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Erin Go Bragh

Roughly translated, Erin go Bragh means Ireland Forever. This is the one day of the year when we all get jiggy and become Leprechauns and the humans drink green beer. I've come up with a few leprechaun jokes for you. Enjoy.

Q: Why can't you borrow money from a leprechaun?
A: Because they're always a little short.

Q: Why don't you iron 4-Leaf clovers?
A: Because you don’t want to press your luck.

Q: Why does it take four Irishmen to change a lightbulb?
A: One to change the bulb. Four to remark about how grand the old bulb was.

Q: What's little and green and stuck to your bumper?
A: A leprechaun who didn't look both ways.

and finally,

Q: Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?
A: Because he couldn't afford plane fare.

Before you indulge in the green nip beer or the Bailey's Irish Cream Whiskey, please go to Mollie & Alfie's and vote CK for Pope. Poping is serious business and I'm the cat for the job. Need I remind you I know where how to use my Pope Stick.

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  1. Happy St.Patrick's day :)
    Me and mom LOVED your jokes !

  2. Those jokes made my human groan! Which is MUCH better than laughing, because her laugh hurts my sensitive ears!

  3. Top of the morning to you Keisha. Thanks for the jokes and making us smile.
    Have a wonderful St Patricks' Day.
    Make it a good one.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We laughed at the jokes. Happy St Patty's Day to you. The peeps here don't drink green drinks, but Dad really likes to eat soda bread, and corned beef and so on. Mom saw a picture of a green milkshake that looked yummy.

  5. Those were funny CK! Happy St. Patrick's Day dear friend!

  6. Are you sure you WANT the job? That is a LOT of hard work

  7. Hahaha funny jokes! Happy St Catrick's Day!

  8. MOL!!!

    "... what a grand ole bulb he was..." HAHA!
    Love these, CK.

    We voted for your Popiness!

    Happy St. Paddy Day!
    Katie, Glogirly & Waffles 'O Too

  9. Thanks for the laughter.. Happy St Patricks day Hugs GJ xx

  10. A perfect day for some really cute jokes, Keisha. Do you have your Pope ones ready?

  11. Mommy laughed and laughed at your jokes...we think she may have be hit with the Pope stick one too many times!

  12. CK, your popie highness--see, you have my vote already!

    Happy Patty's Day to you my stunning, wee lassie..hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Loved the jokes, especially the one about driving the snakes!


    All fur now,
    Tom xx

  13. ha ha - love the jokes and really love your Avatars. Happy St. Patrick's Day from your buddy O'Mario!

  14. LOL and MOL. Mom doesn't like beer, but she forgot about the Baileys, which, of course, she loves 'cause it is chocolate. Thanks for the reminder. Happy St. Pat's Day. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  15. Great post today! Happy St Pat's and thanks for coming to my party!

    Darby and Cats of wildcat woods

  16. hehe!! Happy St Paddy's Day CK xx

  17. Wha Wha! Serious CK cool jokes a happy Saint Paddy's day.

  18. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for the funny jokes. I think CK would make a great Pope.

  19. Thanks for the jokes CK! I don't know about you for Pope do know Popes have to behave themselves right???

  20. Haha! Thanks for the laughs, CK! We hope you didn't have too much green nip beer today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  21. Mommy's over here GROANING.... MOL!! Happy Green Day!

  22. A little short. MOL!

    Happy St. CATrick’s Day, CK!

  23. Wow, CK. I can't believe how bad I'm getting my Butt Beat over at that Pope-Voting blog. It's embarrassing, you know? I mean, a LadyCat is kicking my A$$ for POPE? Shoot, EVERYBODY is kicking my A$$. I'd be a GOOD Pope, dammit!

  24. Happy St.Patrick's day to you as well:)
    I just LOVE your post today!! So beautiful and greeny~~

  25. MOL! Hope you enjoyed yourself. We did!

  26. Hey we just saw that you made Pope, congrats on that! You are sure to spice things up over there!

  27. I voted for you...are they ever gonna announce it or have I missed it?? I will dash over and check. Oh and luv'd the leprechaun jokes!


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