Friday, February 10, 2012

A Can of Fancy Feast Costs How Much??

Note they also charged .79 for another can. Grrrr!
TW went rushing off to the bodega this a.m. because they advertised Fancy Feast at 2 cans for 99¢. Of course, they only had 3 cans of the grilled tuna, which is my favorite. What an outrage! How can they advertise something and then not have the flavor every cat wants? She picked up 4 more varieties—which I may or may not eat—and some other stuff for Sunday dinner. Realizing that something wasn't right, she checked her receipt. Kitties, that damn store charged this little ghetto cat—indirectly—$1.89 a can for 3 oz. cans of Fancy Feast! Can you believe that?? I believe this is WAR! I've already mentioned how the peeps count every penny to make sure they buy the sale items and this store wanted to make a million percent profit off me! If they wasn't bad enough, going back to the bodega almost cost me my Sunday dinner, as Fine Fare only had one package of thin sliced chicken breasts left! Gasp! Lucky for me, it was the right size and plenty fresh or the peeps would be having a vegetarian Sunday dinner. Once again the cat would be screwed because I'd have no table scraps to supplement my meager rations.

I cannot believe my eyes! It's an outrage!

I smell a rat and I will get my revenge!
This isn't the first time, the kitteh has been cheated, oh no. A few weeks ago, Pathmark had a big sale on litter so the peeps picked up 2 containers but the store charged them for 3! The things are huge! How do you miscount them? I could work there and do a better job! Why does this only seem to happen on items for me?? Is it a conspiracy? Well, I have furrends in high places that I'll be appealing to. Cheating the cat may be punishable by death. These people do not know who they're dealing with!

My official cabinet seal!
My furriend from da hood, R'Son Kitty has already offered to "boiwn dem down" for me but that bodega is where TW buys our rotisserie chicken so that wouldn't be a very good idea cos I happen to like rotisserie chicken Hmmm, although they did say they may not sell it anymore. … And if so …

I'm going to appeal to King Spitty and see what he suggests. I'm also gonna talk with my Purrime Ministerettes Shiva and Jaya, after all, I AM their Secretary of Toothies and Claws. If I may digress for a moment, I highly recommend reading their Official 2012 PM Speech on their blog. It's good stuff that we cats need to hear. Anyway, I'm sure there's some fitting punishment for over-charging cats for our bare necessities.

If you'll excuse me, it's time to eat. I can't wait to taste what $1.89 Fancy Feast tastes like.


  1. CK, that price is more than outrageous. OMC!

  2. Oh my goodness CK, at that price it needs to be way beyond fancy! Have a happy weekend!!!

  3. This is all way beyond comprehension CK. I'll round up all my buddies from my "street days" and we'll be over. Between my boys and your boys, the claws and teeth will be out. (I has no toothies, but I can gum them to death!!)

  4. The shock!! You need to send your peeps back to these stores to complain, CK.

    We count our pennies, too. My woman checks the recipt right there in the store, and catches many errors that way. It's a pain, but, well, what's a kitteh to do?

  5. The King hereby issues a Royal Decree Against Price Gouging and Profiteering. Those deemed guilty (King Spitty I and his designated deputies shall be the sole arbiters) shall be placed in the stocks or, in extreme cases involving Stinky Goodness, in the Chair of Torture.

    And hereunto I have set my PAW on this Tenth Day of February.

  6. OMC! Well, at least we're not the only ones that watch our pennies nowadays.

  7. For that kind of money, you should get pure gourmet food, handmade by master chefs. Heh.

    Actually, that would not be a bad idea.

  8. We can has da meeting on Feb. 20!

    You saw we has new movie? It's about the Tunnel of Love again! #mol

    Salute, Ms. Sec!

  9. We had to run back and check again to make sure we had read this post - after reading your comments on my bloggy. You are right - it wass funny that we both posted on the same day and on the same subject. he he

  10. Yeah, Jen got pinged several times so now she checks the receipt before leaving the premises. Sometimes it's just human error but sometimes I wonder if it wasn't deliberate.

  11. :(
    I sorry to say this but I think it must be a conspiracy against you CK , since it has happened numerous times now !!
    Your idea about how to deal with them sounds great :)

  12. I hope it tastes extra fancy!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Darling! The Human is withholding a certain item that arrived yesterday in the mail "for my own good" she says, because she believes it will best be given and appreciated on The Day Itself. She says we will be having a special blog about it on Tuesday--I, King Spitty, do not approve of such high-handed dealings, and that's why I need the Royal Spies. Ah well, anticipation is a treat in itself, or so I am told.

  14. P.S. Aren't we going to a Pawty Tuesday???

  15. I think we haz to go to Sparkle's Pawty also!

  16. CK, that's horrible! I hope you get your money back. I think you can just take the receipt..but, I know, it's just the idea, the stupidity and the inconvenience.

    Mom Julie has finally found the canned food we all love and that's Trader Joe's Cat Food. For commercial food, it's rated really well and the same price as other canned foods (.69 a 5.5 oz. can) Newman's was costing us $1.38 per 5.5 oz. of organic (only the best for me since I have the ears of Cod at my disposal, hehe and I'll be mentioning your outrage).

    CK, whatever means for revenge, I'm right there with you!!


  17. The Human usually gets home about 5:30 our time. I'll be over right after that to pick you up for Sparkle's soiree!!

    Our blogger woes continue--now we's having blogger uploading troubles *AND* despite clearing the cache & cookies and rebooting, we is STILL having trouble uploading to Photobucket too!! Sigh. We is cursed.

  18. Holy Cat! For $1.89, the can should open itself and do a little dance before you eat it.

  19. For that price it should come in the crystal dish from the commercials!

    By the way, over on our blog we gave you an award!

  20. Mommy pays like 56 cents a can for mine. My COD! Your pawrents are very loving to spend that amount. BUT you're worth it. xoxoxox

  21. Hello my sweetness! We has discovered the joys of Picasa and third time's the far we can upload using that. Sigh. It'll work itself out!

    Anyway, I ***finally*** got to opne my Valentine! The PICTURE!! I cannot look away! Make sure you come by tomorrow! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  22. CK, I'll go by both of those establishments with some "cement shoes"...and voila...problem solved!


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