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Can I Innerest You In a Used Car?

Do I look Influential or do I look like I’m trying to sell you a used car?

I is for Influence cos I’m a Blogpaws Influencer. You can see the badge on my sidebar. What is an Influencer? This is how Carol Bryant of Blogpaws describes it: we are "a trend-setting panel of pet bloggers/microbloggers/pet parents who enjoy sharing our opinions and being a valued voice in the ever-growing pet blogosphere.” In other words, I’m important!

There’s a new survey that says blogs are the most effective influencer marketing tool. At least that’s the poop in the Tomoson Influencer Marketing Study that I found at the new Blogpaws Social Learning Center. You can learn about growing your blog from the wealth of information they’ll be sharing. The survey states that marketing from Influencers like me was rated the fastest-growing and one of the most cost-effective channels for brands to get their message across.

How about now? Influencer or used car salescat?

I’ll be trying to influence your buying power soon but for now I hope I can influence you to share one or more of these adoptable cats I’ve been featuring each day during the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. Do you volunteer at a shelter and want one or more of your cats featured? Contact me by email (stunningkeisha (at) hotmail (dot) com) or on FB or Twitter.

I totally fell in love with Izzy when I saw her.

Photos courtesy PAWS.

Everyone here at PAWS would use the words chatty, feisty, fluffball to describe me. But you can also add beautiful, loving, and shy. I'm quite the contradiction, aren't I?

I'm a hard girl to read. Some people I take to immediately, but with others I need time. I have been known to swat people who I don't know and who approach me too quickly. But there are others I'll run up to when they enter the room. I'll start chatting away and just love it when they pick me up and give me hugs. Then I just melt in their arms and start purring.

I'd prefer to be an only cat. I've been known to chase some of the other cats when they invade my space. I can't help it, I have boundaries. That's why I might not be the best cat if there are young children in the house. And please, no dogs.

I'm a beautiful buff orange and white, long haired girl (that's not a common coloring for females you know). I'm a little over 4 years old, spayed, current on all my vaccinations, micro-chipped and negative for FIV and FeLV.

For more information about the Pet Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and a complete listing of our available cats, go to the PAWS website. If you'd like to hear more Feline Rescue stories and see more pictures of our cats, check out the Sunday at the Shelter blog!

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  1. We love your influential voice, CK. Don't ever change it. We also love Miss Izzy! What a sweetie. Big (((purrs))) to her. We hope she finds her forever home very soon!

  2. OMC, Izzy is ADORABLE! Even if it's not an A day!

  3. Influential indeed CK. What a sweetie Miss Izzy is. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Important for sure! Definitely more of an influencer than a used car salescat! hehe Btw, thanks for visiting us over at http://destinysdogblog :)

    1. Oops, forgot to mention that I love your new blog design...tots stunning! ;)

  5. It's fun being an influential kitty, isn't it? Izzy is an absolute beauty.

  6. You most certainly are influential CK!!!
    And Izzy is most assuredly adorable and we hope her forever home is soon in the making.

  7. Izzy sure izzy cute but that first photo of you is indeed stunning CK!

  8. Just pinned to my adoption board. Love the PAWS kitties!

  9. CK....yez pleez we will take three carz...Indeed ewe R Important & best oh Icelandic cod that ewe finds & iz In yur forevers by Irs day...ore tax day...which iz like wednesday !!! ♥♥♥ we hope yur for evers Iz just round de korner

    heerz two a largemouth bass lined sole kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  10. You are very important CK. I don't know that I'd buy a car though. I think I will stick to the teleporter. Izzy is lovely.

  11. Well, of course us bloggers are influential...'specially us cat bloggers.

    Izzy is adorable! Just check out those paws!

  12. You definitely are an influencer- and very important! Izzy is cute:)

  13. Well, of COURSE you're an influencer, CK!

    Izzy is a great cat, and that description is pretty accurate. We know she'll make somebody a great forever best friend!

  14. We think your influential voice helps a lot the lovely kitties you're featuring to find a forever home ! Purrs

  15. Izzy is gorgeous indeed CK..and hey i have been test driving cars (kill me now) and i think i may have spotted you to a hot pink number....:) loves Fozziemum xxx

  16. You can influence me anytime, CK!!! I think Izzy will be snapped up (gently) very soon :)

  17. Oh I read this on my phone the other day, but never got to leave a comment! I need to stop by that SLC some more when I have some time. Izzy is a super cutie! Good luck to here and will definitely share.


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