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Time to Start Your Holiday Shopping

With all the campaign work now behind me, I can concentrate on an important matter I've been neglecting. George The Duck's cat Mini has been diagnosed with “congestive heart failure, moderate pulmonary edema; improving with treatment; Advanced unclassified cariomyopathy with severe left atrial enlargement; At risk for worsening congestive heart failure, blood clots, and sudden death.” You might know Mini as one of the Hotties in the House of (Mostly) Black Cats.

File picture from when George
visited me last year. He's the one in 
the sunglasses.
The wonderful Marg and the CB have put up an auction to help Mom Robyn pay the $2317 in Vet bills (2 days in the ER vet ICU and a cardio work up), a figure that goes up with every new medication that Mini has to go on.

George is happy to report that Mini is almost back to her old self. She's eating and grooming herself and, most importantly, taking her meds.

Item 6 on the Auction is a CD that I donated. My special limited edition CK Rocks the Nipclub.It's no secret that I'm one of the most popular DJs the Nipclub has. All the cool cats show up during the 8 pm hour when I'm spinning. I'm embarrassed to say that it's one of 2 items that has no bids. Please go over there and put in a bid. $15 isn't a whole lot to help a friend. It's got original cover artwork by Glogirly. If you mencats want, I'll even throw in a picture of moi, poised seductively, like the picture below. I'm showing a bit of my white bikini panty even though I'm trying to cover up with my famous paw?

There are many other wonderful gifts to be had at the auction. You can bid on a Duck Soup Bracelet made by Wanda Kruse from bead soup purchased from Robyn with an adjustable silver chain. Bidding on this beautiful bracelet—Item 17—is up to $15. If you couldn't win the painting by Mariodacat's Dad in my auction, you have a chance to bid on Item 10–a matted and framed lovely Hat Counted cross stitch done on white linen by Mario's Mom.

You can also bid on a comfy cat ham-mick, scarves for your human, cat books, jewelry and an item that caught MY innerest: Item 5. You've heard me RAVE about Tiny Pearl Cat's nip. She's made some nip cat toys from her freshly ground Buzz Nip, direct from the Field of Zooms in the Pacific Northwest. What cat wouldn't like to find these toys under the Christmas tree or in a Secret Santa package? Word has it the CB's Secret Paws is starting any day now so get a jump on the other cats.

Please help Mom Robyn and check out this fun auction. You can also help Robyn by using the ChipIn on the sidebar of this blog or by buying jewelry from Robyn's shop

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  1. We hope this auction raises lots of green papers for Robyn and Mini.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. A wonderful auction for a great friend. You've got quite the Vanna White sales pitch, CK...we'll go over and check it out!

    ...good thing you're covering yourself with that paw. You don't want to get the mancats TOO excited.

    ; ) Katie

  3. Wow, that was a great review of the auction. Thanks for doing that. Have a great week.

  4. Good luck with auction. Have a wonderful Monday Keisha.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Thanks, CK! Mini and I appreciate it. I wish I could get the CD but I guess that would be a bit counter-productive. LOL

  6. Wish we could help. Robyn has always been wonderful.

  7. I sure hope lots of green papers flow their way, they are wonderful and deserve some happy help.

  8. We gotta get over there and check out the auction!

  9. The Human chipped in for Mini but said we can't bring even one more thing into this house until some stuffs goes OUT! So she won't help me bid on anything. ::pout::

    This *IS* one sexy picture. I think we'll print it out and put it up next to MY picture in her office at school. You looks verry beauteous XOXOXO


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