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The Dilemma

Over the past few days I've heard some disturbing rumors. There are kitties who think I—your Stunning Keisha—is involved in the cacciatore rape of a minor cat. I'm here to put your mind at ease. I may have had a little tryst with a certain orange intern but I'm innocent of what I'm being excused of. This, after all, is a PG-rated blog. I have never touched the little orange kitty although I bet he has hearts in his eyes for this stunning kitteh. I can get any man cat I desire, so why would I want to rob the cradle? Believe me, I don't want anymore trouble with the law. This adult cat has standards. Besides, I couldn't do that to my furrend, Katie. So get your mind outta the gutter, King Spitty. MOL!

Now that that's put to rest and out of the way, I can continue my train of thought. Yesterday, mixed in with all the bills for the peeps, a Valentine for me came in the mail. No, stop the presses! There were 2 Valentines. Seems my Furry Valentine's brofur has a little crush on me also. I hear he's singing "Silly Love Songs" to me but what's wrong with that, I'd like to know. Heh-heh. What's a lady cat to do? Can I show up at Milo and Alfie's with TWO handsome man cats?

In case you can't read it, the little one says "You stole my heart."

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  1. PHEW!!!

    The LAST thing this orange maniac of a mancat wannabe needs is a GIRLFRIEND.

    Before he's ready for a relationship, he's got to get the basics down:
    No bothering.
    No biting.
    NO butt sniffing.

    ; ) Katie

  2. That's too funny, Waffles Too and you! On the other hand, you could teach that boy some manners.

  3. There's nothing wrong with a younger man

  4. Hey, you would help Katie by keeping him outta her furs for a while!

  5. cathy keisha: if we may... sinz we haza eggs a lent usage oh vocabu larry;

    if we may dee fine sum thin:


    cougar: An older woman who frequents clubs in order to SCORE with a much younger man

    we noe sum clubs mite be still on shut down coz oh de hole nasty hurricane deal....

    and ya mite knot haz a chance ta get out ....


  6. 2 maybe OK Keisha but anymore would certainly be greedy. You have to leave some mancats for the rest of the kitties, stunning though you are. Lovely cards. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. OMC, I just figured out who your Valentine(s) are! And I, for one, ALWAYS knew it was not Waffles - you may be street wise, CK, but you do have some semblance of protocol! Or something.

  8. CK, we bet there are lots of Valentines for a beautiful ladycat such as yourself! We are not surprised you already have 2. Your Mom might need to rent out an extra post office box for this holiday!

  9. MOL, Waffles Too would have been a funny choice! Can't wait to see who it really is! Or they are, I should say!

  10. We agree with Sparkle about your semblance of protocol …… whatever that is? ;)

  11. We don't know how any mancats can resist you, stunning as you are, CK! We can hardly stand the suspense waiting to find out who your suitors are.

  12. I don't know CK, there's something about an older woman teaching a young man the ways of the world...But sounds like you already have your dance card filled...Can't wait to see how you look with 2 handsome "boy toys" as accessories

  13. Allie: Sparkle! DISH!DISH! I'm DYING over here!!!

  14. Whew, I'm sure glad it isn't Waffles. I think you need a mancat who's been "around the block" a coupe of times at least. Dang, I'm always a day late and a dollar short with the ladies!! Mario smooches!

  15. Oh, CK! We knew you wouldn't mess around with that young cat, Waffles. After all, he isn't even a mancat yet!!

  16. Ooooh, cradle kitten robbing??? How deliciously gossipy!

  17. He's a cutie, all right. The peep goes all oohy and ahhy when she sees pictures of him. But he's far too young to have a girlfriend yet. Give him a few years. purrs

  18. well, first of all...tell King "Spitty" he has a REAL ladycat for his date...MOI!!! So he better just settle down. And NO...this is NOT's a date...period!! ANd my dearest bring whomever and how many ever dates you'mean??? Savvy

  19. I am saying a real mancat should not accept to share you with another mancat. But I'm kind of old school on that...

  20. Oh, sure, CK, I believe absolutely that you did not interfere inappropriately with Waffles Too in any way.

    That's why you had that smile on your face and that little orange fur heart in your paw.....and stars in your eyes...Uh huh.

  21. We hesitate to post to such a popular blog. Hate to get lost in the crowd ya kno. But this little Philly kitty has gotta point never hurts to get um young and train um up just the way you like. Just sayin'.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  22. Phew !
    Relieved to hear that Waffles Too not is your date for Valentine *mol*

  23. Pshaw!
    CK wes is CATS!
    We is Women Cats!
    Wes is Queens! We can Dally with as many man cats as wes can handle!
    Wes can take their hearts and dangles them on golden chains and wes can has fun!
    And me wants yous to tells me all about it when we has tea!


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