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Nosing in on the Nose To Nose Nominations

Yo! I’ve been thinking this whole Blogpaws Nose to Nose Awards thing over and have decided to throw my hat into the ring. I was really planning on ignoring this entire affair but a couple of furrends have axed about nominating me. The blog has never been a finalist even though I won for Best Twitter Design in 2012. This little ghetto kitteh is taking off the kid gloves. Anyone care to fight me??

Wednesday is the last day for nominations. You don’t have to nominate me but if you’d like to, here are some suggestions. I do it all for the fans.

Contact Name for Blog Owner: Cathy Keisha OK TW type your name here. Pattie Kleinke
Contact Email for Blog Owner: stunningkeisha(at)hotmail(dot)com
Blog Homepage:

Best Blog post:
I Got You Babe #RecipeForMoments
PSA—Emergency in the Condo
Blog the Change—URI PALS
Please Remove Berets 4 a Fallen Comrade

Best Humor Blog Post:
Stupid Human Trick #1086
Mr. Fix
Wednesday Word: Hero
Wacky Wednesday

Best Pet Blog photo:

I Got You Babe #RecipeForMoments 

Wednesday Word—Mackerel

(Almost) B&W Sunday

Thank you for your support. Even if you don’t nominate me for anything, thanks for reading my blog.

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  1. CK - I'm off to nominate you but you did not put the link to the nomination page in your post:

  2. Good Luck !
    I will ask my mom-person to help me nominate you ♡♥♡

  3. Good luck CK and let us know when we can vote for you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Thanks to the Publicist for including the Nose-to-Nose link! Off now...

  5. I nominated you for best humor blog the other day because you are always makin' me laugh! I used the name Cathy Keisha lol... hope they are cool with that!

  6. Good luck CK!! You know, this year they mentioned that they are hoping that the winners/finalists will actually be there (unlike a few last year) Get ready to FINALLY get on a plane!! Bwwwaaaah!!!! Off I go!

  7. CK...we will bee mor N happee ta nominate ewe, gloves off, ore gloves on.....tho if it bee az cold ther az it iz heer, best ta leeve...gloves on !!

  8. I'm off to nominate you CK - just like I did last year. Your blog is worthy of an award

  9. CK, We've been trying to get our mom to ask for nominations, but she says she can't compete with all the great blogs. She plans to do some nominating of others tomorrow and will add you to her list. Good luck! Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. You BET we nominated you, CK!
    We've got you covered. ; )

    ...and hey! Kitties Blue! We love your blog! Don't be crazy. Just for that, we're going to nominate you too!


  11. Allie: DONE, girlfriend!

    And..WE agree with GLOGIRLY, Kitties Blue!!!

  12. Your freshly vacuumed blue pillow is waiting for you, my sweet darling XOXOXOXO

  13. Oh, and P.S. I nommed you, for that sweet post about you and your Pop!

  14. Dang CK, we will nominate you too girl!

  15. We hope there will be some different blogs in the finals and not the same ones that have been there year after year. Not that those aren't good...but there's so many good blogs out there...we'd like to see some others get recognition.

    We were gonna try to garner some nominations for our blog, but like you said, there's so many good's hard to compete.

    We wish you lots of luck, CK.

  16. We wish you good luck!
    I really love the picture of you and your Pop. This is so sweet and I feel love between you two :-)

  17. I have the nominate page up and ready to get your noms in. Paw hugs, Savannah

  18. Just wanted to let you know that we just sent in the nomination!

  19. We love your blog and already nominated you guys! :) Keep up the awesome work CK!

  20. You are always a winner with me, CK! What's that you say? Oh! It's not quite enough! I'll go see if there is still time .........


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