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Your Cat is Unique. #RoyalCanin Gets It

This post is sponsored by PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Royal Canin Pet Health Nutrition, but Stunning Keisha only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article.

When I learned I would be working on this campaign, I couldn’t wait to visit my local PetSmart® to see all the varieties of Royal Canin® I’d read so much about and I wasn’t disappointed. Cat nutrition is important to this cat; and, obviously, to this brand.

If your humans are anything like my humans, you’re considered family. TW and Pop never refer to me as The Cat. I’m their daughter; in fact, TW even included my on their last census form! They want their furry daughter to remain healthy by feeding her [me] the best foods they can.

Do you know what it means that Royal Canin® is a global leader in pet health nutrition? The company, which makes all their food in the U.S. and Canada, has been a trusted brand for more than 40 years. Much like this little ghetto kitteh, they like to stay on the cutting edge rather than give in to trends that might last a year or two. They respect the animals that they create food for which is why a glance at the shelves at PetSmart revealed nutrition specific foods for all breeds and life stages … except … Yo! Where’s the Russian Blue formula?

I had a great time visiting PetSmart last week. The adventure started
when I got to ride a bus! PetSmart had TWO displays of Royal Canin cat
food. I left the image big enough so you can click on it and read the
different formulas I looked at. TW was trying to steer me toward the
Indoor Mature but I found the Indoor Beauty more to my liking.

Just like humans, all cats are just a little bit different. I learned some cool facts from their display. Cats only have about 500 taste buds, compared to human’s 9000. We care more about a food’s aroma and texture. A food’s texture and size are important factors in how we eat. This is so true! I dislike big pieces of food. TW has to cut them up for me. Royal Canin has taken all that into consideration when they developed their breed- and lifestyle-based nutrition.

They have several formulas for us indoor kitties cos most indoor cats are less active and need to maintain a healthy body weight. The indoor cat formulas support lean muscles, aid in hairball control, provide essential vitamins and minerals to take care of our furs and improve digestion so our poos don’t send our humans running for a gas mask. The (koff koff) Indoor Mature 27 is specially formulated for cats over 10 years old. It includes odor reduction, anti-age complex, and ultra-soft kibble, plus optimal calorie control, tartar control, and hairball formation control.

Their other indoor formulas include Indoor Adult 27, Indoor Light 40, Adult Fit 32, Indoor Intense Hairball 34, and Indoor Beauty 35 for longer haired indoor cats. They also have a Spayed/Neutered Senior formula.You can find some of these in both wet and dry formulas. My head was spinning at all the different varieties.

I hope you enjoyed the wrap up of my fact-finding mission to PetSmart. I’m sure there’s a PetSmart near you, if you live in the USA or Canada. Every cat should go there at least once in their nine lives. If you’ll excuse me, all this talk of food has made me hungry.

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  1. Quite a Review CK ..we love Royal Canin too and yes despite the rude labelling such as 'MATURE" or 'INDOOR" or 'HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT" which all us cats knows means...OLD ..LAZY and FAT they make delish and well though out food...and it must be ok because we get it here down under...and we get next to nothing like the variety of goodies you guys always seem to have..we might need to move MOL...paw pats Dinnermintz xxx ( who was not paid diddly squat to say how nice it is :) )

  2. What a pretty kitty. It's always a joy to find another animal lover. My blog at is number 1219 on the A to Z list today. Looks like our numbers our still dropping, unfortunately. Best wishes!

  3. We bet they will make a Russian Blue formula one of these days! Royal Canin keeps coming out with unique noms to fit every kitty's nutritional need. I am so impressed by the Siamese formula! I was also impressed by the variety of wet noms when I was looking through them. There are so many great choices for kitties! Hope you enjoy your snack. :)

  4. It really is amazing how many formulas Royal Canin has. Truffles adored the Indoor Adult 27 sample that she got in her PetBox. (She's in a snit because there's no formula for torties too!!!)

  5. Dang, it sure is amazing with what's cookin' these days CK!

  6. We've been eating the Royal Canin Persian formula since we became adult ladycats. Angel Sweet Praline also ate that formula. Great review!

  7. Royal Canin sure puts a lot of thought into making their foods! It's nice to see that they have all of those different formulas to choose from. Maybe they will come out with a Russian Blue formula just for you CK! :) Manna would like a trailerparkus mongrolus formula.Don't worry, I let her know that they have other formulas that would work great for her.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  8. ck...we tried ta drive R selves ta petsmart once coz we getted tired oh waitin on de food gurl ta take uz, but we got busted at de end oh de drive way....

    grate post two day & thanx for yur ree view....

    we all like R foodz....cut....a diffrunt way me ...toona....eye due knot like me foodz in chunx either...dai$y doez knot like mushed...N boomers prior street life...he eatz just coz he can & him doesnt care....


  9. You look extra stunning in your crown. Royal Canin is a great food, I buy the really expensive prescription rabbit for Stinky and Prancie because they have food allergies.

  10. Well done CK! We didn't know all that about Royal Canin but we had seen the food at Pet Smart now we are much better informed!

  11. There's no Russian Blue formula? They need to get right on that!

  12. I a.ways liked royals canon and I have used wet and dry. I would still be on it but I am still on my diet.l. Getting closee to the end tho. They have good food and it contains all the nutrients we need.

  13. We like Royal Canin. The kibble we eat is one of their prescription foods.

  14. I am inordinately fond of Royal Canin Kitten Kibble. I know, I know---at 10-almost-11 I can't by any stretch of the imagination be called a kitten. But it's like crack to me, CK, really it is. And I am rather svelte so the higher-calorie content isn't too bad. The Human says I am such a poor eater she kinda has to give me what I like. I haven't grown too fond of the RC wet food (though I sorta like their kitten wet food hee hee hee). Eh, whatever. You're only as old as you feel, right? And I feel frisky ;-) XOXOXOXOX

  15. CK - you really are wearing that crown in your first photo, right? Beautiful! =D I like Royal Canin food and we used to recommend a lot of their prescription diets back in the day.

  16. Oh CK. In our multi cat house, it is difficult sometimes when one of us wants watery pate and the others want shreds with extra gravy. mes would LOVES to goes to the pet store and choose what I want (like yous grrl furrend)

  17. You got to actually go to the store and pick out your food?! Very cool! It's interesting how different cats need different foods. We love Royal Canin ~Rascal and Rocco

  18. I Really love Royal Canin Cat food in India, the ingredients which they use is second to none and it fulfills the daily nutrition needs of my kitty.


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