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Who Dares to Tag Me?

Glogirly and Katie, that's who. They know they got info and pictures to blackmail this little ghetto cat so I'd better answer these questions. Without further do-do, they've got questions and I've got answers.

Even my profile is Stunning!
1. Describe yourself in SEVEN words:
STUNNING! (I don't need 7)

2. What keeps you up at night?
Serenading the peeps at night. You know, sing them to sleep, although it seems to have the opposite effect. What kept me up Friday night was the sounds of screaming in the hall because some jerky male human was assaulting his girlfriend and then the sound of the police in the hall carting them both away.

3. Who would you like to be?
A star in an internet reality series! Lights! Camera! Action!

4. What are you wearing right now?
A stunning female tuxedo with my bikini tummy and my Photoshopped crown.

Notice my little white bikini laying on top of news from
2 years ago cos that's when this pic was taken!
5. What scares you?
Ah, nothing! I'm a cat from da hood. (TW here: Move ins/move outs and heavy objects rolling through the hall in front of our apartment cause her to scurry under the bed.) You keep your nose outta this woman! I'll have you know I have an OFFICE UTB and that's where I go. I'm NOT hiding!

6. The best and worst of blogging:
Best: Being able to help furrends in need with ChipIns and helping homeless kitties find homes. I like making my furrends laugh too.
Worst: Having to put up with TW whining that I should let her post more of her drivel poetry. Actually, having to spend time with TW, while trying to get her to type what I want her to type and keeping her inflated ego in check.

7. Last website you visited:
Katie's site to steal these questions so I could answer them.

8. One thing you'd change about yourself:
HAH! That's a trick question, right? (TW: Maybe you should say "a nicer disposition.") No, that's something I'd like to change in YOU but that wasn't the question. THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT ME!!!!

9. Slankets or no?
YES! I used to like to lay on TW's "snuggie" but now SHE uses it. The nerve on some humans.

10. Tell us about the cat/person that tagged you:
Glogirly is like the modern-day Mary Tyler Moore. She can turn the world on with her smile. She's also very creative and talented with Photoshop, words, and movies. Katie is witty, talented, smart, creative, sarcastic, much like myself. She could also be my stunt double. Pop thinks (he really does think!) we look more alike than we actually do. After all, I don't have a 'stashe. Not that there's anything wrong with 'stashes.

To finish my duty, I should be tagging some other bloggers who I have dirt on want to learn more about.

Pumpkinpuddy Someone's always trying to win the same prizes I am …
Michelle I read your FB page, sista, but I know you'll do it cos we're thisclose.
Herbie Cat The stories I could tell! The dirt I could dish!
MaggieTKat I got the dirt and I'll spill it, homey, if'n I don't get answers!
Tom the Church Cat I don't actually have any dirt but I don't think you've been tagged yet.
If you want to keep up with how Sebastian is doing, Ryker's Boyz are following up with Breaking News as it happens. They've moving into their new home and CJ is home from the hospital.

Would you like to comment?

  1. We think your disposition is FAULTLESS.
    So there, TW.

  2. I've never tried serenading the peeps at night. Do you recommend it?

  3. I loved all of your answers CK, but #1 was the best!

  4. ha ha we're still cracking up over here over your answers. There is only One TRUE CK - STUNNING CK at that. Thank God - the world isn't ready for two of you. he he

  5. I'm it, huh. Well, at least I have a topic for my blog next week! MOL

  6. I just loved reading more about you! I think you are one fabulous cat and I think I have a bit of a crush on you.

  7. Isn't it annoying when your human tries to muscle in on your action, CK? Mine is just plain not allowed near my blog.

  8. OMC all this time, I never knew you had a bikini! I'm jealous. Great answers. I never knew taggers were so cool. purrr

  9. That tummy shot is enough to drive a ManCat WILD, CK. Your Woman needs to chill a little and let CK be CK, though. As if! she could change your disposition!! I mean, why would she even want to? All she needs is a bigger box of band-aids ;-)

  10. Darn it all, you stole our thunder today. LOL, We were tagged too. But yours was hysterical. We love all your answers. Well done. Have a great week.

  11. I think you too did pretty good answering all those questions :)

  12. The Human thinks your Mary Tyler Moore analogy is right on! We imagine Glogirly tossing her knitted cap in the air and everything!

    (We iz very 'barrassed to say that until the other day we thought Katie was the girl and Glogirly was the kitty, but we have been set straight on that issue now, ha ha meow!)

    Oh, and also, we sent in some info and pix to be an occasional guest star!

  13. We sure liked your answers, CK! We love that you only needed ONE word to describe yourself. :)

  14. CK, I WAS sleeping! I was absolutely dead to the world! I did not even open an eyelid the tiniest slit when she crept up on me (I know, it's really like having a creepy stalker that LIVES with you, isn't it?)!

  15. Terrific post CK! And you are so correct, you need only use the word "stunning".

  16. How ever did I miss this!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Must have been locked up working on the production of said reality series! CK, your answers never disappoint. I am in awe of how your one-of-a-kind attitude just rolls, ok jumps, off your sandpaper tongue.

    xo Katie

  17. Hey...did you know that the townhouse is only a couple of miles from the ACTUAL Mary Tyler Moore house?! AND, Glogirly's high school English teacher bought it! AND, there is a Mary Tyler Moore bronze statue in downtown MInneapolis, right outside of where Glogirly's office was for a gazzilion years!

    AND, I HAVE a beret!!!!!


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