Saturday, March 23, 2013

SCIFIpawty is out of This World!

Today from 11 am to 11 pm is the 4th Annual SciFiPawty on Twitter that is organized by Boris Kitty to raise funds for One By One Cat Rescue in Kutztown, Pa, a no-kill, non-profit organization. I have to say, this is the most fun pawty of the year; one I personally look forward to. There's still time to jump on over to the TwitVite and RSVP to be entered to win a great prize. The hashtag is #SCIFIpawty and if you can't attend you can still donate here. If you're on Facebook, you can join the fun here.

Sneak peek at never used av.
This year Boris Kitty and his Humanz 2 have gone all out to make it even more fun. TW was getting the scoop last night. In addition, to the regular fun, there will be a celebrity panel discussion where you can ax questions from the Star Fleet Command and an auction on Ebay featuring some excellent memorabilia and autographed items from celebrities like Jane Wiedlin of the GoGos, Adrienne Barbeau and. You can also help the kitties by buying some cool SciFi Pawty merchandise.

For a sneak peak at some of the prizes you'll have a chance to win, check out their Pinterest page. There will be trivia questions to answer as well as door prizes for all us non-geeks. One of the prizes is an autographed hard-cover book from my Auntie Pauline, Pariah, which is #11 in the Star Commandos Series. You can read a review of it on This book is extra special cos it's out of print and is selling on Amazon for over $550! Hmmm, I'm gonna have to rethink this and sell it instead. MOL!  Just kidding, Aunt Pauline.

I will be spinning my fave tunes about UFOs, aliens and space travel. I've even added a couple since last year.

Come in your own fur or dress up. Boris also has a costume contest every year. You can see some of my costumes above. I don't usually enter since others are a lot more original than mine. I do it just for fun and to get into the spirit.


  1. I LOVE Marvin the Martian. It looks good on you CK

  2. My Mommy luvs her som sci fi. We'll hop over and check it out!

    Pee Ess - your graphics are cool!

  3. Have a great Sci-fi party Keisha aka Pope. Love your poster.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That sounds like a fun pawty! We will go and check it out laters :)

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  5. I always knew it, but that just proves it CK. You are out of this world!!!

  6. I'm looking in my closet for an outfit. So far, no luck...

  7. It's some pawty going on over there - lots off fun, prizes, noms, dinksl - music. I'll be heading back there in a few.

  8. I hung out for a while last year, but have never gotten the hang of twitter pawty. But, I will learn. I will hang out watching tweets and listening to music today; such a pawsome event; luvluvluv it

  9. Did anyone said PARTY ??!!
    I try to check it out on Twitter :)

  10. We know the pawty is going strong...we'll try to drop by later.

  11. Austin stopped by, but he is wary of anything that twitters!! mol

  12. Mommie loved your picture of the Martian. She is not a Sci-Fi fan, but she loved Bugs Bunny!

  13. I've never been onto Twitter. Pity, as this is a cause that is very close to my heart.

  14. Ha ha ha @ the HH Gutt post from yesterday! My Human was completely useless Furiday after spending 15 hours at her work. He's a funny guy!

    The Human is sort of a SciFi fan but not too hard core. Me, I sat through all those Battlestar Galactica DVDs and I still don't get what a Cylon is. Sigh.

    You look kinda cool as a cyclops in a derby, CK.

  15. CK! We went to scifipawty and missed you!!

  16. CK - Darling you are my heroine! I think you are pretty spectacular in all your Sci Fi Guises!

  17. CK, you are out-of-this-world AMAZING! :)

  18. Sorry we missed the pawty, CK...Glogirly's been giving my blog a little nip-tuck. Sadly, not nearly enough nip.

    Waffles Too is just a little scared of Cyclops CK. heh, heh

    ; ) Katie


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