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Family Reunion Minus the Cat

You know I don't allow the peeps to put their ugly mugs pictures on my blog. I may make an exception today since it's Senile Saturday. Let me tell you about my day on Thursday. The peeps were supposed to go out on Wednesday but we had a Nor'easter so they went on Thursday. They left me around 12:30 and didn't return home until—big gasp—10:45 pm! That's right, the little kitteh was abandoned. I did get even.

Not a piece of catnip to be found! Photos by Nancy Maguire.
When the peeps finally dragged their sorry asses in the door came home, I gave them the back of disrespect. That's right. Plus, the first thing Pop saw upon coming in the door was that I'd had some furrends over and we trashed the place. The Christmas coat tree was lying on the floor with all the ornaments shirts that hadn't yet been ironed strewn about. Disregard the strike outs; TW did that because she wants to tell her side of the story cos she's the senile one here. Can't argue with that but I want strike out privileges too!

TW's fudge & the book
TW here. We had a wonderful time visiting with the family. I don't look forward to all the travelling—over 2 hours both ways—but love getting to spend time with folks I see once or twice a year. This year, instead of exchanging gifts, Karen and Nancy made a commemorative recipe book with every one of us contributing a recipe or two. It came out wonderful. I'm lucky enough to have a family in which all the woman love to bake. Everyone's cookies was delicious and my cheat fudge was even a hit!

We meant to take an early train home but lost track of time so we had to catch the 9 pm train. By the time we got home, CK met us at the door and was so excited to see us. (CK: Liar! I was actually starving and was begging for food.) Her Pop noticed the coat tree laying on the floor so we checked CK out for post-concussion syndrome. We were relieved that she looked none the worse so concluded it must not have landed on her. I fed her and since we were hungry from the journey, we sat down to eat. CK quickly jumped on the table. She wanted to be with us rather than eat her own food. After getting some loving and petting from her Pop, she plopped down on the table between us and started purring loudly. She was even doing that double purring thing even though neither of us was touching her. (CK: OMC! She's making it all up! She wants to ruin my reputation! Pull the plug on the computer! Pull the [censored] plug!)

Family portrait. I'm sure you can pick the peeps out.
Afterward while her Pop was getting ready for bed, she got the zoomies, happily zooming around the house to show us how elated she was that we were home. She ran through her tunnels and all through the house. Besides my not being able to pet her and being afraid of her, she's basically a nice cat. and …

CK here. Sorry I'm being forced to pull the plug here. I've been libeled and slandered enough! I hope you enjoyed that nice piece of fiction by The Woman. And she wonders why I bite her.

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  1. Geeeesh - it was just getting good too. I'm amazed that you even know how to pull the plug.,

  2. And they don't even make get a license for computers. Sheesh. Unqualified hands, that's all I can say. You pulled the plug just in time, CK. I was getting worried.
    ; ) Katie

  3. Good for you CK to pull the plug on those peeps. That is just inexcusable to get home so late for that starving kitty. Take care and Happy New Year to all of you.

  4. CK, aren't you enough of a family member to have been taken along too? Verreh suspicious. Were they REALLY just sharing baked goods?

    Now I am trying calculate 2 hours of train ride from JC - is Phili to close? Or did the go the other way?

    The relatives all look like friendly folks. I think they are trustworthy but not so sure about TW and Pops.

  5. It SOUNDS like a good time was had by all.

  6. Humans always seem to live in a fantasyland, CK. Good job trying to set yours straight. ;)

  7. Cousin, be careful. These people all look a little suspicious....and no catnip!!!! Horrors!!!!

    XOXOX, Fluffbomb

  8. Wait, wait, wait - you didn't tell me that your humans were Fred and Wilma Flintstone!! And I had NO idea that Wilma was such an incorrigible liar either, CK!

  9. Poor CK, they must have had way too much nips!!!

  10. Whew! We knew that it was full of half-truths and lies!

  11. Pee Ess - your peeps look strangely familiar....

  12. FaRADaY: *wide eyed look* Mowzers, CK! Uh, your TW sure can shred your rep, can't she! Mommy's MOLing!

  13. CK, you can't let TW near the keyboard too often. She's bad for your tough-gal rep. Don't worry, we don't believe a word she says!

  14. Peeps! They sure has a different purrspective on what happens than we do!
    Me thinks yous shall have to be more forceful in your training grrlfurrend!

  15. You know, CK, I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe you really should consider being a little nicer to TW. Whaddya say? A resolution for 2013?

  16. Ditto Spitty the kitty. Maybe some resolutions there for new year? BOL funny , pull the plug on peeps. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. MOL MOL MOL don't worry CK we know the truth ... our staff have extraodinary imaginations. As for the double purrs they are too special to waste when sitting on the dining room table! xxx's Happy New Year, Love Jessie

  18. MOL...CK., nothing bad to purrs, I do too, but mine every single meal. Mm have to sit next to me, pet me while I 'm eating, and seriously I purrs while I chew !
    Have a wonderful holiday, CK and family.

  19. It's kind of you to let them put in their (ugly) photos. Yours are stunning-er.

  20. Aw CK I was waiting to see what revenge you took once the lites went out... BOL!

  21. Yeah, my Mommie is always editing my post when I write about an adventure. She says I exaggerate. Well, if I have told her once I have told her a hundred million times.....I don't exaggerate!

  22. Wethinks thou doth protest too much, CK!

  23. Humans always seem to live in a fantasyland ??!!
    Good thing that you found the plug to the computer before your whole reputation was ruined !!

  24. Lol... parents are so embarassing sometimes! Sheesh... I love your new bloggy header!

  25. We just KNEW that TW was exaggerating. Um, she WAS exagerrating, right, CK?

  26. A perch in everee pocket
    A salmon in everee sock
    Hope yur new yeerz eve
    Trooly doez rock
    A whitefish in everee wagon
    A bass in everee bowl
    Hope yur new yeerz day
    Trooly doez roll
    A herring N everee hammick
    A trout in everee tanx
    High pawz N headbonkz
    For yur friendship we due thanx

    We hope everee one haza pawsum
    awesum soooper grate happee healthee
    2013; may yur lives bee enriched with
    loves N thanx for putting up with all
    R burd non cents de live long yeer

  27. Oh man! We thinks we got cut off! Happy New Year! Good Karma to you in 2013. Purrs...

  28. holy crap!! and you put up with that kind of treatment!!!...pulling the plug on the computer is the least you needed to do...probably a midnight sneak attack was in order too...just a thought for next time...


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