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Week in Review at La Casa Keisha

It looks like Balsam is here to stay although he still is clad only in lights. He has 2 ornaments on him. One is the thousand year old Santa that's so old his coat is yellow and the other is the Fancy Feast ornament that I won from Pumpkinpuddy.

Let me get serious for a moment. The Woman is on Facebook and, no, I don't approve of this. I don't approve of her co-opting all of my friends and their humans. For laughs I log onto her page and take a look around. Recently, a post by one of her friends caught the eye of this little kitteh.

"In other news today on the home front, our 18 year old cat, Halle, aka The Battleaxe, showed up today after 2 days of apparent tomfoolery. Have no idea where she was, but she was wearing 2 collars 
(a purple one and a pink jingle collar). Halle doesn't wear a collar, but some sort mayhem must have ensued …"

Well, there's a person who doesn't know squat about us cats and our social lives. Everyone knows that cat was pawtying at the Nipclub, had too many Niptinis and found herself in some male cats soft beddie. Most of TW's friends are clueless so she had to start raiding mine. I don't mind too much about the ones who she's already met cos she could lie and say they're friends but now she's encroaching on the humans of my furrends in the cast of the Real Housecats. Next she'll want to join the CB!
Please do not encourage this behavior. I may have
to delete her account if this continues.

Waltzing in the Winter Wonderland.
Next item on the agenda: I wanted to show you guys the stunning outfit I wore to the Winter Wonderland #nipclub pawty. You know, the pawty where TW forgot my DJ shift cos she was too busy cavorting with friends she hasn't seen in months. She did make me this outfit with her bare little fat human fingers on PhotoShop and I think it's kinda cute. I won a really cool prize—a cat blanket from Colorado Catnip. Colorado Catnip is one of the vendors in the Nipclub Holiday Bazaar. They feature some really nifty blankets and toys in their Etsy shop. I tried to win something for my pal Savannah but guess I wasn't fast enough. Next time for sure!

TW mailed my Secret Santa and I hope the cat who gets it, likes it. I put in 3 kinds of treats and lots of toys. I can't tell you who it's going to cos it's supposed to be a secret. I'm really good at keeping secrets. TW sealed it without putting the big toy in so I had to bite her and make her correct her error.

I'm laying on my new quilt which I haven't even gotten yet!
Pop is now on his winter stacation. I'll have Pop home fighting me for computer time until the beginning of next year. I'll try to read everyone's blog, even if I don't have time to comment.

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  1. I'm honored that the ornament you won from me is practically the only thing on the tree! Now it really stands out. MOL

  2. Great round-up, CK.
    That ornament is adorable! I don't have one. Heck, I don't even have a tree, thanks to W2.

    Don't worry about TW. I monitor Glogirly's FB account too so I'll make sure they don't do anything stupid.

    We sent our Secret Paws package off on Monday. ...still watching my own mailbox. Hope the post man doesn't mess it up or steal my cool stuff.

    Love the fur hat. You're rockin' it.

    Just one can you lay on your new quilt when you haven't even gotten it yet? Is that like *almost* pregnant?

    ; ) Katie

  3. I love your hat. I want one. It looks warm. I love to be warm. I haven't been warm in a while. Warm is good.

  4. What a great roundup of the news.

    I gotta wonder though--what happened to your TAILIO, CK? That picture's SKEERY!

  5. We love that ornament.
    We love that quilt.
    We love your outfit.
    Do we see a pattern emerging here? MOL! Happy Caturday, CK!

  6. pawsome quilt and we'd love to bash that ornament!

  7. Bahaha... you made me laugh talking about your mom's facebook! Oh I need another cat lol... love your hat btw.

  8. Keep an eye on your human, CK! If you aren't careful, she will start trying to take credit for your hard work! I had to whap mine upside the head quite a few times to make sure she knew who was boss.

  9. Keisha we love your Winter Wonderland look. Very Anna Karenina. Have a super Saturday and see you when you are back.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Silly hoomins...SO wrong when they think that the 'puter is theirs...Must remind them often that it is us anipals who do the talking and they only typists...Your WW photo is very Lara in Dr. Zhivago...nice!

  11. That really is a very pretty Fancy Feast ornament and you look stunning in your winter outfit CK!!!

  12. Mario's mom here - Yikes I hope he doesn't catch me over here. There will be he.. to pay! You just had to give him ideas CK!!

  13. Thanks for the roundup, CK! We love your outfit. Thank COD it was done using Photoshop (and not for reals)!

  14. When you putting rest of the ornaments on? I'm driving mom crazy with our tree. She puts the ornaments back on, I knock them off. I love this game!

  15. oooooh, that HAT!! We have a sudden urge to bunnykik it!

  16. Comrad Homey! love the hat. Mom trying to finish quilt for Winston, so she doesn't have flashy box out yet. Soo, she will capture Ken and Parks acting stupid.

  17. CK, looks like everything is good at your house. We like that ornament a lot and the quilt is really nice too. But we especially like the hat. Have a great week end.

  18. Hey, CK. We got one of those FF ornaments on our tree too. But after a week of only lights, we finally convinced the mom to put some other stuff on it. We got one of those FF ornaments on it now. We promised we wouldn't whap the ornaments, but you can probably guess how quickly that promise was broken.

    I made the mom get me a FB account so I could keep close tabs on what she did on there. But, y'know, she rarely lets me log in. The nerve!!


    (Oh btw, you asked if the Zoe-ster was pooping regularly now...she is, if you call pooping every 4 days regular. And that's with all the poop medicine she takes. The mom says she's not going to worry as long as Zoey is acting normal, which, so far, she is.)

  19. Glad you helped us catch up a little at your house. Love the furry babushka, my dear!


    pee ess: We're not out of the house yet. But soon, but soon..want to enjoy our holidays as much as we can :)

  20. squeeee! I totally luvluvluv that cat quilt!! And the color!! with your bootiful gray and white furs!!! Oh My Cat!!! And the ornament!!! It is really purty!!! Gosh CK, you really have nice things AND Pops on staycation...pawsome news!! And thanks so much for thinking of me at Nip Club. One day I will make Mom take time to let me go again. paw pats, Savvy

  21. I like your quilt, looks comfy!

  22. Wow you get to lie on your unopened pressies ... mine are hidden *sad ears* ... well I hope they are hidden and not missing???

  23. Well, today our tiny metal curlicue tree gotted put up and lighted. We don't gots any ornaments on it yet, but maybe tomorrow!

  24. Wow, TW is becoming quite the Photoshop hand, I see. I really like the background on the hat picture. And the scarf is a wonderful touch. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  25. I love your quilt and the ornament!
    Have a warm sunday.
    Woof, woof,


  26. Mowzers, that quilt looks COZY, which of course means somekitty would abscond with it and leave me (Maxwell) and Allie out in the cold.

    So glad your pops is home for the season!

    Allie: OOOh CK, your winter outfit is STUNNING! Simply STUNNING!

  27. Your Waltzing in Winter Wonderland look is da bomb!


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