Friday, May 1, 2015

Return of the Foto Frenzy!


You’ve all been waiting patiently for this! Another Friday Foto Frenzy. TW almost lost her list it’s been so long. To refresh your memory, YOU pick the fotos I use in the Foto Frenzy. About 100% of the images on this blog have been retouched in some way. Usually it’s just auto color or auto tone to get rid of the harsh yellow tones from our lighting. Foto Frenzy means they’re completely untouched and uncropped. Whatcha see is whatcha get! Some are embarrassing to either TW or myself. When I need suggestions, I ax my readers to pick a number between 2 and 4935.

Our first suggestion today comes form Melissa and Truffles and they picked a stunning one (above). I love love love my tunnels and the one in foto #820 is the first one I got. When TW ordered it from Nip & Bones, Pop told her I’d never use it. He thought she was wasting her money. The joke was on Pop cos I’ve gotten tons of use out of it and it remains in great shape. I still play in it. Even though the composition leaves a lot to be desired, I look stunning cos I don’t have laser eyes. A little bit of cropping and this is a winner. Good choice guys!


My good furrends, the Trout Towne Tabbies left me in the dark with their choice of #2759. As you can see (barely), it’s Christmas time and for some weird oddball reason TW wanted a foto of me sitting on the empty box of Life cereal. She didn’t use flash cos she thought the lamp would provide enough light but the joke was on her. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually eat Life cereal, I just sit on the box.

Since it’s been awhile, I’ll give you a bonus foto. This is a funny one—or at least TW thinks so.


Flynn opted for #4083 and we find a stuffie smelling my butt. I have no idea why I’ve got that sly smile on my face. I don’t find butt sniffing one bit amusing. Actually, I was laying up against the stuffie. Wait, I know why I’m smiling! I was preventing TW from making the bed. The naked pillows gave that away. Still, I don’t condone butt sniffing by woofies, cats or stuffies.

So there you have it! Another exciting end of the week Foto Frenzy. Are you gonna be doing any butt sniffing this weekend? C’mon, you can tell CK.


  1. *I* know why you've got that smile on your face, Missy. Hope you are feeling so much better tonight! C'mon -- fess up. You eated something weird, didn't you? Like a cricket or sumfing?? You will feel all betters tomorrow because the smile-bringer is coming to visit later. Put those stuffies away, though, 'kay?

  2. I do like dat last one.

    As for butt sniffin - well, maybe . . .

  3. I love today's picks - I hope you are feeling better!

  4. Butt sniffing by a stuffie doesn't charm me like a real one would. I'd like to see your smile if Spitty was the one ya know sniffing! MOL Hope you are feeling tons better, sweetie? xoxox

  5. I will add butt sniffing to our to do list for the weekend.

  6. Sounds like everyone is gonna have a busy whiffin' weekend now CK! Hey girl, you best get eating like you should, we're worrying about you.

  7. We did pick a winner, didn't we? We chose 820 because 8/20 is Truffles' Gotcha Day :)

    Are you feeling any better today?

  8. We like the pics that got picked, CK! Hey, are you feeling better today? More importantly, are you eating?


  9. Those photos were some winners! We love your foto frenzy!!!

  10. Excellent photo Frenzy and mes knows why yous smiling and mes promises NOT to tells grrl Furrend.

  11. CK....werd on de streetz & in de allee wayz we strolled thru two day sayz ya iz needin sum blessings frum R awesum pal frank...aka st francis...well, him iz willin ta share N him haz plentee ta heer ewe go...pleez eggz cept.... N total lee awesum fotoz choizez two day... N yes we will sniffz buttz...butt R own butts ....N pleez ta feel WAY better soon...♥♥♥

    heerz two a manefish madtom kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  12. We had to giggle at the stuffy😛

  13. That stuffie is very rude to sniff your butt. I have to say that I am a little bit shocked that it is making you smile.

  14. Pee-Ess
    I hope you are starting to feel better and are eating again.

  15. Is that stuffie sniffing your butt, CK? Let Zoey at it...she'll lick it to death.

  16. Those are great :) especially the butt sniffing. My kitties have been sniffing poor Snowball's butt all night, she got a lion cut at the groomers today .

  17. Awww... that last photo is so sweet.
    I think we're long lost sisters. I sleep exactly the same way.

    ... and I also don't appreciate all the butt sniffing. (Waffles!)

    xo Katie


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