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Senile Saturday—New York Eye, Ear & Whaaat??

Pop relayed a story to me that he'd like to use this Senile Saturday. He's been very busy at work so he axed me to post for him. Normally, this is the day for the peeps to say a few words, but I'll let him get away with it just this once.

Pop had cataract surgery at a well-respected NYC hospital. While he was waiting to be taken up to surgery, one of the doctors came in with his patient. They sat opposite Pop and TW and closed the privacy curtain. Pop and TW could still hear them talking about her "eye" surgery. They started hearing things like "There are two ways we can do this. You tell me which way you'd like to have it done. We could thread a needle up through your bellybutton or … make a small slit under your breast." It was then that the peeps knew what kind of surgery she was having—and it wasn't eye or ear surgery. That's when the peeps renamed the hospital New York Eye, Ear and Tit Hospital cos she was having a tit job!

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Here are some pictures TW took of the garden they used to have when they owned the house. They're kinda faded but she assures me that the garden was lovely. Some friends and neighbors said it was award winning, just like me. The captions are TW talking.

This was the entrance. There was a red rose bush on one side and white jasmine on the other. The jasmine is a little hard to see.

Here is the "Absolut" lattice, cut to look like a bottle of Absolut. I hope I'm not the only one who remembers their ad campaign. (I bet you made that up, Woman!) There was a Trumpet plant growing up the lattice.

Some decorative grasses, sage and my senility can't remember what those
tall yellow flowers were.

Salvia, Hibiscus, with tall grasses and pink Shasta daisies off to the right.
Note from CK: Don't let the folks forget my auction for Baby Patches Momma starts on Monday.

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  1. Those are super pretty flowers. Love the story about the tip surgery. Too funny.We forgot about Senile Saturday so we fit right in the Senility part.
    We sure will be here Monday for the auction. Don't forget Mom said she would be glad to help.
    Hope all of you have a grand day.

  2. Those flowers sure are beautiful! HA! Loved the story, but I knew my Dad would forget Senile Saturday!

  3. Mommy is laughing. Something about how you need surgery after one of those fake boobs pokes ya inna eye!

  4. Still trying to work out how threading through the belly button is going to do something with the ti*s..........

    Now that we know about Senile Saturday we will have a good alternative for posts when Photo Hunt doesn't inspire us. IF the peeps remember.

  5. Oh, a real garden with living flowers. Jan tends to kill everything with her black thumb.

  6. what a beautiful garden!

  7. See Nile for sure lol. Ever been to Egypt? lol

  8. LOVE the hospital story!!! HAHAHA!!! Priceless.

    And the garden is beautiful, especially the vodka trellis. Yes, Glogirly remembers the campaign. She asks, "isn't is still their campaign???" Senility is alive and well here too.

    ; ) Katie

  9. Hi Y'all,

    Beautiful pictures of your garden.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. now that is a garden!!! bet it smelled great too! What is Senile Saturday????

  11. Wow! That is fabulishious! Me is very impressed

  12. Oh CK! You never know what you'll hear in the hospital!

    We love the pretty flowers! And we will definitely check out the auction!!

  13. HaHaMeow! Funny story! Our Mommy is older than dirt. Does she get to see-Nile now?

    The garden is just beautiful.

  14. Hello darling! The Woman is SO damaged she didded nawt even post her Senile Saturday post this week. She is just constantly screaming and moaning so I guess I'll give her a pass for this weekend.

    She thinks peeing into a strainer wud be easier if she were a guy, though.

  15. MOL-ing at the new hospital name!

    Love the flower pics. purrr


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