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Wednesday Word of the Day—Excitement!

When I escaped from the Paw in Jersey City, I thought all the excitement was behind me. No more gun play; no more fires. Hello luxury condo. Hello life of relaxation.

That dream has been shattered of late. It started a couple of weeks back when we had a 8-alarm fire less than a mile away. An entire block burned to the ground. Coincidence or not, that same block of houses burnt 11 years ago. When I went with TW to survey the scene, I found something very interesting. Do you see what I see? OMC! That's my nemesis Herñia Hernández Gutierrez aka HHGutt lurking around where he shouldn't be and he looks suspicious. We also had a smaller, 2-alarm fire last week up the block that is thought to be an electrical fire.

TW took this picture of me at the fire scene.
This past Thursday Pop came home and axed TW if she knew what was going on up the block because there was police cars, police crime tape and a Channel 7 helicopter flying overhead. Later on, we found out a guy was shot in his own house by a  guest. Whoa! Remind me not to invite that dude over for dinner.

On a serious note, the suspect hasn't been apprehended and is armed and considered dangerous. As we figured, the dispute was about drugs. When TW went out Monday, she saw police cars pass the house with flashing lights and heard a lot of sirens. I hope they catch this Rosario guy and that he isn't a friend of HHGutt.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, Saturday night, we heard a huge bang out back and TW yelled "car crash!" Sure enough, Pop turned on his scanner to find that a 2010 Jeep Liberty had crashed into another car and overturned, right in back of our little condo. The good news was that the human in the car wasn't injured. Can you believe that? Not a scratch. She must've been wearing her seat belt. TW suspects she was probably texting and not watching where she was driving. Humans certainly are dumb.

Photo by The Woman taken from our courtyard.
The peeps rushed outside and TW brought her trusty camera. Suddenly she thinks she's a news photographer, which may leave me off the hook as far as the flashy box goes. This is a still from a movie she took. The movie is rather exciting with lots of sirens, flashing lights and a cameo by a hook and ladder truck. It may be the same ladder truck that I'm standing on in the top picture. Again, you may notice a shadowy figure seen leaving the scene of the accident. That HHGutt is just no good! Wonder if TW saw him. Unfortunately, the peeps came upstairs before they turned the car right side up. I mean, how serious can TW be about this news photography thing if she leaves in the middle of the action just cos it's cold.

Then this morning, the most horrid thing happened—worse than all those other things. It was so bad that this little kitteh spent 2 hours UTB hiding. Peeps got a new hot water heater installed by 2 big, strange men. I think I'm traumatized. Those others things are a snap compared to the noise and mess of my little space being turning upside down.

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  1. Gurl, I always knew HHGutt was nothin' but trouble. Dag, if I ever come visit you, I gotta watch my back cuz I know he wouldn't hesitate to set me on fire or make the taxi I'm ridin' in wreck. As for those big, noisy, messy men, they deserve a boot in the ass for disturbing your peace!

  2. My goodness, my goodness, excitement fur sure! Thanks for the first paw report! I am with you on the visitors, I don't like it when they show up with the bangy noised either!

  3. We still can't believe there's someone out there that calls himself HHGutt! We hope he's brought to justice SOON.

    As for those men, don't worry CK, they are not even worth your time. You're better off napping.

    xo Katie

  4. YIKES - it's very dullsville, hicktown around here. You've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime girl. You'd better keep a watchful nose on that Gutt guy! He sounds like the "baddest" of dudes.

  5. Oh CK!!! I am going to have to endure hearing a new hot water heater installed TOO! Saturday!

  6. Boy that is one heck of a week!! Be safe and keep you head down!!

  7. Wow, you really do have a very scary life around there right now, especially putting in the new hot water heater. Yikes all the fires and accidents, it is all too much for us. Glad we live in the boonies like we do.

  8. There has been WAY too much excitement going on at your place, CK! Especially that water heater installation. I hope things calm down!

  9. Oh Darling! The trauma, the absolute hellish trauma of STRANGERS entering YOUR very own safe little house! How could the Peeps let that happen? They should have met those worker-peeps at the door and taken that bad boy water heater and installed it themselves just to spare you the horrors of being invaded. Shall I come over and meet you UTB and soothe your jangled nerves?

  10. Holy Moly CK, El HHGutt is on a spree! Yowsers! I feel for you with the water heater, hope you are feeling better now.

  11. Wowser! There is alot going on at your place. Just stay UTB and you can swat at anyone who comes close to protect your abode!

    Love, Fluffbomb

  12. Whoaaa, sounds like you better move to the country. That's waaay too much action too close to home!


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