Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Word of the Day—Yak (Bonus Word—Concatulations!

This little kitteh doesn't have one of those sensitive tummies I read about on other blogs. My stomach is made of cast iron. My peeps can change brands of food and I go with the flow. In the 6 1/2 years I've lived here, I've yakked maybe 5 times. That fifth time was this morning; a morning that started out like every other.

I may have lots of "faults" according to the peeps, but I'm the rare cat that waits for TW to wake up to give me my breakfast. I don't wake her up cos she's up like every hour or two anyway; so when I'm ready, I'll get out of bed and lead her into the kitchen. This morning, we got up around 5:30 a.m. My breakfast was going to be Chopped Grill Feast leftovers. Like any sane-minded cat, I don't like my food once it's been refrigerated. TW gets up about an hour earlier and puts the closed can on the counter to make it room temperature. This doesn't fool me. I know it's leftovers.

Yep! This is the rug I yakked on right about HERE!
This is an older picture. I didn't pose with my yak. Heh heh!
I took one sniff, a lick and TW heard that gurgley rumble that's all too familiar to some cat staffs and then I backed slowly away from the food. She grabbed a newspaper and followed me. I thought she was going to attack me so I ran. Apparently one of her talents used to be getting a newspaper down in front of Nicky right before he yakked and catching most of it before it hit the carpet. Nicky didn't yak much either but when he did, he'd do it 3 times within the space of 30 minutes. All cats know the trick of yakking on the carpet and backing up to spread the wealth.

She didn't find any souvenirs so she picked up the food and tossed it and went back to bed. When she got up again, she found the collateral damage. It was all food—no hair or liquid mixed in. She got out the Capture Carpet Cleaner and it worked it's magic. Even though I'm not doing a review or advertisement, I'll give the url in case someone wants to try it. Of course, she forgot to try the Bissell Stomp 'n Go® that she got at last year's Blogpaws' conference. This is the first time I've yakked since she got it so she was wanting to try it out. Better luck next year, Woman!


On April 2nd, my bestest buddy, Herbie (aka Herba from the Burba), his 8 fur sibs, and his peeps welcomed a hairless baby human into their house. Well, Herbie didn't exactly welcome the one he calls his Nemesis or Neme for short. His peeps call her Madolyn. I think he's growing fond of her, though. You can read a little about Project Nemesis on his sadly-neglected blog. I thought I'd put together a little collage of Herbie, his younger brofur Tim and Neme. Hope he doesn't mind that I liberated the pictures from his FB page. Herbie is the BIIIIIIG grey and white cutie in the final pic. Love you, Herbie! You were my first crush on Twitter.


  1. I never saw anyting on the carpet. Where did you do the cookie toss yak?


  2. OMC! That's EXACTLY what Zoe frows up all the time! She has very sensitive tummy so mom tries to watch what she feeds her. I, however, have the cast iron tummy and can eat ANYTHING! Mom's given up on trying to catch the vomit before it hits the carpet. Sometimes she doesn't even find itfor years it seems. Then dad will spot clean it. I must say though that it does seem about time mom got the pros in to clean!

    A tip for TW: maybe put the food in the microwave for a few seconds then CK will think it's fresh? Mom does that for us sometimes.

    Luv you CK!

  3. Me neither can see the spot you yakked on !
    Are you really sure you are showing us the right spot ??

  4. Oh CK, that is too funny being chased by TW and a newspaper. Did you ever yak??
    Love the pictures of the little baby especially the last picture with the baby looking horrified at the kitty. Great post. Take care.

  5. Dear CK,

    I hope your tummy is better soon. My meowmie says I yak lots but I have more hair than you.

    XOXO, Fluffbomb

  6. That is a good camouflaging rug, Kathy. Our blog is also being neglected because of the new hairless human.

  7. Whoa, CK...sorry about the yak. I'm like you, a yak is a pretty rare occurrence, so when I's an event. Feel better my friend.

    Love the baby and kitty collage! Welcome to the world Neme!!! Hope Neme isn't too jealous of everyone's fur.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  8. Sometimes leftovers make me want to retch too.

  9. Ype CK, yak happens sometimes! I understand those hairless babies are famous for it!

  10. ha ha - love TW chasing you around trying to catch the Yak. I don't throw up too much - maybe once a month, but I back up too cuz it's smelly. Isn't Herbie's little bean just the cutest ever. Shhh - don't spread the word, but I think he really lkes her too. But I told him he's going to have to practice smooth moves and learn to get out of her way once she starts crawling around the floor and chasing him.

  11. I yakked 4 times within 4 minutes this morning.

    IMMEDIATELY after I finished eating, I bomited in the food dish and the mat. Then, I went into the living room of course and bomited on the carpet. I chose under the table to make it harder to clean. While she brought the paper towels and spray in, I did it again i the entryway..for good measure anf THEN for a finale, a clear water looking one all over my red tissue paper. THEN mom got to go work out. I put her thru her paces this morning.

  12. I feel SO honored! To be featured, in words and photos, on your blog. WOW! Thank u so much. I love u oodles CK.

  13. CK, I don't yak very often either, but I yakked this morning for no reason at all. Right before the lady with the yellow hair had to leave for work. Hehehe. She was not happy.

    BTW, that's a cute blurp.


  14. Me LOVES to yak quietly in the middle of the night so Mommy and Daddy don't know. Me also likes to yack in doorways and spots where it blends into. Then me waits for Mommy or Daddy to step in it!

  15. For the most part, I am a silent yakker like Nellie. I leave little presents around for the Human. I also like to chow down on the plant and then barf up the leaves and sometimes a nice furball along with them.

    BUT BUT BUT--in the week or so that I has had my Furminator, nary a yak. Th eHuman is beginning to think I ate so many leaves to help me yak up the furs? The jury's still out on this, but we fink maybe the Furminator is worth its weight in furballs!

    That hairless little thing is kind of sweet, but I'm glad it's not in my house.

  16. We have a taker at our house butt Mommy hasn't determined who's the Main Yaker! Thank Cod for Camo rugs..we have bunches of them!

  17. We would probably yak at refrigerated leftovers, too!

  18. We're also a silent yakker, but my woman has gotten pretty good at catching us, even waking up from a sound sleep. She keeps leftovers in a covered pyrex glass storage dish in the fridge. That way it doesn't have that can-nish off taste that it gets if left in the can.

    Taffy & my woman, Laura

  19. We miss having carpet. Yaking isn't the same on tile.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  20. Austin isn't a serial yakker either, but when he does it's a notifiable event!

  21. Kizzie has yet to yak, but her predecessor did. Which reminds me, I must brush her to stop her getting a furball.

  22. Yakking is something I tend not to do as well so when it happens Mom is all over to see if I am all right Ah just as well it shows they care.

  23. Oh, yeah, leftovers. I can tell if a can has been anywhere NEAR the fridge!

    Since our weather is usually pretty cool, my Human leaves the second half of a can on the windowsill sometimes where it stays cool but does not get tainted by the Refrigerator Cooties. I will usually eat that.

    Still, lots of times I just make her open a new can. C'mon, Human, don't be such a cheapskate!

  24. Mica Minnie Moo is our champion yakker! She yaks more than the 3 of us together. Our mom warms up our left overs in the microwave and we like it that way! Its a little warmer than room temp, and its if really fishy, the mom can smell it for an hour.

  25. P.S. That is a purrfect YAK rug! I bet you can yak up a good one on that rug and they'll never even see it at all till they step right in it! Hopefully barefoot!


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