Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dontcha Want A Little Nicky You Can Call Your Own?

A Nicky who’ll be with you when you’re all alone. Heh. We’re up to N in the blogging from A to Z Challenge and N is for Nicky, TW’s heart (koff, koff) cat. He slept on her legs every night and she loved him to death. She called him her “cuddle bunny” and is quick to point out that he never tried to bite her.

Here are some more facts about Nicky:

  • One night when Pop threw the garbage, Nicky came up to him on the porch, rubbed on his legs and let out a low guttural meow. He had Pop. TW was the hard sell. She threw water on him because they were already feeding a dozen cats in the front yard. The next night he won her over.
  • Nicky never ever made things easy. TW had a discount neuter coupon but it turned out he had undescended testicles. He needed $300 worth of surgery.
  • Nicky was an indoor/outdoor cat until a cat bite on his foot became infected. Lots of medical bills later, he was denied access to the outdoors.
  • While he was still going out, he invited himself to eat at every outdoor cat buffet in the neighborhood. He gained so much weight, every time the peeps heard a cat fight, they knew he was getting his butt kicked.
  • Nicky and TW shared a bed every night. As I mention before, he slept on her legs.
  • TW’s used to call him cutesy names like her Hunny Bunny. Pop called him his Big Handsome Boy.
  • Nicky and Autumn used to go to the v-e-t together. One time when they were getting a teeth cleaning, Nicky came home woozy for the next 72 hours; Autumn was fine. The peeps to this day think Nicky got two cleanings and Autumn didn’t get hers.
  • Nicky died a horrible death. The emergency vet said it was either an embolism or an aneurysm. I’d love to tell you the gory details but TW still tears up too much. Look, she’s crying already! After reading the post about Zeroichi’s death, TW thinks Nicky might have suffered the same fate cos the story is quite similar.
  • Because Nicky weighed 22 1/2 lbs, Pop got a hernia picking him up in his PTU when they rushed him to the emergency vet the night of his seizures. Pop needed surgery.

Each day during the Blogging From A to Z Challenge, I’m featuring an adoptable cat. Do you volunteer at a shelter and want one or more of your cats featured? Contact me by email or on FB or Twitter.

Now that you’re an expert on our Nicky, you can have one of your own! Our adoptable cat is also named Nicky! Wonder how that could have happened. He’s also a big, beautiful boy.

Nicky is an affectionate adult cat that just loves attention! He belongs to an Army reservist that is currently deployed, but needs to find a new home soon. Nicky loves playing and chasing his toys, looking out the window and smelling the fresh air, and just being around people in general. He loves being held and his favorite thing is to be brushed. We are unsure how Nicky will do around other cats or dogs as he has been an "only cat" his whole life.

He is current on all his vaccines, neutered, and ready to go! Nicky will come with several toys, brushes, and a carrier.

Nicky is located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (in TX). If you are interested, please contact Happy Landings Animal Rescue and they will contact his foster mom Jennifer.

Happy Landings Animal Rescue is an animal rescue group in Ft. Collins, CO, who have rescued many dogs (and a few cats) from high-kill shelters across the country and have successfully placed them in loving forever homes!

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Summer at said...

I didn't know much about Nicky before - thanks for telling us all about him!

Unknown said...

We wish him well and hope he finds a forever home soon. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Tamago said...

Nicky was such a handsome baby. I guess the story of him getting two cleanings and Autumn didn't have remains mystery but very possible! I hope Nicky in TX will find loving forever home like TW's Nicky did xoxo

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Nicky sounds like he was a very special little boy. I read Zeroichi's tragic story and am so sorry that it sounds like how Nicky passed. I have to wonder which is worse: slowing saying goodbye everyday to a beloved pet with a terminal illness, or losing them suddenly with no advance warning.

Mariodacat said...

We loved hearing about your Nicky. What a handsome and lovable boy. he he - M said it kinda sounds like me!! We hope the Nicky that is up for adoption find a home real quick, so he can be happy like you and I.

Christy Paws said...

Nicky was very handsome and sounds like he was a sweet boy. Hope your sponsored Nicky finds a home soon.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

nicky one....ya look enuff like me, butter lover boomer o cat ta bee me brother......eye am frum de streetz two....but never getted called hunny bunny....just... da boomder ?? yea eye noe.....high paws two ewe dood, pleez ta say meowloz ta sauce & gram paw dude pleez ♥♥♥♥♥

speekin of...nicky two, ewe look enuff like gram paw dude ta bee ...gram paw dude....heerz best fishes& best wishes that ya findz yur for evers & yur in it bye months end....oh, N gram paw dude wuza "onlee" cat two !!


pilch92 said...

That is so sad about your Mom and Pop's Nicky. :( I hope this Nicky gets a forever home soon. I wish there was a place to care for service pets until their owners return.

Brian said...

Nicky sure was a special one and the current Nicky surely is too!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaw CK weez not twuly unnewstand all this heart kitty stuffs, cuz mommy sez evewy kitty dat has called her mommy has been a "heart kitty". So weez sure TW luvs you vewy much. Weez shawin' and purrayin' Nicky gets a furevew home soon.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Nicky was a lovely looking boy. I hope Nicky from Texas gets his forever home very soon.

Cats Herd You said...

It's touching to hear about the Nicky who came before you, and we think this Nicky looks like he will be a great snuggler for a lucky family.

The Island Cats said...

Nicky sounds like one special kitty. Thanks for sharing his story with us. said...

Two beautiful Nicky cats.
When you get to P, we actually have a cat named Paws at PAWS! Let me know if you need him.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Aw, Nicky was just a big ole butterball of love. He is adorable, and we are sure your People gave him a wonderful life till he had to run off to the Bridge. XOXOXOXO my sweet girl! XOXOXO Blue pillow later?

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Nicky sounds like such a sweet, loving kitty. But he was not STUNNING. (Rumblemum says he's mighty handsome tho *glaring at Rumblemum*)

Unknown said...

Oh CK Nicky sounds like a class act to us...and i am sure he is so very sadly missed by all..i love a kitty with a good side of clownish behaviour :) sending hugs to TW as she remembers and hoping this sweet Nicky fimds a home soon..loves Fozziemum xxx

A Tonl said...

Crossing our paws for you, Nicky!!

Dash Kitten Crew said...

Nicky good luck for the future. CK I know a trauma hurts the heart - we stiol miss Dash, TW will miss Nicky for a long long time.

* hugs * and DOING AWESOME GIRL!!!!