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Cinco de Meowo Fiesta Time

Todays Senile Saturday has been postponed due to Cinco de Meowo. It'll have to wait another week or two. Today, from 3-7 on Twitter is the annual #Chilipawty in honor of Kittehboi's sisfur's birthday. Her name is Chilipepper. I hope you'll join in the festivities. They'll be lots of prizes and good music.

Here are some cool Mexican jokes. I hope no one gets offended. After all, our own HHGutt is Mexican.

How do you find out the population of Mexico?
Drop a peso on the ground.

How do you stop a Mexican from robbing your house?
Put up a help-wanted sign.

Two Mexican are in a car. Who is driving?
A cop.

What do you get when you cross a Mexican and an Iranian?
Oil of Ole.

What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe?

Thank you. I'll be in Vegas at the Palace all next week. HAH!

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  1. HAPPY Cinco de Mayo :)
    Me and mom laughed a lot by your mexican jokes :)

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Katnip Kitties! Mommy liked your jokes...don't forget to visit us while you're in Vegas!

  3. ha ha - I'm sure they will extend you CK - probably for the month.

  4. I'll be back as soon as I stop giggling! Happy Cinco de Mayo Sinko!

  5. Now those were so darn funny, mom was laughing out loud. Hope you had a very happy Cinco de Mayo day. Take care.

  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. Oh CK! We can't wait to catch your Vegas act! Happy Cinco de Mayo, amiga!

  8. I bet the fans would LOVE you with your Yankeees sombrero at a game! HA! ..."DOWN IN FRONT!!!"

    Stunning as always, CK.

    As for the comedy routine...better not quit your day job.

    ; ) Katie

  9. Happy Cinco de Mayo! woo woo woo!

  10. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  11. Watch out, CK! You'd be 86'd from California for tellin' those jokes.

    Lucky you're not here, eh? Ha ha meow!

    Te quiero, Querida mia XOXOXO

  12. **snicker, snicker** We hope you had a great one!

  13. Jokes worthy of the Chuckle brothers!!!! had me lolling :))

  14. Oil of Ole! We don't get it but Mommy laffed hard. Humans. *shakes head*

  15. Bwaaa!!! Ha!! Ha!!!
    me had a great time! BTW the sombrero adds to your loveliness!

  16. Happy Cinco de Mayo! You look very cute in the hat. I hope you enjoyed niprita!

  17. Definitely not PC! I MOL Happy Cinco de mayo to you too!

  18. Hope you had a satisfying Easy Sunday, my sweet! And, well, I might have been thinking about making biscuits. Maybe.


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