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Easy on Super Bowl Sunday

I'm doing easy on the couch with my ducky cos I know the peeps want to sit here and watch the Super Bowl. Sorry, peeps, I was here first! I'm occupying the couch. Check out the saying on the pillow. Ain't it the truth!


You can sing along with this Giants' song, performed by Missy Modell, while you're watching the game. You can watch the video here.

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  1. It's always very important to get the best seat in the house... especially when you're a cat. Congratuations! Good work.

  2. I don't need no stinkin couch. I'm going to watch the super bowl from bed. With my eyes closed.
    xo Katie

  3. Oh, CK, you have a DUCKY??? Well, my darling, there goes that tough-girl image. It's okay;, I always knew there was a softer CK lurking in there somewhere.

    Your placement in the best game-watching spot with that insouciant pillow message might restore some of your street cred, though

  4. I see you are resting up fur the big game! Go CK's team!!!

  5. We just hope to snag some good food. I think Dad will root for the Patriots just to be perverse.

  6. You tell 'em girl. Go Giants go. We're cheering you on all the way (as long as they aren't playing the Packers). he he

  7. We are enjoying a football free day here today!

  8. CK, it's just after half time, I'm on my way over with your ice cream sandwich, save a spot for me on the couch...Go Giants!

  9. Well, hope you woke up for the game, MOL!! Congrats! Actually, the Human found a real reason to root for the Giants: She didn't want that bad ole Tom Brady to have more Super Bowl rings than St. Joe ;-)

  10. Woo hoo! That was a lucky ice cream sandwich! And maybe a lucky ducky...

  11. This is weird CK--I leaved U a congrats message but I guess it didn't post??? Well, anyway, it said CONGRATS! And that the Human was happy Tom Brady didn't get more Super Bowl rings than Joe Montana!! XOXOXO

  12. Absolutely, CK! Concats, your team won.

    We forgot to say, we LOVE your header.

  13. Hey CK! Check your email--something weird is happening. I posted two messages here last night and they both disappeared! Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo. Twilight Zone!

    Let's see if this works! Am I going directly to Spam or something??? The KING???

  14. Yup those Giants did win. We were cheering them on. CK, you deserve the prime spot to watch the game. What is wrong with the hoooman. Don't ever give up your spot. Take care

  15. You must still be celebrating! ...or sleeping it off.
    ; ) Katie

  16. We bet the G-Men won because you were rooting for them, CK. Great job! :)

  17. Ah! I see I have been retrieved from zee Spam, My Queen! Quel soulagement!

    Well, I hope you are basking in the reflected glory and Eli, Victor and the rest of the Boys! It was quite the exciting game, right up to that last desperate pass!

    There are some visitors from Boston at the Human's school this week. Alas, they were not having such a fine day as yourself and your Peeps!

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