Friday, April 8, 2016

Fun With Bloopers

Fun With Bloopers

Chill, baby, that's the name of the game on Friday. I be chillaxing as I present this collection of unedited random Foto Frenzy fotos and this month's bloopers. You'll want to stay till the end to see the bloopers too.

My Trout Towne Tabby furrends may not be happy with their pick of #512. A burd!!! Relax, it's not any burd; it's my nip ducky. A George the Duck clone. MOL! On Twitter, those anipals who owned nip ducks had a Ducky Club. I was too poor to afford a ducky until my furrend Pasta sent me one. It was only right that I pose with my new furrend. To this day, I've never actually played with it. TW has it on display on the bookcase. Aunt Pauline gifted TW with the butterfly throw and her Aunt Ruth gave her both of the pillows. Whoa! I granted them a gift when I agreed to come home with them so this foto is full of presents.

Fun With Bloopers

#325 was the choice of our furrends over at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life. I love them to death and miss Angel Moosey a lot. TW caught me napping in my favorite cat bed late one afternoon and decided to test my good nature by pulling out the flashy box. I got my revenge cos the foto is fuzzy not to mention grainy. Truth be told, she hadn't had the digital camera very long; however, I don't allow her to make excuses—ever. The bed's fake lambswool was so comfy and it came off to be washed. After many, many washes, the foam insert broke and instead of throwing that out and keeping the outside, TW threw in all out. Looka how well I fit in it!

Fun With Bloopers

Whoa! Looks like we're getting the bloopers started early today! Raz, Allie and Ellie aka The Florida Furkids chose #957. All I can say about this one is apparently for some reason known only to herself, TW was taking a foto of the hall rug and I fotobombed it. Perhaps she smoked something funny that day or whatever. There's no other explanation as to why I'm so out of focus and half out of the shot. She would, of course, defend her poor choice of fotography by saying I was in the center and I moved or some other such rubbish. Pshaw!

Fun With Bloopers

I love participating in the Pet Blogger Bloggers Round-up and seeing other's bloopers. We create many of our own. I didn't want to use all the St. Patrick's Day bloopers with the ha-ha-hat. We only did one product shoot this month and thought we'd be scrambling for old bloopers. Nope! TW to the rescue. She hadn't done a foto shoot with Pop and I in almost a year and decided to remedy this after Pop FURminated me. Let me set the stage. I was laying on the chair watching him shave. He kissed me a bunch of times as he always does but never with the camera rolling. Finally this happened. Pop was moving; I was moving and there was no flash but you get the idea what was happening. No one was hurt.

Fun With Bloopers

I did do one review for Chewy in which you'll notice there are no fotos of yourself truly posing with the product. Yeah, I'm eating it but not posing. Here's why.

Fun With Bloopers

This was the beginning and the end of the shoot.

Last but not least we have this one where I'm walking away. I was sitting with some toys but then TW interrupted everything. See ya.

Fun With Bloopers

Many thanks to my blogging friend Christina and The Lazy Pit Bull for hosting the bloopers blog hop. If you’re innerested in showing your bloopers, join us the second Friday of every month although the linky is open for a week if you want to join on another day. Tell your friends about it.

I showed you my bloopers now you have to show me yours.


GLOGIRLY said...

An open mouth KISS??? ; ) On CAMERA??? CK, we have a question.
What does Pop call you? CK? Keisha? Does he have a special name for you?

Summer at said...

Whoa! My human could easily get a photo of Binga in mid-bite because it happens nearly every day. Usually, though, it happens when the phone or camera aren't nearby.

Brian said...

That one with Pop sure was funny CK!

Tamago said...

I love the top picture! You look super cute and I love what it says on the pillow :-) The kissing blooper photo is too funny! Glad nobody was hurt. LOL!

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

Oh my. CK, what a big mouth you have! MOL!! Mom L has to work really hard to get me to pay any attention to the few products we get to review. She ought to keep those photos

Colehaus Cats said...

We love seeing your "bloopers" though we think these are better than anything our Mom could snap.

Mariodacat said...

As usual we love your bloopers. I especially like the one of pop giving you a kissie. That's the way we do it here too, but it happens so quick that M said she'd never get a picture of it. D couldn't take the picture because it would be too shaky, and he doesn't kiss me like that.

pilch92 said...

Great photos- even your bloopers are nice because you are in them ( at least part of you). I forgot to do the bloopers today, this once a month is too hard to remember.

The Swiss Cats said...

MOL ! The "open mouth" blooper picture is so funny ! Purrs

Unknown said...

That's a good blooper with Pop CK. I hope you don't try to bite him! I doubt it though. Callie will bite me on the face when I kiss her. She will lick my face and then give it a little nibble. Not hard or anything though lol.

Three Chatty Cats said...

That kiss photo sure is something else! I'm glad no one was hurt. Cuz you might suspect otherwise by looking at the photo. :-)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That blooper with your dad is the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Great fotos CK. Me totally furgot da blooper day today.

Luv ya'


Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Poor Pop! Hope there was no bloodshed but that sure is a great photo!

The Island Cats said...

Great bloopers, CK! It looks like Pop was gonna try and put his head in the kitty's mouth.

Shoko Neilson said...

Love your colouring CK. Love that greyey...bluey colour. I'm just black in my points and a sandy colour elsewhere. Loved the photo of the rug and part of your bod....that looks like our mom took it...TW could always pizap your head off and use it elsewhere.


meowmeowmans said...

Those were awesome, CK. Thanks for the shout out to Angel Moosey. We miss him lots, too. How sad that TW threw out that insert, because it looks super comfy.

We love the fuzzy bitey picture. We're glad to know that you and Pop were okay afterwards!

Love ya!

jank1961 said...

Yikes - it looks like you're about to put a big chomp on your Pop! You kitties do like to make our product shoots challenging, don't you? I know, I know, it's just payback for us always having to interrupt your playtime with our silly cameras!
Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets