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K as in Keisha in Da House

I’m plugging on with the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter K as in Keisha. An artist drawed me last weekend. Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen is working on a project called One Drawing Daily where his goal is to do one drawing a day for at least two years. What do you think of the Drawing of a Cat Called Keisha in India Ink?

Some have axed me how I got the name Keisha and I’m gonna answer that now. When the peeps adopted me, the lady from CAP where I was being jailed begged them to change my name. The peeps tried a new name out on me every week. Finally they settled on Cathy Keisha. Cathy was Gramma’s favorite name for a girl and Keisha paid homage to my ghetto roots. You know I’m a pretty kitty from the inner city as my rap goes.

Yo, I'm laying in my bed wondering what my name, Keisha, actually means. Don'tcha hate when thoughts like that creep into your head and you have to drag yourself outta bed to look 'em up? I looked it up and I gotta say, the name fits the kitteh. They practically had a picture of me! Na mean? Read on:
A classy girl/ woman cat. Smart. Intelligent. Loves to learn. Loves nature. Organized. Fun. Somewhat flirty. Beautiful smile. Nice skin fur tone. Cleans daily. Loves to make people smile and laugh. Sometimes instigates. Loves hard. Heart of gold. Loves to shop esp. for shoes nip. Spoiled. Occasionally nags. Has lazy days. Loves a hard working mancat that handles his business. Will put her religion to the side. Bi-polar at times. (Say what?) Loves daiquiris niptinis. Sexy in her own unique way.
The alt meaning is:
woman cat who is a bit of a Diva. Highly fashion conscious, and very partial to oversized earrings cat trees and high heels FURminating. Heart of Gold, but extra kudos if its 24ct.
You can even use it as a adjective as in:
Yo she's acting like a Keisha.She's Keishaing it up right there.
Yo, I'm a Keisha from the tips of my stunning ears to the tip of my stunning tail. Keisha all the way.

If'n you wanna have fun too, check out your name in the Urban Dictionary. If you ax me, every name seems to have a positive definition. Gotta go now and continue keishaing around the condo.

Each day during the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, I’m featuring an adoptable cat. Do you volunteer at a shelter and want one or more of your cats featured? Contact me by email or on FB or Twitter.

What can we say about Kittee? She's definitely got personality and character! These pictures don't do her justice, we'll have to take more to show her true colors! One minute she is calm and the next, she's off chasing something, exploring, climbing to the top of the cat tree. Very playful, energetic, and athletic. Kittee is young only about a year old and will allow you to pet her and pick her up until she's off to the next adventure! Kittee has tested negative for FeLV and FIV. She is being kept in a kennel in Hillsborough.

You can view more information on adoptable cats at Companion Animal Placement on their PetFinder page.

HEY! What the hell-o kitty? This better be a joke? That’s MY profile that got ME adopted 9 years ago and I’m sure Pop won’t let you get rid of me, Woman!! Stop with that laughing! You’re not rehoming me that easily! I promise I’m gonna get this squared away and tomorrow we’ll have a real adoptable kitty.

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  1. I wuz gonna say, dat Kittee sure looked familiar.

  2. Hey, Kittee is a kind of mini-you (not so stunning of course !) ! Purrs

  3. When Sparkle first met you, my human got Keisha mixed up with Geisha and was wondering why you got named that when you didn't seem to have any Japanese influences! Sparkle really MOL'd over that one.

  4. Yes a less stunning mini you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. MOL You couldn't fool me one bit! There is only one stunning Kittee Keisha!!

    So I went over to urban dick shun airy and pawed in Austin and I was shocked ... really .... ! It said lotsa stuff I couldn't understand since I lost my errrr ... googlies!!!! I blushed!! I think I've been robbed. No wonder I nap all day! There's nothing left ;) MOL

  6. We were wondering whether there was a mini-CK out there for adoption. Sneaky human trick! We hadn't ever seen the original shelter writeup that got you adopted!

  7. I was think that Kittee could have been your twin! I think TW is pulling a prank on you CK

  8. That drawing is almost as stunning as the real CK!

  9. Hey I'm so glad you liked the drawing, and thanks a bunch for the link!

    I noticed that the link has rel="nofollow" in the html-code. it means that google should ignore this link for searches and so on, which is a bit of a shame now that you're linking to me.. I wonder if you could remove the rel="nofollow" part? Only if you're up to it, it doesn't matter much ;)

    Thanks again for posting this :)

  10. Your drawing is purr-fectly stunning and I enjoyed reading the origins of your name :)

    When I saw the pic of your adoptable kitty I gasped, OMC it's a CK clone!!! Cute trick!

  11. I love the drawing of you. It's got your lovely smile :-) And "Keisha" really fits you! Beautiful smile and very sexy!
    I thought Kittee looked too familiar. I'm sure TW is just teasing you :-)

  12. Hey, we knows that Kittee! LOVE your drawing!

  13. CK I love the drawing Mr. Thomas did of you - I think he did a GREAT job capturing that stunningness you are SO known for!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. Whoa we were just about to say you had a twin but it's YOU!! MOL

  15. C.K, we wondered what the cat's whiskers was going on when we saw your photo as the adoptable kitty. We are guessing that Kittee was your less than original name at the shelter. We love your beautiful drawing by David Clausen. Tomorrow we will be showing off the one he did of Lily XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

  16. ck...

    furst) yur name fitz ewe two a tee
    b) de best oh fishes two ewe flounder N stuff...we hope ya finds & iz chillaxin in yur new foreverz by monthz end ♥♥♥
    p) we will chex out urban dictionaree....coz now we haz curry os a tee upon R selves
    2) total lee awesum ink drawing thomas did for ewe !!! way kewl !! ~~~♥♥♥

  17. I love the ink drawing of you CK! That artist is really talented. It even captures some of your cattitude! The meaning of your name is really interesting too. It's really cool that it fits you so well. There's nothin' wrong with a womancat knowing what she wants in life!
    -Purrs from your friends at

  18. That drawing really captures your stunning-ness, CK! We asked to have one of us drawn. We'll see what happens. We checked out our names in the Urban Dictionary and seriously, they were funny. :)

  19. WHOA......CK IT IZ EWE !!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

    we iz THAT buzzed we dinna see de last para graff...

    we thought her looked like ewe....itz yur NY hat in de collage that threw uz !!!
    yea, we just bringed de hat done ta yur profile shots N yep... that bee ewe !!! ♥♥♥

  20. I was going to say that kitty looks like you :) I can see why that photo got you adopted- you were and still are gorgeous. I like the drawing of you too.

  21. That India Ink of you is da bomb, CK! And how awesome to see your old Petfinder page. :)

  22. I like this part: Loves a hard working mancat that handles his business.

    How did they know?

  23. OOOOOH!!! You had us convinced for a moment there!!! I thought hang on, thoese eyes.....


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