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Thankful Thursday—Mail Call Two

I have the bestest furrends in the world! The bestest furrends in the universe! I could get used to these Thankful Thursday—Mail Calls! MOL!

Today we got a package from Baby Patches and her Momma at Nip and Bones. This gave us leaky eyes because BP's Momma is going through so much right now and she thought of me. Just last night I read about her new financial problems and how she might lose the store AND her home. That's not right! I try not to be too political on this blog because I'm a cat, first and foremost.

BP and her Momma
Baby Patches Momma has run up some medical bills and must choose whether to pay her mortgage or health care. This isn't some 3rd World country. The U.S. of A. is one of the richest countries in the world and we have citizens who are forced to make choices like this. Today the Supreme Court did the right thing upholding President Obama's Affordable Care Act, but we must go even further so that people will NOT lose their homes and/or businesses if they develop health issues. Health costs must be capped so the working folks can afford them, not just the 1%.

You might notice the widget on the sidebar for BP's Momma. If you have a few extra green papers, please go over and help our furrend. Thanks to all who can do so.

Now to the fun stuff! Let me tell you about the wonderful goodies BP sent! There was a Brownie catnip pillow like the one I got in my Secret Santa that had to be discarded after the moths attacked, a honeysuckle knot, a package of 2 Bowie Chasers from Cat Dancer, a Speedster automatic smousy and a Kitty Boink! Over the next 2 weeks, I'll be reviewing these goodies AND announcing a special auction for Baby Patches and Nip & Bones that gonna be the coolest auction EVER! Now I've got to decide which toy I want to play with/review first!

Thanks so much to Baby Patches and her Momma for remembering this stunning kitteh from da hood!

It's next to impossible to get me to pose once the flashy box comes out!

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  1. We really feel for BP and her mom. Our mom has had a lot of financial issues due to 13 surgeries over a 4 1/2 year period and she is still struggling from it. We'll do what we can to help out.

  2. Awful, just awful...and you're absolutely right, there's just no reason for such horrors in this country. We're right behind you on the caps. And happy dancing that the ACA was upheld today! It's a start...
    I so wish I could help, but we're in a really bad situation, too. Gosh, seems way too many people are these days, it's downright scary. Have to say, you're an awesome furriend for doing what you can for BP! Wishing peace and prosperity (we'll settle for lack of extreme financial distress!) for everyone...

  3. That is too bad about Baby Patches Mom. We know how it is to have medical expenses.
    WE can't afford any green papers at the moment but do let me know about the auction. I sure can help you with the auction if you want some help. I probably can get some things donated. I am sure ML would't mind if we did one on the CB but have to finish the one for Annie and the Krasota castle cats.
    Thanks for this info.

  4. (((purrs))) and (((prayers))) for BP, her mom and all of our furiends that are hurting. That was so thoughtful and generous of BP to send you such an awesome collection of loot. We can't wait to hear more about the auction and hope we can help. xo
    ~Katie & Glogirly

  5. Thanks for reminding everyone that we have some friends that really deserve all the help in the world. They are trying so very hard.

  6. I am so sad to hear this..we wish we could help...but we are giving our home back to the bank by Oct..Mom and Dad are retired and just can't manage the mortgage...and banks turned us down for here we go...moving sometime in next couple of months...they worry so much about how I will handle it..I worry about them and how they will manage...we are a team..paw pats

  7. We love Baby Patches and her mom. We're so sorry she is having problems. We can't wait to hear your review of those toys...and the auction too!! Let us know if we can be of any help!

  8. My human and I are really concerned for BP and her human - we wish there was something we could do to help, not just temporarily, but really get her store going gangbusters!

  9. You are a soft-hearted little girl after all, aren't you CK? That's okay, no shame in that! After the Human gets paid tomorrow she'll go add a few green paypurs to the cause.

    NB: The Human came to terms a long time ago with the fact that if she wanted to stay in San Francisco, she'd never be a homeowner. So she's been a life-long renter. She used to feel a little bad about that, like she sucked at being a grown up or something, but in recent years as she has seen what has happened to so many homeowners, she kinda thinks, well, things didn't work out so bad for her after all, and she's stopped feeling sorry for herself. Huh.

  10. Looking forward to your toy review Keisha.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Wow! Lookie all da toys!

  12. We lost our home and land a few years back in 08-09 so we know first hand how hard it is to have no recourse to help financially. We now help everyone we can! We were lucky and still had a smaller home that we kept but many lost it all. Good post and hopefully our country will turn around.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  13. We are with you 100% on how happy we were to get the news about the Supreme Court. MomKatt doesn't think too much of them lately - and she works for a federal public defender (as a legal assistant) so they deal w/the SC quite often. She was SHOCKED when she saw the message come over her iPhone that they'd upheld the health care law.

    You're right: we are one of, if not THE, richest countries in this world. There is no reason that people should have to choose between food to sustain them or medicines to keep them alive and/or improve their "quality of life". It's inhuman and inhumane.

    Enjoy your treasure trove, sweetie! Looking forward to the reviewa!


  14. We know all too well about the insane expenses of medicine with Mom. That was so kind of Baby Patches Mom for sending the all those toys with this worry.

    It is so weird why providing health care somehow became tyranny and glad this provision survived so this type of choice does not have to be made.


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