Friday, December 19, 2014

What Goes on In Pop’s Bed …

What goes on in Pop’s bed obviously doesn’t stay in Pop’s bed thanks to the flashy box. Welcome to another Foto Frenzy! This one takes place—as if you couldn’t guess—on Pop’s bed and it stars ME. Surely you weren’t expecting something raunchy and norty, were you? Speaking of norty, I only have enough requests to do another week of these, so if you want to keep seeing unexitedcotos unedited fotos that otherwise wouldn’t make this blog for various reasons, you need to act now. Just pick a number between 1 and 4582 and tell me in your comment. I’ll even give your blog a plug! Some fotos are norty and some even show TW! Even if you’ve already picked, you’re eligible to pick again. How cool is that.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Word—Gratitude

This is a Thankful Thursday post on Wednesday. No, Woman, I’m not thankful that you went out yesterday at 11 a.m. and didn’t return until 4:30. I’m not at all thankful that I didn’t get lunch and my dinner was 30 minutes late. Let me tell you what I’m thankful for.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tale of the Turncoat Redux

You did what, Woman? You cheated on me?

Due to the fact that TW has been catching up on housework and wrapping our Secret Paws package this weekend cos she was writing cards all last week, I decided to throw her a bone. I’m rerunning an old post from August 27, 2010 that didn’t get many hits or comments. I think it’s a good one with lots of funny lines. This is a story of heartbreak (mine), intrigue (yours) and violence (to TW). I added some new photos to get your attention even though Blogger is giving me a hard time adding them. Kick your shoes off and enjoy.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beauty is in the Eye of You

This is from the same photo shoot as the picture in the header.

I have no idea why it took TW almost an hour to find the perfect picture of me for this week’s PhotoHunt challenge “Beauty.” Oh yeah, she had to find one in focus. All photos of yours truly are pictures of Beauty, Grace, Elegance and Stunningness. Don’t you agree?

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Gift of Giving. Here’s Comes Santa Kitty

The Friday Foto Frenzy is being preempted for something way more important. It will return next week—same cat time, same cat channel. In November, a bunch of blogging cats got together to decide what to do for fellow kittehs for the holidays. We’d heard unofficial official rumors that the elves weren’t prepared to do the annual Santa Paws Drive for homeless and shelter kitties which turned out to be false. A plan was devised. Summer at got things rolling. Her human designed the above badge and shared our plan on her blog.

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