming. I hear this after I’ve attacked and bloodied him when I come by to inspect my work.

Did you die in there? I’m waiting.

3. You’re gonna have to wait until Pop _______
Until Pop what? Oh, washes his face or does some other boring thing that doesn’t concern me. When I ax Pop to walk me into the kitchen so I can eat, I don’t expect to wait. I ax him nice and this is his answer? Unacceptable. This is his version of “I’ll be right there” or “Wait till …”.

4. You eat this food! There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s perfectly acceptable.
No, it’s gut rot. I don’t see you eating it. Unless you’ve tried it, you don’t know that there’s nothing wrong with it. At least I sniff their food before I pass judgment.

I was here first!

5. You can’t have the entire top of the bed to yourself.
Oh no? Just watch me!

This is followed by:

6. No bite!!
As if I’m gonna listen to him. I’ve already made up my mind to bite you so lay back and enjoy it.

You can walk past me, Pop. I won’t grab you. Heh heh.

One thing that does me proud when Pop says it is Hey Hey Hey! He says that with passion after I’ve grabbed his ankle when he tried to walk past me in the hall. I’ve probably put the bitey on it too.

How many annoying phrases did your humans utter this past weekend? How did you ignore them?

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  1. Wow CK you are the most fearsome of cats! I hope your Pop knows his boundaries!!

  2. You made us laff and laff and laff. This post was one for the ages, CK!

  3. The one I think it most annoying is "You've had enuf . . . " (bacon, salmon, cat treats, etc.) I have NOT had enuf!

  4. My human is more action than words - she is always grabbing me off of somewhere and putting me down - and she usually doesn't say anything!

  5. What do they mean, there's nothing for you to eat when there's pumpkin-squash raviolis to eggplant pizza? I would totally eat that if they turned their backs. -Ashton

  6. Wow...I thought you loved your Pop so much that nothing he could say would annoy you! (BTW, Truffles is getting into the ankle grabbing lately too!)

    And that messenger bag is absolutely pawsome :)

  7. ck...theeze bee az hilarious as TW's commintz & yur answers !!! we iz at a cross roads ta which we like de best...4...ore 5

    N yea like, letz see pop try yur cat food...we think oh all blogland wood pay top $$ ta see him eat yur food... haz ta bee canned... !!!!

  8. Now CK, take it easy - that's pop you are putting the bitey on! He's your favorite human - right?

  9. LOL I understand those words make you hiss even though you really love your Pop!
    Kitties should have the entire top of the bed. That's an universal rule :-)

  10. Wow, my Mom is the one who says all of the annoying stuff, NEVER my Dad! Love, Cody

  11. Oh, you nailed number 3 for us! Always, Mom ALWAYS is saying this *rolls eyes*

  12. that last photo is so YOU BFGF! Perfect must have made contact with some human appendage , right?! And it is always, always..."in a minute..." I have waited for a life time of peep minutes

  13. Well believ it or not, only 1 annoyin' comment this past week. MOL

    Luv ya'


  14. Oh CK! You crack me up!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. "lay back and enjoy it"...


  16. "Oh no? Just watch me." We use that one here, too, CK!


  17. Hi darling girl, We have never looked at Instagram but now that YOU are there, perhaps we will take a look. Can we see you without making an account ourselves, we wonder? Well, best go see what's what.

  18. We hate it when Dad says, "I don't need your help ______" -- the blank is usually filled in with something like "eating my breakfast" or "restringing my guitar.' How unappreciative dads can be, huh?!

  19. Isn't Pop your favorite human ? Can we say : "You have to be cruel to be kind." ? Purrs

  20. I feel your pain CK. We try so hard to train our humans but they are absolutely HORRIBLE at listening to us. They want everything THEIR way - which as we all know is usually the wrong way. Don't give up - we must stay strong. Seems to me you're doing a grand job of it yourself!

    Hugs, sammy

  21. So you need escorting into the kitchen to eat too!! I always insist the Staff goes with me up a flight of stairs and through two rooms to where my food has been served 30 mins ago!! She hates that, but I insist!! MOL

  22. MOL!!!

    CK... it's truly remarkable what you have to put up with. Just remember though - it could be worse. It could be orange.

    ; ) Katie

  23. Well CK, I'll tell ya. I do not allow the Farm cats on the counters or the dining room table. And I win. Can you believe that?

  24. My mum is always saying #4 and #5 to me. When she gives me my pill every day she says, don't struggle, it is making you feel better. Yeah maybe the pill is, but not when she tries to drown me squirting a gallon of water down my throat afterwards. Oh okay, she says it's only a 1cc syringe, but it feels like a gallon.


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