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Love is #WholeFoodsPets

Love is just a four legged word. This slogan for the new line of Whole Foods pet line has to be my favorite slogan EVER! When I heard about this new line, I couldn’t wait to taste it. Fortunately, they sent me an entire box to taste test!

TW loves Whole Foods. She used to work about 8 blocks from the one in Chelsea and would spend at least one lunch hour a week shopping there. I’d watch as she unloaded her reusable shopping sacks.

Now Whole Foods Market® has launched Whole Paws®, a line of premium pet foods formulated so the first ingredient is chicken, salmon and other proteins. This NEW brand of premium quality products will keep your furry family members healthy and happy. Whole Paws® is the FIRST to have Grain Free dry dog and wet food in a private brand. This should make my woofie furrends and their humans very happy. Personally, I can’t wait to dive into the salmon.

This is your Roman reporter Cathy Keisha and I’m on location in front of Whole Foods Chelsea. I’m gonna innerview the cat on the street and find out what they know about the new Whole Paws line of cat food. (Get a load of this guy.) Er, Sir, do you mind if I ax you a question? You just came out of Whole Foods. Did you buy any of their Whole Paws foods?

Cat #1: Yeah. You bet I did. I’m allergic to certain grains so I’m glad that Whole Paws contains NO corn or soy, NO animal by-products, NO artificial colors, NO artificial preservatives and NO added sugar. It’s—how do they say it?—da bomb.

CK: In other words, this new line meets all of Whole Foods Market’s strict quality standards. To most, pet food is a throwaway product but not our friends at Whole Foods.  Hmm, whatcha got in the bag? Heh heh.

CK: Ma'am, can you say a few words to our audience about Whole Paws?

Cat #2: Hi! Am I on TV? Hi Mom!

CK: You were saying about Whole Paws?

Cat #2: Because it’s available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets, my Human Mom doesn’t have to made a special trip to buy my food. She can buy it with the rest of her groceries. She likes that and I like the premium stinky goodness Mom buys here. She likes the price!

CK: Whoa! I know this guy! Yo! PKitty! Whachoo doin bro?

PKitty: Buying dat Whole Paws stuff. It be good cos it be manufactured in da US/Canada and excepting da lamb, which is sourced from New Zealand, all da proteins be sourced from North America. All da product suppliers be required to perform a variety of tests, both in-house and at da third-party labs. I only eat da best, Kittee.

CK: I think we have time for one more. Yo, you in the sombrero, have you tried the new line of Whole Paws’ cat food. Did you know that nine out of 10 American pet-owners consider their pets part of the family? I’m part of my family. In fact, I’m on their census form. MOL!

HHGutt: Yes. Hello. I am new to your country. My people also consider pets as family. I just found this Whole Paws and it’s muy bueño. I like the different flavors it comes in: turkey, chicken and giblets and shredded chicken dinner in gravy and shredded salmon and chicken in gravy and my favorite beef and chicken.

CK: It’s made with REAL chicken, salmon and other wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients too so it’s muy healthy-o for you too. Remember, if you’re transitioning your pets to a new food like Whole Pets, it’s best to do it gradually so you don’t upset our tummies.

CK: That’s it from outside Whole Foods Market on 24th Street and 7th Avenue in NYC. You don’t have to come here to buy Whole Paws. You can get social with them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Disclaimer: I’ve written this post on behalf of the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for Whole Foods. This little ghetto kitteh is being compensated for helping spread the word about Whole Foods Whole Paws, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. 

I want this one first!

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  1. This is pawsome! We live about 2 1/2 hrs from our nearest Whole Foods. Pfffft!

    Enjoy your loot, CK. Have a great Friday, too. >>smooches<<

  2. You go CK. We don't have Whole Foods around here

  3. Whole foods rocks! We hope you enjoy your food!

    Thank you so much for all your purrs! It's been working!

  4. Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I can't wait to try ours! Sadly, unlike you, CK, I have to share.

  6. Do you think they could put the box in the tunnel and teleport them over here?

  7. Great interviews, CK. We have a Whole Foods nearby, and we like that private labels are picking up grain free foods. Maybe it will become a bigger trend toward higher quality pet food for everyone.

  8. Enjoy the jummy fooods and Happy Furriday , CK !


  9. Glad you found some great fud. Wots life without great fud? You make a catastic reporter too.

  10. Ab Fab post! Great reporting style--funny AND educational! Good Job, Roman Reporter!

  11. Ooooh we wanna do the Roman Reporter thing. If we come to visit - when in Rome?


    We can't wait to try that stuff. We hear it's NOMILICIOUS!

  12. Nicely done, CK!
    We love your Roman reporter hat. ; )
    A new Whole Foods just opened so we'll have to give it a shot!
    : ) Katie

  13. love the photos!! Those are fabulous! You should totally wear that hat more often.

  14. squeee!! I so totally agree are rocking that hat! Pawsome, simply YOU! And doing the Roman Reporter is brill! I think i am going to send Mom or Dad off to buy some so I can try it...unless they don't have anything with eater...

  15. MOL! CK, that was great. We gotta find a Whole Foods so we can get some of that food. Unfortunately there isn't one close to us.

  16. Hmmm, M is not sure if we have a whole foods here - she doesn't think so. You are lucky you get all dat good food to eat - I'm still on that nasty d i e t.

  17. Huh. Well, I never met a good-for-me fancy cat food that I didn't disdain--or better yet, gobble down ONCE with relish so that the Human ran out to buy more--and then I never touched it again. I *LOVE* that game!!!

    But who knows? Maybe she'll find one I like. It could happen, right?

  18. CK, you look fabulous in that hat! That food does look great and we love Whole Foods but don't have one where we live unfortunately. (Psst..what's Gutt doing there?)

  19. Great job being a Roman reporter, CK. Your insightful, probing interview has definitely got us interested (and hungry)!


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