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My Crib

Welcome back to my crib. Last week, when I showed you my kitchen, I noticed my hard food mysteriously vanished. I have some culprits in mind. There were comments made about the lack of food. I'll point out that my bowl was full before my guests arrived. I love company and I put out trays of noms so leave my bowl alone.

When you enter, the first thing you'll see is my perch, or as I like to call it "My Gym," because I get mucho exercise swinging off it and playing on it. It's situated it so that I can pretty much see everything going on in the condo, not to mention anyone entering or leaving.

Welcome to all my furrends.

Right in back of my gym is my main scratching post. I've worn out a couple of these in the 4 years I've lived here. You can't be too thin or have claws that are too sharp. TW keeps my coated rubber bands on front of it and I climb up and steal them.

My play room has tons of my toys. I even have a soccer ball.

My play room is right off the foyer. My tunnel and cat tree from Nips & Bones are in there as well as a cool scratching post that I inherited from Nicky. Notice the catnip plant on the window ledge right behind the tree. I never actually touch it because I like my nip dried, not green and leafy. I don't eat veggies.

I love jumping on the bookshelves, which are about 9 feet high. The picture below doesn't show the top of them but you get the idea. A lot of the time they're crapped up with decorations for some dopey holiday or another. Soon, they'll be full of Easter bunnies. Sometimes while TW is doing her crossword puzzle, I'll lay on the couch or chair and wait to be noticed. Or I'll hide on my "sulk chair" under the table.

I hope everyone is enjoying their visit. Hope you don’t mind if I get comfy.

The peeps say I'm an all-around good cat because I don't scratch "their" furniture or climb up the floor-length curtains. I did christen that nice Tibetan rug though.

I’m guarding my toys better than my food bowl.

You can also find my basket of toys in my play room. As you'll see, I have another one in the bed room.

That's it for my play room. Next I'll show you my bedroom and my secret stash of food. Thanks for coming. Please don't finish all my hard food on the way out.

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  1. I would like to come play. You playroom looks so fun.... hee hee we has toy basket too... ) you such a sweet kitteh... xx

  2. OMC, dat's a pawsum room. I was sposed to get a room like dat but Momma's a lazy butts.

  3. OMC! I am on my way over to haz some funz wiv you all! Hi Paws and waggy tails all round! XXXXXXXX

  4. You have so many nice places to play, CK! I think my cats might wanna come for a visit :-).

  5. MOL hehehe I luvs da tour my furriend! You gots lots of pawsome toys I see and scratching areas. I promise to only takes a few nibbles of your food though. MOL


  6. Oh don't forgets to update my bloggie address in your blog list over dere please, it shows its been 5 weeks but I did one yesterday.



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