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Time to Celebrate!

And the accolades keep coming for this little ghetto kitteh! If I wasn't so stunning, I'd find it overwhelming! 

First I found out I was a finalist in the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Pet Blogging Awards in the Best Twitter Design category for a background that Glogirly designed for me and today I received an unexpected accolade from the AAAC. They're the organization who hands out the Anipal Academy Awards. They were honoring Graphic Artists, which is something this kitteh doesn't pretend to be. I logged on Twitter  to cheer on my furrends because I had no expectations that I would win anything. I looked at my connections and mentions, like I always do to see if any of my homeys wanted to hang. OMC! Everyone was sending concatulations to yours truly for winning an award for—wait for this!—Blog Whiz! I was doing a happy dance, not to mention some cat wheels, cos I never expected to win. It was just the opposite from last year when I was jobbed. I won't get into that here cos I'm too happy. CK pledges to live up to the title of Blog Whiz, while continuing to spin tunes to get everyone's paws on the Nipclub dance floor every Thursday from 8-9 pm.

Sorry, Blogpaws, I don't mean to slight being a finalist; but I really appreciate someone recognizing a blog I work so hard on. I know we're just a small fish in the blogging world and my little blog doesn't appeal to everyone, which of course, puzzles me. Design, graphics and creativity doesn't come easy to me. It usually takes a couple of hours to write a blog that's funny and has substance and combine it with a graphic that isn't just uploaded from the flashy box. To that end, we really appreciate seeing those blogs that are creatively designed. In fact, I may even be in awe of talented anipals like Katie and her girl.

Thank you AAAC, @TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat and the entire @AnipalAwards committee. You guys know a star when you see one! Thank you to Blogpaws for sponsoring the Awards' ceremony. 

Concats to ALL the talented Anipal Academy Award winners! 

I may be too excited to do easy this Sunday. Lemme tryzzzzz

Stay tuned next week for our first Senile Saturday when Pop discusses the pros and cons of his AARP phone.

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  1. Concats CK! You deserve all the praise and awards. We enjoy your blog and all the stuff you do for anipal community...especially all the wonderful tunes when you DJ!!

  2. WooHoo CK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is AWESOME!!! Congratz!!! You are SO deserving, CK. You know the girl and I LOVE your blog. And we know how much work goes into planning something sarcastic, funny and in character...with cool photos to help tell the story. You do a GREAT job of that. We MOL every time we visit. Don't every change...keep on being that sassy ghetto kitty we love to sneer with.
    Glogirly & Katie

    thx for giving us a shout out!

  3. oh...and we LOVE your bling photo!!!!! Your expression could not be more perfect!

  4. Concats, CK my darling little creamy gray beauty! Yes, your posts *are* always substantial and entertaining and beautifully illustrated. Your bling picture today is the perfect combination of insouciance with just the right dash of smug, MOL!

    But of course my favorite photo is the last one. I could just tiptoe right into the beddy and curl up next to you. Then we could purr together for hours and hours.

  5. Conga rats to you, CK! We think you might just be able to get sum easy on this Sunday. We are very impressed by your bloggie. Our human is obsolete, so we don't get a lot of creativity on ours. MOL!

  6. Hello - Your blog is great - Congratulations - greet and have a nice day

  7. Concatulations on all your wonderful awards cousin! We love your blog.

    XOXO, Fluffbomb

  8. Congrats indeed, though not so up on Twitter, keep forgetting about it - don't really understand it to be honest! You are no longer lowly, you are in the upper echelons, which means Some of us have some serious sucking up to do :D

  9. Concatulations CK! It is well deserved!! I have always loved your blog and think you are a great writer (and have told you so numerous times)

    I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND about not "being a graphic design whiz", about it "taking hours" to do a blog post, about not just uploading from the flashy box...(I don't have photoshop) and when I first started blogging i had no clue how to even upload a photo. My photos aren't great but I joined sites to try and make them better.

    NONE of our blogs appeal to is all subjective..."one man's garbage is another man's treasure"...

    We are also a "small fish in the blogging world" it is what it is....anyone who blogs can relate to the time, effort, dedication, etc that goes into blog posts such as book reviews etc.

    Everyone wants to be recognized but not everyone can be, the important thing is to think about why you started blogging to begin with, your love of CATS...if you receive acknowledgement along the way great...if's all subjective. Enjoy your award!!!!!

  10. Congratulations CK - you certainly deserve both awards. You do have a fun blog and I know you work very hard at making it so. Your diligence has paid off.

  11. Conga rats to ya CK. That is a very well deserved award. Your blog posts are the best. We love coming here. So keep up the good work but you could probably take one day off.Take care.

  12. Congrats, CK! That is quite an accomplishment! We all work hard on our blogs, so when you get recognition, it helps makes it all worthwhile!!

  13. Hey CK, Jet here.

    CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, how exciting! We are newer to the petblog world. Mom works really hard as well, so, she said to give your Mom a big hug, a whoo hoo and a you rock!

    JJ and I send tons of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs!

  14. WOW CK., congratulations! But to us you are a winner every single day!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now, I think it might be time to negotiate a little more nip into your contract... sound good? purrs

  16. Congrats and cheers!!!!!
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Shall I drop over later with a little bottle of cream and a bouquet of fresh nip??? We could celebrate.

  18. Dearest CK
    Me is ever so happy! We all knows yous is the bestest and now everybody else does too!

  19. Woo hoo CK! Way to go and congrats, that is just awesome!


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