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C is For #CuriousCat

I've written this post on behalf of the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for Royal Canin. This little ghetto kitteh is being compensated for helping spread the word about Royal Canin, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. If you know what’s good, you’ll keep reading.

Prof. Keisha: This morning I have a fun lesson planned for you. We are going to learn about Humans, how they interact with cats and their many misconceptions about us. Royal Canin did a survey and found that many cat owners are stereotyping us. For those students who may not know, Royal Canin was founded by a veterinarian in 1968 so they have more than 40 years of experience in delivering individualized nutritional solutions. Questions? Nicky, you go first.

Nicky: Are we going to get to nom some Royal Canin cat food?

Prof. Keisha: Is food all you think about Nicky? Later. Class will be pleased to note that Royal Canin offers a range of diets based on size, age, breed, lifestyle and special needs. There’s diet formula for you, Nicky, kitten formula for Bootsy and formulas for cats with sensitive tummies like Jackson.

“Moo”? What the … ?

Prof. Keisha: I’m a curious cat. I’ve been curious since my days in da hood. In fact, that’s what landed me behind bars in the first place. Right now I’m curious why there’s a cow in my classroom. Must be the new foreign exchange student.

I’m curious about TW. I want to know what she does, where she goes and, most importantly, what she’s thinking. I want to know if she eats my cat food cos I have suspicions. I have to stay one step ahead of the game.

Recently Royal Canin, a global leader in Feline Health Nutrition, released the results of the above-mentioned survey of cat owners to dispel myths and better understand the relationship between felines and their owners. As a cat, I was both astonished and appalled at the findings.

I was amused that household pet cats outnumber dogs by 12 million in the U.S. Cats rule! Dogs drool! I was dismayed that nearly 49% of humans don’t do research before bringing a cat into the family. Would they have a baby without learning how best to care for it? I think not!

How lazy can humans be? 61% adopted a cat because they think we’d easily adapt to their lifestyle cos we don’t need to be walked or taken outside for potty breaks. A whopping 55% think they can leave us alone for long periods of time! On the plus side, they would change our food if a v-e-t recommended it although none of us want to hear the word Diet.

NEWS FLASH!! We don’t sleep all day! Cats need playtime so we can hone our hunting skills. I’ll add that we need interactive playtime so stand back from that computer and get the wand toy out! Hey, you can stay planted to the seat if you prefer to play smousy laser.

Here’s a fact about your Professor Keisha. I don’t sleep during the day. I’m awake pestering TW from about noon until she goes to bed at midnight with a couple of short naps mixed in. I sleep all night. If she samples my food like 15% of cat owners do, I want to bear witness to that crime.

I’m not gonna bore you with lots of numbers cos this fun Infographic from Royal Canin can liven up those numbers. There will be a test so pay attention. It’s important so I biggified it for you. Keep reading cos I have a special coupon for you at the end.

Want to try Royal Canin for your feline family members? You can purchase their range of formulas at veterinary hospitals and pet speciality stores. They’re now offering a a $7 off coupon to use on any Feline Health Nutrition Formula. Your cat might appreciate some RC under the Christmas tree.

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  1. The Farm cats keep me on MY toes that is for sure

  2. GREAT post, CK!!!
    OMC...LOVE the classroom photo!!! Hilarious!!!
    This was so fun to read.
    ...just don't give any food to that interloper, the cow.

    ; ) Katie

  3. Hmm, you think that cow escaped from the Chik-Fil-A commercials???

  4. Great post Professor CK! I hope that all of your students learned something. Even the cow although it looks like he may not speak cat very fluently.

  5. Nice one Prof and we say mum get that wand toy out. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. The classroom photo makes it, CK! What a fun way to present the information.

  7. Some folks ignorance about cats scares me!!!!

  8. veree nice ta meet ewe moo N thanx moo profezzor for knot makin uz take a math test ...lunch brake...!!!

  9. The misconceptions and just plain untruths out there about cats are scary, really. Thanks for sharing this really important info with us, Professor CK. We're going to share it now on Twitter!

  10. Great post ! As teacher, Mum loves your multicultural classroom ;-) Purrs.

  11. You can be my professor anytime you like, CK! Good info!!

  12. CK, you crack us up! What a great post! We love your classroom that is just the coolest. Psst...glad you stay up during the night given TW's suspected behavior!

  13. Keisha you taught us lots I never knew especially about taste testing our food. That cow only wants to be a furiend in fur.

  14. Uh, YOU may be curious about your Human, where she goes, what she eats, what she thinks about, but frankly I could not care less about mine. As long as she feeds me, plays with me, brushes me and supplies the soft beddies and the blue pillows, I have absolutely no interest in what she's thinking about.

  15. I wanna know who those people are in the 15 percent that try their cat's food! Ick, I couldn't put cat food in my mouth if you paid me!

  16. Well taught class Prof. CK. I think you need a security guard at the classroom door though - cows in class? Only if they want to contribute milk!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  17. I love the professor and students photo very much. So cute!
    I do hear from many people that they think they can leave kitties alone for long periods of time. So not true!

  18. TW ought to know letting that cow into your classroom means she is gonna have one big 'pile' to clean up MOL And I already eat RC special prescription hard food cuz I had really bad bladder crystals and my RC is my fave, fave food! I'm gonna have Dad use that coupon BFGF...thanks for providing it, paw hugs, Savvy

  19. CK! You're a natch as a prof! Way ta go!


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