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Animal Olympics

My furrends have asked me "Keisha, just what events do you qualify in?" Well, I'll tell you. Jumping is my main skill, besides biting, of course. I can jump 43 inches straight up to the top of my cat tree and 49 inches from the cabinet to the top of the book shelves. While in the air, I can also perform twists and turns to fetch whatever the woman throws to me. My PetFinder blurb said I'm a superb athlete and they're right.

I won the Gold Medal in Pairs Skating w/BuzzLucas

I'm also going to try my paw this year at the triathalon. From the top of the cat tree, through the cat tunnel and into a cardboard box across the room is something I've been training for. I can do it in seconds, flawlessly. Grace and speed are my middle names.

My next sport is hockey. I play this best in the middle of the night. I have great paw control as I guide the puck (or smousey toy) through the bedrooms.

I have all kinds of talent that I've yet to nurture. A cat such as myself can become a Gold Metalist at anything we put our minds to, which is why I'm going to try laying on one of those luge sleds. Besides, I look so stunning in the helmet. Don't you think so?

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  1. OMC. you adorable. ) xx

  2. Wow you are an accomplished kitty! A gold mentalist MOL

    Love the warholisation of your header pic BTW

  3. You rock, CK! You're the animal athlete of the century!

  4. We are definitely fans maybe groupies Mac & Fuz

  5. OMC! You is a pawsome athlete for sures my furriend! Dat cat tree sounds likes it has helped out MOL



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