Monday, July 29, 2019

Hanging on the Telephone #4M

Holla kitties! I've been sitting here forever waiting for a special call. Who? You may ax. I'm not saying. I'm just saying that this phone hasn't rung all day except all those robo calls. The phone company is gonna have to do a better job of blocking those calls. We have Nomorobo and they just keep coming. Those spoofers gonna get bit for this cos I'm running outta patience.

Hanging on the Telephone #4M

This is a Music Monday freebie week. I usually don't participate in these. There's so many themes and so little time. TW recently took some stunning pics of me with Pop''s iBone which she didn't want to go to waste so here's DJ CK's Hanging on the Telephone playlist.

The Records—"The Phone" Power pop from the late '70s. I chose to open with this cos I liked the thumbnail to lead into the rest of the songs. Gramma used to have a phone that looked like this on which TW would talk for hours with her various boyfriends. HAH! Srsly, TW? You made that plural?
The Nerves—"Hanging on the Telephone" Blondie covered this song on Parallel Lines but this is the original 45 by the CA-based Nerves. Paul Collins (LA Beat) and Peter Case (Plimsouls) were in this band.
Blondie—"Call Me" I'm sure everyone has heard this little disco ditty that put Blondie on the map.
The Jags—"Back of My Hand" Another bit of power pop and one of the first songs that popped into our head when we thought of the theme and it's been an ear worm ever since.
Suzanne Fellini—"Love on the Phone" Heh heh. Pop thought of this one and why not.
Plastic Bertrand—"Téléphone à Téléphone" PB is a Belgian musician best know for his club hit "Ca Plane Por Moi" which hit #8 on the UK charts.
R.E.M.—"Star 69" We had to get our fave band in here. TW had no idea the *69 feature existed on landlines until this song came out in 1994 and we looked it up.
Wilson Pickett—"634-5789" We don't usually delve into our '60s collection but we couldn't skip this one.
X—"Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not" Another song we haven't heard in years. This LA punk band is back together and have recorded a number of songs for new release.
The Jam—"Girl on the Phone" Their girl on the phone sounds a lot like Mr. Google or Facebook today.
The Heartbreakers—"Get Off the Phone" When Johnny Thunders and crew speak, you best answer! Whatchoo still doing on the phone?
Lily Tomlin as Ernestine—"One Ringy Dingy" I'm ending on a light comedic note. Surely all of my older readers remember this routine. It's one of our favorites. The kids might find it hokey but it's not. You should also seek out her "General Motors" routine.

I'm participating in the #4M Music Moves Me blog hop co-hosted by Curious as a Cathy and a chorus of others.

Hanging on the Telephone #4M

Now about that call I'm expecting. I thought you would be calling me by now. You know the name, now look up the number or hover over the images for the number. Remember if your name doesn't pop up as the caller, I'm not gonna answer.


Summer at said...

My human loves your choices this week, CK!

The Swiss Cats said...

Great choices around the phone topic, CK ! We have, in French, "Gaston, y'a l'telefon qui son" by Nino Ferrer, 1967 (Gaston, the phone is ringing). Purrs

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

The robo calls are so crazy here I don't even answer my phones anymore (cell or home). If somebody needs something they can leave a message.

One of Conway & Loretta's biggest hits was a song he wrote, As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone (The Telephone Song). They recorded it in 2 separate studios over the phone, and when they did the song live in concert one would be on stage, the other off stage, singing into telephones.

Brian said...

Those songs were pretty cool CK, how interesting to see all of those phone songs together. Oh those robo calls are awful. Being in the first in the South state come election time you can imagine how ours goes.

csuhpat1 said...

Very nice playlist. Thanks for sharing it.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

ck. we getted a bizee signal sew we will call catnip 9 later....say round 3: 81 that way ya noe itz uz....N de food gurl doez remember lily tomlin; grate stuff ☺☺☺♥♥♥

867-5309 ♫♪♫♫♪♫

Eastside Cats said...

Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra

Hello, how are you?
Have you been alright through all those lonely
Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights?
That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything
If you pick up that telephone, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hey, how you feelin'?
Are you still the same, don't you realize the things we did
We did were all for real, not a dream
I just can't believe they've all faded out
Of view, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh

Blue days, black nights
I look into the sky (the love you need ain't gonna see you through)
And I wonder why (the little things you planned ain't comin' true)
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight

Okay, so no one's answering
Well, can't you just let it ring a little longer
Longer, longer oh, I'll just sit tight
Through shadows of the night
Let it ring forever more, oh

Blue days, black nights, doo wah doo lang
I look into the sky (the love you need ain't gonna see you through)
And I wonder why (the little things you planned ain't comin' true)
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight
Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time, I'm living in twilight

Songwriters: Jeff Lynne
Telephone Line lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Catscue Cat Mom said...

Nice tunes this week, very pretty kitty!

Shoko Neilson said...

Didn't anyone tll you a watched phone doesn't boi or something like that. Why would you want your phone to boil? The old phones in black look odd to me but to mom they look natural.


Cathy Kennedy said...


Your telephone playlist is a cool set! I have to admit most of the tunes are new2me. Blondie "Call On Me" and Lily Tomlin as Ernestine are the only ones I'm most familiar with but I did learn about Wilson Pickett's '634-5789' last September when we used this theme. Thanks for the introductions today and for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor!

pilch92 said...

Nice list, I would add Jim Croce's Operator :) XO

XmasDolly said...

Love Blondie's "Call Me". I haven't heard that one in forever. Not to mention Lily Tomlin with her one ringy dingy! bwahahahahahaha You really did some thinking on this one. Great work! THANKS Sure made my day. I haven't laughed this much in ages! THANKS!

Colehaus Cats said...

Those Robo calls get our Dad SO UPSET! Mom just either ignores the call and doesn't answer or sometimes, she plays games with whomever is unfortunate enough to be on the other line, even though she knows they are just doing a low wage job. Awesome songs this week!

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat said...

CK, is that TW's or Pop's phone that features you front and center? Then again, what else could one expect ... but stunning!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Great list that brings back lots of memories, CK.
Suzanne Fellini, X and Lily Tomlin were all new to me. I have only heard the Blondie version of Hanging on the telephone before.

Little Binky and Granny said...

♪♫♪ it me you're looking for♪♫♪😺Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

Three Chatty Cats said...

Dexter wanted to call, but he misplaced his rolodex. I'll pass along your number to him.